Shattered- A Whisper Sisters Story

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Katelynn Quinn and Alexis Cruz put their lives and careers at the Ridgemont PD on the line to fight against what most feared. But, they never expected the personal battle they would have to face when the monster they fought set its sights on silencing them.

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Katelynn was dying, but it wasn't her life she was desperate to hold on to. It was the young one in her arms. The life she vowed to nur... Read Chapter

Chapter 1

      Part I *One month earlier.* Action is the pebble that splinters the glass. ... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

A storm was brewing, but it wasn’t the kind that Katelynn liked to watch form along the ocean’s horizon. It was one that brought pu... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

Alex stood on the edge of the sidewalk and pathway that led to the small neighborhood park. The crisp autumn air lingered on the fringe... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

Alex stared at the cell as if she could will it to life. Yet, as it sat lifeless in the palm of her hand she began to grow more agitate... Read Chapter

Chapter 5

Homicide Detective Luke Ryan tried to calm his mind as he cut-through traffic. He cursed at each red light and driver that crept along ... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

Miles of land stretched out beyond them. Blue agaves peppered the landscape leading up to their isolated hacienda. It was a rugged and ... Read Chapter

Chapter 7

Luke broke through the glass doors that led into the Homicide Bullpen. He avoided a lot of drama and gossip in the department by keepin... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

Alex stopped short of the last stair that led into the hospital’s parking garage and leaned her weight against the metal railing. She... Read Chapter

Chapter 9

There was a lot of beauty in Ridgemont, but the Coroner’s building was considered a landmark. Its Spanish architecture boasted large ... Read Chapter

Chapter 10

Luke impatiently paced along the divide that separated the lawn and driveway of Katelynn’s home. His eyes constantly checked the end ... Read Chapter

Chapter 11

Alex hadn’t realized how loud the long painful sigh she released was until Luke and the other two occupants of the elevator simultane... Read Chapter

Chapter 12

The background chatter of the bullpen became white noise. The smell of burnt coffee and stale pastries hung in the air. No one spoke di... Read Chapter

Chapter 13

Luke took a moment before he followed Alex. As he gathered up the file and all of the papers he tried to dissect Alex’s words and act... Read Chapter

Chapter 14

Alex slid past the mingling coworkers who were more than curious to see what the commotion was all about. She ignored their questions a... Read Chapter

Chapter 15

As soon as Alex entered her apartment, she threw her keys onto the small bar that broke the space of her dining area and kitchen. She i... Read Chapter

Chapter 16

Alex was jolted out of her daze when Luke’s ringtone once again echoed through the car. Just as she had before she pressed ignore and... Read Chapter

Chapter 17

Alex was at the end of a rope. She was hanging on by the thinnest thread and it was beginning to tear from her weight. She felt stuck i... Read Chapter

Chapter 18

Kate squirmed within herself to be anywhere but the hospital, the sterile white room, and the bed she felt prisoner to. It felt like ti... Read Chapter

Chapter 19

Hazel stood in amazement at how the same spot she came to almost every morning could feel like a new experience.  Most people crow... Read Chapter

Chapter 20

When the series of knocks fell harder against the door it pushed Alex to shuffle all the papers and files she had scattered around into... Read Chapter

Chapter 21

Kate shuffled towards the side of the hospital bed. She hated being in the bed and moving made her feel like she was actually doing som... Read Chapter

Part II

Part II (One year later)   With each cinch of the buckle, she tugged and pulled harder. He simply smiled. She was stro... Read Chapter

Chapter 23

Blades of yellowed light sliced through the darkness as early dawn streaked across the Eastern sky. Kate's sixty-eight Chevy Sidestep s... Read Chapter

Chapter 24

Kate stood with hesitation to enter the bar. She stared up at the flickering sign above the door. The letter B in the word Bar had burn... Read Chapter

Chapter 25

“Where is she?” From the distance of the breakwater he looked down towards the bike path; a simple concrete trail that wound ... Read Chapter

Chapter 26

Kate released the chain on Rontu as they neared the front of the bar. To her surprise, the large steel door was gaping. She noted that ... Read Chapter

Chapter 27

Alex had watched in a forced silence as Kate disappeared up the stairs. She never tried to pretend she could relate to the pain that fl... Read Chapter

Chapter 28

Kate always welcomed the silence of weekdays. As much as the rowdy patrons that frequented the nondescript bar every weekend kept her o... Read Chapter

Chapter 29

The all too familiar darkness encompassed Kate. She desperately tried to convince her mind to leave or to at least change the scene, bu... Read Chapter

Chapter 30

The morning had come quickly and had done little to ease the instability that the night before had left. The two women had tried to con... Read Chapter

Chapter 31

Kate’s fingers tightened on the cold tile of the sink as she stood in the small bathroom. She had escaped to the space for a moment o... Read Chapter

Chapter 32

Alex reluctantly watched Kate’s form vanish down the stairs and into the dim light illuminated from the bar. She felt as though so mu... Read Chapter

Chapter 33

By the time they had gotten the last crate inside the rain had reduced to a slight drizzle. Kate pulled her collar up as she walked Pau... Read Chapter

Chapter 34

Alex’s eyes shot open as a cold shiver shot through her. She looked around the familiar room and then at the weight on her legs where... Read Chapter

Chapter 35

The gasps heard through the Homicide Bullpen had Luke looking up from his desk. Heading towards him was Alex. He was overwhelmed by her... Read Chapter

Chapter 36

Kate didn’t know how long she had been sitting tied to the chair. A blindfold kept her disoriented to time and space. She knew it was... Read Chapter

Chapter 37

Alex dumped the contents of the boxes she had onto the floor of the office and spread the files out. She sorted them and though she had... Read Chapter

Chapter 38

Hazel navigated her silver Benz over the pothole and puddle laden road that led to the bar. She pulled up but sat for a moment before s... Read Chapter

Chapter 39

Alex locked the door and turned with careful precision. She was fully aware that any abrupt or hasty movements could result in a trigge... Read Chapter

Chapter 40

Kate’s confidence fled the instant she saw Kyle come back in. He appeared to walk taller while his face beamed with a victorious expr... Read Chapter

Chapter 41

Kate laid across the couch, her eyes were cast upward as she mindlessly stroked Rontu’s fur. Alex paused at the door frame, but only ... Read Chapter


“Is this really necessary?” Kate grumbled tugging on the blindfold.  “Absolutely,” Alex answered, swatting Kate’s ha... Read Chapter

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