Chapter 2: Chapter 2 - In the house

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Vaughan and his sister were staring at the sight in front of them in awe for quite a while. They could not believe that they had arrived at such a splendorous place. Such wonders were only available to the common folk only in media, and they were too poor to be even considered that. For their entire lives, they have been living on the streets, earning money through playing songs, hoping to have enough to not starve. The thought of visiting a place as luxurious as the one they were in right now never crossed their minds, let alone had the permission to be their dream. If someone had told them where they would be then, they would never believe it, but they were there, and it wasn't a dream. It was the reality; the sometimes unbelievable and unpredictable, omnipotent and omniscient in its entirety, reality. 

Lady Winchester showed them the magnificence of the place where the King family spent their lifetime. The pictures that they occasionally saw from people who led better lives than theirs weren't lying. The place where several people of noble blood ate and slept every day, where they took their every breath, was as incredible as it was described. 

The walls were of the same colour as the most beautiful and soft silk in the land, untouched and unharmed by anyone who walked past them. They had no real company but the pictures that the members of the King family hung on them, which were mostly pictures of wealthy and well-known people, who looked as if an awful smell crept in all of their noses. One could feel the loneliness that they felt as mere parts of something bigger and more important than they could ever be. Even without having felt it, Ariana's sensitive heart sensed the coldness that they emitted. Like miserable souls left to rot in the dust, they locked the hearts that they would have if they were alive, allowing no one but themselves to know their secrets. 

The candles that hung from the chandelier were the only source of light in the room, fighting the darkness with every spark of theirs. It sure was hard for them because the windows were closed and the curtains were drawn, but they didn't plan on giving up. They couldn't do so even if they wanted to, for they were soulless objects with no ability to move even an inch. Their sole purpose when they were lit was to bring light and make everything in the anteroom more visible, and they were forced to do so until they had melted too much.

Of all the things that were close to them, the carpet was given the most attention. It was elegant and red, showing off its confidence, having managed to keep its pride after being stomped over way too many times to count, which it may or may not be able to do if it were a human. Everyone who walked over it had their shoes cleaned most of the time, including this one, as a form of respect towards it and the mansion itself. On it, there were white patterns of a long plant with beautiful flowers, giving it an even more artistic feel. 

Like soldiers, all the doors that led to the other rooms of the first floor were standing firmly, lined in a way that made them able to keep equal distances between the doors next to them. All of them looked exactly the same - they all were coloured in the same golden hue and they all had the same golden doorknobs that were the most unique things on those doors. Those doorknobs were the part of the doors that shone the brightest and had little crown symbols carved into them, which some people might not notice in a hurry. Those small crown symbols represented the King family crest, as to remind everyone of their heritage and honour.

"It's truly unbelievable, and how couldn't it be, my dear guests? Fate surprised us in a way that none of us could have expected", Lady Winchester ignited the conversation as willingly as she could, speaking in a voice that confirmed that she was indeed an aristocrat.

"Fate is never predictable, and it will never be", Vaughan responded indifferently.

"Does it really matter? At least we're here now", Ariana said, smiling.

"Yeah, you're right. It doesn't matter", Vaughan said, chuckling.

Upon hearing that, Adelaide looked at both of them with a radiant smile on her face. It made look more upbeat and jolly than the siblings ever saw her as. Usually, her facial expression was firm and formal, for they mostly saw her when she was doing something of true importance. Even when they got to see her, they would only catch a glimpse of her, so they had no idea what her private life looked like, which they were going to find out very soon.

"Go to the kitchen with me. We're about to have dinner", she said, and they started to follow her on her way there.


Submitted: October 18, 2020

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