Tales of a Shifter (B1) - The Meeting

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

They met in the darkness. Brandon a mortal. Ezekiel a Shifter. Pain and loneliness brought them crashing into one another.

Their meeting will be the first dominoes in an epic saga that branches through not only time, but blood as well. Broken Bonds will come too light. A new Bond will form in the stillness of the night. And trapped beneath the cogs of fate will be Brandon and Ezekiel. Two beings that were never supposed to meet.

Brandon is lost in misery....running from shadows.

Ezekiel is intrigued by Brandon's darkness...and his sorrowful beauty....but are they destined to be? Will the shadows at Brandon's heels become real and tear them apart before they ever get the chance to try?

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - His End

The Meeting that would change everything...
Read Chapter

Chapter 2 - New Smell

Chapter 2 Ezekiel didn't know what exactly called him off the beaten path that night....but on instinct he had followed the soft... Read Chapter

Chapter 3 - Death

Chapter 3 - Death With a snarl, more beast then man, Ezekiel charged into the mortal. He clamped his hands around the mortal's sm... Read Chapter

Chapter 4 - Taking Stock

Chapter 4- Taking Stock "....What do I do with you now?" Ezekiel asked himself. In the deathly silent moments that passed after t... Read Chapter

Chapter 5 - Brothers

Chapter 5 Ezekiel could sense the eyes within the darkness as he neared the path that would take him out of the pine forest and into ... Read Chapter

Chapter 6 - Power Play

Chapter Seven - Power Play Ezekile wasn't sure what to expect after his harsh words....but he should have known that there would be s... Read Chapter

Chapter 7 - Die Now, Die Later

"Fine, if this is to be the path you've chosen, then I do not see any of us persuading you to turn back...at least not with resorting to ... Read Chapter

Chapter 8 - Follow Through

"Mom...You have to promise not to scream...." Ezekiel whispered walking his mother up from the spiral staircase and down the long hallway... Read Chapter

Chapter 9 - This Is Bad

  Realizing that it was almost three am Ezekiel allowed her the necessary time to emerge from her sleep before he spoke. "Ez... Read Chapter

Chapter 10 - Team Work

All three of Ezekiels brothers shared anxious unsure looks. Then all of then leveled their eyes at him. As if to say "WE TOLD YOU SO!... Read Chapter

Chapter 11- Hell

Someone was touching him. Brandon felt it all over his skin, no he sensed it. Eyes. Hands. Something wet and slimy spread on his fles... Read Chapter

Chapter 12 - Disrespect

"Dad wait..." Ezekiel began. Mantilo walked forward, snarled and pushed Ezekiel aside. Ezekiel stumbled to the side and let him p... Read Chapter

Chapter 13 - Off The Hook

Chapter 14 - Off The Hook "Haa ha.. No one can cut through the bullshit like mom." Nate breathed out happily with a bemused smile poi... Read Chapter

Chapter 14 - Guardians

Chapter 14 - Guardians   Mantilo watched his youngest son steadily and let him stew in silence for a few seconds. Ezekie... Read Chapter

Chapter 15 - His Pain

Chapter 15 - His Pain   So he dreamed. Brandon couldn't move. He couldn't hardly breathe. He felt a great agony pounding at ... Read Chapter

Chapter 16 - Unknown Agony

Chapter 16 - Unknown Agony Glen struggled to ignore the intruder's screams as she moved along the hall walking away from his room. ... Read Chapter

Chapter 17 - No Hurt

Chapter 17 - No Hurt Sometime later... Ezekiel mounted the front porch steps panting harshly. His lungs begging for more air then... Read Chapter

Chapter 18 - Hanging By A Thread

Chapter 18 - Hanging By A Thread Perhaps his touch had distracted the mortal. Perhaps his words had broken through the fever drea... Read Chapter

Chapter 19 - Curiosity

Chapter 19 - Curiosity Ezekiel trudged home much much.....much later. The sharp cool night hurried him along one of the dirt paths le... Read Chapter

Chapter 20 - Confusion

Chapter 20- Confusion Soft heavy breaths in the darkness stimulated him. The strong smell of pine, like a sharp soap or lotion pulled... Read Chapter

Chapter 21 - Chase

Soft warm light hit him and suddenly he was standing in a hallway. A burgundy hallway, filled with soothing candle lights and carpet as t... Read Chapter

Chapter 22- Frying Pot To Fire

Damn! Ezekiel panted to himself. He wasn't tired, but the adrenaline crawling all along his heart made him gritty. As did the Leopard... Read Chapter

Chapter 23 - Diffuse

Chapter 23 - Diffuse At that moment Ezekiels mother steeped between them, her deep green eyes slit and glowing like a cats in th... Read Chapter

Chapter 24 - Fusteration

Chapter 24 - Fusteration Ezekiel swallowed dryly as he realized his father's gaze was on him. His eyes burning through the back of hi... Read Chapter

Chapter 25 - No Co-operation

Chapter 25 Brandon fought to ignore this new, painful world that he had woken up into. He felt out of place here with its hulking... Read Chapter

Chapter 26 - No Strength

Chapter 26  It was only in the silence that Brandon allowed himself to acknowledge his racing heartbeat and the fear. And it was... Read Chapter

Chapter 27 - Uneasy

Chapter 27 Glen stalked behind Mantilo all the way to the bottom floor of their home. A soft warmth crawled all along her arms, a... Read Chapter

Chapter 28 - Try Again

Chapter 28    Ezekiel walked back through the front door to their mansion with determination. Almost two days had p... Read Chapter

Chapter 29 - Subdue

Chapter 29  The panic that tried to grip him in that moment was so sudden and so unwanted that Ezekiel shoved the grip it tried ... Read Chapter

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Tales of a Shifter (B1) - The Meeting

Their meeting will be the first dominoes in an epic saga that branches through not only time, but blood as well. Broken Bonds will come too light. A new Bond will form in the stillness of the night. And trapped beneath the cogs of fate will be Brandon and

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