In The Moment

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

In The Moment

Tyson Daniels


May be the defining characteristic

Of what it means to be Human.


We live in the space

Between actions,



Waiting to see

How things turn out.


We generally lack clairvoyance,

And the depths of experience

Are increasingly unreliable.

Formerly sure things

(The general despising of Fascist ideals,

The arc of scientific progress,

The very habitability of our biome)

Are no longer guaranteed.


Uncertainty is painful to our psyche.

We seek the comfort of knowing,

In an un-knowable future.

Even events that,

In hindsight

Seem obvious, destined.

Living through the moments

Of their unfolding

Can be intolerable.


Technology has only amplified

This uncertainty.

We have instant communications,

But more space to wait through,

Gnawing on ourselves as we watch

For the other party to finish typing.

Issues that would have been wrapped up

With a quick conversation

Just a century ago

Can now take agonizing hours

Of back




Our yearning to limit our uncertainty

While futile

Leads us to many poor decisions.


Jumping to conclusions

Controlling behavior

Willingness to believe simplified narratives

Willingness to believe well-crafted lies

Willingness to believe blatant lies

Voting Tr*mp.


And then we must endure more uncertainty

As the authoritarians destroy our world.

Living it out

In real-time,

In the long spaces




Submitted: September 27, 2020

© Copyright 2020 TysonXIII. All rights reserved.

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