Chapter 10: Demon

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Those words rang into her ears. Killed Ace. Her childhood best friend. That can't be true right? She would never betray nor kill. Both are sins so that means she isn't an angel in her dream? A-a demon?

Lily disappeared and a surprise was in front of the eyes of the 7-year-old child.


There was a war between demons and angles. Meanwhile, Ace was critically injured protecting an enemy, a demon.


The imaged disappeared and reappeared with a new one.


He was spitting out blood from his mouth looking at the enemy who he saved during the war. Swiped by a scythe. Bye, then he had turned into them. 


Then, Rose's blood ran cold.

Suddenly everything stopped.

Every image she saw was horrifying, a nightmare.

Rose stood there in shock and a sudden pang evaded her chest.


Ace turned into a demon. And-


Ace's blood.

He's gut seemed ripped, cut. 

Blood running down his lips in one single, straight line.

His eyes were barely intact but then shutdown.


Lily a teenager, and her parents had a solemn look at the corpse. 

Filled with grief Lily darted towards and cried on her former brother. 

She cried sorrowful tears. 

And kept repeating, "why- why?" in a horse tone.


When she finished her eyes became emotionless. A poker face displayed, her glam vanished. Her face red with the waterworks still running. In front stood the head of grim reapers (or shinigami in japan).

His face was satisfied with the killing that his pupil achieved. 

Lily didn't know why he was proud of his student's "game."

His pupil killed her brother like it was nothing.

Raged with what she thought he did, Lily ran to punch his jaw.

Unfortunately, he caught her hand before she even laid a finger. His cocky grin unflinching.


Lily shouted with agony, tears streaming down her face.



The reaper responded, "Your dear friend whom you trusted her so much. Ask her."



Darkness rules once again as Rose cries terrified.

Once again, his near-to-death corpse laid in front of her eyes.

His eyes were glossy, filled with disbelief, betrail. With one hand he caressed her small, pale cheek. Despite the fact, she was still seven compared to the heartbroken young man.

Five horse word slips out: "Why? when I loved y-"


Then Ace expired.


Submitted: January 14, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Aimi 27. All rights reserved.


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