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Once upon a lifetime in a Mystic 
World filled with glittering perceptions
And gloomy illusions.
A boy met a girl between time and space.
A girl that defies the law of gravity
When she smiles his spirit levitates
Within his heart space.

The boy always saw her through his third eye. For what she truly is, a Dime, a Gem, Amongst the sheep and the lost souls they were living with carelessly wandering in the matrix they were living in. Bounded by Fate or Art, Life remained surreal and the feeling foreign yet at home.

The boy hopelessly wished he had Sorcery power. To control and manipulate the hands of time. So he could meet her earlier in time.
The feeling and the rush of having her within his Aura gave him life. He wanted to feel that a little bit more and a little bit too much.

Once upon a lifetime in a Mystic world a boy loved a girl eternally.


Submitted: October 12, 2020

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