Question to Lord

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Against the lord, I went to complain,

Shrine of thy, where I got nothing to hide,

Pondering the puzzle, consciously in mind,

Are you truth,  Or a death lies.

I come for answers, summon your divine,

Punish me if I'm wrong, if I lie

Why is suffering? People die on your name,

They seek vain, hope and believe whether you are now or were then,


They say, "thine is your world", if as thou made, they bow to thy, and pray for their life,

Tell me the fact, isn't it a lie?


Hebrew leader moses warned long ago, not to bow, not to seek fake believe at what you can't saw,

Isn’t the world elegant? The more we avoid it to happen, more it increases possibility,

Of lies and rumor, that makes people to believe and rely,


Are you listening? You there?

Answer to my questions, if you can hear me clear,

Tell me how many died? How many will?

If you are almighty then why don't you show your will?

Use your divine and erase the guilt and lie,

Make a world better place to live,

Free from assault and grief,


Journey through the suffering and punish me for my lies, show me your mercy and I will worship till the end, till I survive,


And if you won't reply,

I will live with the lie, that you do not have divine, the power, the love and the existence which made people blindfolded throughout their life,


Crusade and fanatics, accomplished on your name,

Oh my lord! Show me the end, show me mercy so that I will give my life and precede my journey to heaven,

I asked questions for few minutes but no one replied,

Maybe I am lie or the one who we believe, who we rely

Submitted: September 30, 2020

© Copyright 2021 himanshu narayan jha. All rights reserved.

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