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I was in awe of the masterpiece that I had just experienced… Wow! The idea was so revolutionary! It was a journey to create this brand new experience for the actors, audience, and P.T. Barnum himself. The message was astounding; the truest path to feeling deeply fulfilled is found when we are confident and secure in our own identity and explore the avenues that push our boundaries and define our character. These individuals who had been so used to being outcasts, and deemed as less than, worked up the courage to ban together and create a support network of their own.

The hot lights are centered
The player makes his way
Through the set and the setting
And creates an experience

They look and crave
His face, her name
Their story
Keeps them guessing

How far will they go?
How long can they stay?
The masters of their craft
Have us on edge

An uproar of laughter
Then tears falling down
Is it the look, the tone
Or is it us wanting more?

Don't break character
Keep on in the spotlight
They feel it, they know it
It amuses them so

The curtain descends upon
A crescendo of murmurs
The unbounded energy
Permeates through the room

They fought for their rights to be seen, heard, and valued. They used their talents to enchant the curiosities of their patrons. They put their best effort toward making their crowd roar with excitement and created moments of happiness that lived on as memories of magic.

“The noblest art is that of making others happy.” -P.T. Barnum

Submitted: September 23, 2020

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