Chapter 4: Chapter 4 - Basement

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Adelaide led Vaughan to the basement in no time. It was a place full of omnipotent silence and darkness, and so it was the perfect spot for their conversation. There were no windows nor secret passages someone could climb through and find them without their knowledge. Adelaide locked the door after looking in front of her to see if there was anyone nearby. Relieved to see that there wasn't, she sighed, leaning on the door just in case. Vaughan was observing the cellar as he was going up the stairs to meet her. Many boxes were lying around, filled with things like abandoned dolls, unused presents, dusty dishes and such. Spider webs were everywhere, their deceased creators having become a part of them. They would never return to their homeworld, but their memory always lingered in the house. No one cared about something as insignificant as the lives of several little spiders, for they didn't have a reason to. There was way more important stuff for everyone to worry about.

"So, Madam Winchester, why did you bring me here?"

Adelaide frowned. "The unpleasant situation at the dinner reminded me of something I wish was never real. I thought I could let it go, but then those gangsters appeared and ruined everything I love!"

A seething hatred started to burn its way through her heart. It was quite difficult to extinguish its flames, which she didn't want to do. The anger she felt towards the forces of evil that were out there was immeasurable. Memories of better times didn't turn to ash because she wouldn't let them to. Hellfire poured out of her mighty glare at the nothingness that was surrounding her, scaring Vaughan a bit. It consumed every atom of her being, making her breathe heavily. He could only wonder what was it that she knew and he didn't.

"I'm sorry about that. Don't think of it as anything personal. You did nothing wrong, Vaughan, and thus I have no reason to be mad at you. That smile had nothing to do with you, I swear with my honourable life and blood. Those wretched piles of garbage with legs are to blame! They won't leave me and those I care about, no matter what I do. They are part of a bigger scheme than you could imagine. It is their sins that keep me vigilant and paranoid."

He still looked shocked by her wrath. He didn't learn a whole lot about her in the little amount of time that passed since they first met each other, but he knew not to go against her wishes in future situations. It was something that he would remember forever. She carved it in his brain since the moment she formed the most spiteful smile he'd ever seen. There was a feeling of mystery around her, which was why he didn't fully believe her.

"I know you have some sort of a problem with me, madam. If only you could tell me what's locked inside your soul, the problem would be one step closer to being solved", Vaughan told her with a concerned stare.

"You will only get the information you need to know", Adelaide responded, her voice bereft of emotion.

"And what is it that I need to know?! Why must it be like this?"

"This is what destiny has preordained for us."

"There is no destiny! There are only faith and will."

"Are you denying that there are parts of our lives that have been decided in advance?"

"Yes, there are, but we have many choices to make. No one is forcing you to hide anything from me as far as I know."

"As I was saying", Adelaide spoke upon giving him a deadly glare, "I've known about those gangsters for a long time, and so I had to let you in. What would have been of you if I let you die at their mercy? Heaven forbid!"

Then, in all of her worries, she started to look as if she was going to faint anytime. Even though the crypt was darker than sin could ever strive to be, he could see that fear made her face paler than usual. Her eyes and mouth were wide open, almost as if Death itself knocked on her door. Her hands were trembling like crazy, but the rest of her body wasn't moving. It seemed as if somebody or something had frozen her. Some people would even glance at her and conclude that she was under a wicked spell. After all, nothing was impossible in the kingdom of Silverton. There weren't many magic users, but there were people who could use magic for pretty much anything, and they rose to the top. They were the barons of the noble houses of Silverton, and their saviours as well. A simple freezing spell wouldn't surprise even the dumbest of people in that realm.

"Sorry about that, but you should know that even the strongest people have weaknesses. I simply refuse to show mine as much as possible. It would make me look quite stupid", Adelaide said once she snapped out of her trance.

"No, no, I understand. Anyway, what is it that you wanted to tell me?"

"Be vigilant, Vaughan, very vigilant. Those gangsters are so sly that they could be anywhere, and we won't always be there to protect you. Expect paid assassins soon as well. And don't forget to warn your sister", Adelaide responded with a dark look.

That angered him. "If you have a crystal ball that can tell us what's to come or something like that, why can't you provide more help or at least more information?"

"I told you already. You will only get as much information as you need. And I'm not as capable of helping you as you might think. I can't do everything, and you should understand that."

Before he could even say a word, she shushed him, unlocked the door and went out of the basement. Dissatisfied with how everything went, he followed her and closed the door behind her. Then, when she couldn't hear him as much as only a few seconds ago, he left out a deep sigh. So many secrets were being kept from him, and he had no idea what to do about that.

Submitted: January 04, 2021

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