Chapter 6: Chapter 6

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Luke broke through the glass doors that led into the Homicide Bullpen. He avoided a lot of drama and gossip in the department by keeping his head down and doing his job. He only half listened to any of it. Now his partner was in the middle of a big one. It was always difficult when such a young soul was violently taken away. It weighed heavier knowing his mother was a Ridgemont officer. Everyone on the force would be gunning for the person that committed such a horrendous crime. It didn’t help that prior to this, Katelynn had the rumor mill already circulating heavily. Avoiding chatter was going to be more difficult. He dodged conversation and eye contact with colleagues as he moved quickly to his desk. He began to pull his chair out when he was stopped by an authoritative voice. Luke lifted his head to see the Captain handing a clipboard over to a younger officer and gestured towards Luke.

“In my office.”

With a reluctant nod, he followed.

“Shut the door.”

Luke gently closed it and took a breath before he stepped further into the office. He stopped before the chairs that faced the desk and respectfully clasped his hands in front of him. He remained at attention waiting to be spoken to. 

“I think you understand the severity of this.”

“I do.” Luke nodded.

“I want to make sure you use all resources so we can be expedient and efficient. Katelynn Quinn has been an asset to this force and we need to do right by her and her son.”

“I understand,” he answered, but really began to feel the weight of what he agreed to take on. He watched as Captain Peterson circled around his desk and heavily sat down. He wasn’t a large man, but he held himself to be taller than anyone. His military cut was as sharp as his wits and he was never one to hold back what he was thinking. 

He released a weary sigh as his weight was taken by the leather chair. “What do you know?”

“Not a whole lot, yet. Katelynn lost a lot of blood. She was stabbed six times in the abdomen. She’s alive, but not conscious. There was no sign of forced entry and Cruz didn’t see the intruder, she was blindsided.”

“Go on.”

“The suspect fled after assaulting Cruz. The shape of the bedroom points towards a struggle. Quite a violent one. The majority of the blood was on the bed and where Alex found Katelynn and Tyler on the floor.”

“What about the other rooms?”

“Under first inspection, they appeared undisturbed. I believe Tyler may have been asleep and woke up to the sounds of Katelynn fighting back. His 911 call came in at 04:55. Cruz said she got there around 05:10 and the first responders around 05:20.”

“Did Cruz tell you why she was there at that time?”

“I guess they’re workout partners.”

“Okay.” He sounded as convinced as Luke felt. “If there was no forced entry, do you think Quinn knew her attacker and let him in?”

“Alex said she thinks she remembers that the side door was unlocked, but with her concussion, she’s fuzzy on some details. It’s one of my top questions I have when we can talk to Katelynn.”

“What about neighbors?”

Luke blew out a breath. “Nothing. Not one neighbor said they heard anything until the sirens came racing down their street. We are asking anyone with security cameras to look and to pass on any suspicious activity that might have been picked up.”

“Does Quinn have a security system?”

“Yes, but it had been disabled.”

“What’s your theory?”

“Tentatively, it presents like a robbery gone bad. But, may be staged. The upturned furniture and emptied drawers in the master bedroom felt like an afterthought. Using a knife is more personal and it takes a lot of rage to continually stab someone. I don’t think Tyler was an intended target. He and the dog may have disrupted whatever plan the attacker had.”

“Where’s Cruz now?”

“She agreed to go home to shower and change. I tried, but I don’t think making her take a day or two off would be effective.” What he really meant was keeping her close so he could try and understand her involvement.

The Captain leaned forward and intertwined his fingers. His eyes squinted as he asked the question Luke knew was coming. “Should I be worried about her? From the information I’ve been getting all morning, she was in quite a state of shock, even distraught.”

Luke flinched at the idea of Alex hearing the words distraught and her name in the same sentence. He then tried not to let his hesitation be a validation that shouldn’t have input on the case beyond who and what she encountered.

“I think it’s personal, but it’s personal for all of us. You know there isn’t a better investigator than her.”

“This is a serious conflict of interest, I’ll speak to her when she gets here, but I’m putting this on you.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“What’s your next move?”

“I’m waiting on Forensics and I want to take Alex back to the scene. Maybe she remembers more than she thinks. I’ll also look into any cases that Quinn may have red flagged.”


“Meaning,” he continued carefully, “Caleb Sloane or any of his associates.”

By the name, the Captain sat up even straighter. “Do you know something?”

“Not more than anyone else, but before she changed departments so much of her energy was spent on him.”

“Don’t be throwing that name around without something solid, understand?”

Luke gave a quick nod and left. He didn’t even want to consider that Sloane had any part. He knew the eggshell walk everyone performed when anything involved that man. His top priority was getting Alex’s uninhibited full account, and find out what Katelynn had been doing after she left Criminal Investigations. His gut told him she was targeted and he needed to understand who and why.



Submitted: September 28, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Kathrynmp. All rights reserved.


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