The Truth You Refuse To Admit (Love Verse)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Sometimes lies can be beautiful, but nothing ever beats the truth we refuse to admit.

The truth was never an issue with me, but when it came...


My life has been nothing but short of confessions, but

you look me in the eyes and you see The Truth I refuse

to admit. Is it wrong to live a lie when so much life has 

emerged from it? It’s hard to say I love you when I don’t

even love myself. I put up illusions to hide my true confessions.


You said a kiss won’t make all of these insecurities go away.

You tell me to just stay so you can help me love me. You

said you’ll wait until I’m in love with me so that I can finally

love you, and let you love me the way you need to.


To hide the Truth I refuse to Admit. Rather live a lie, than tell

the truth that could cause a part of me to die.


I used to think the truth was only just smoke and mirrors, and

that the lies are where our real selves lie. My truth is that love

is always on my mind and that you were always at the center.

But I would never let my truth venture too far out into the light.


You said a kiss won’t make all of these insecurities go away, but

I wanna get lost in you. Because sometimes it’s easier to be lost

than to be found. I don’t wanna make a sound, I want to forget that

I’m even here, but you refuse to let me submit. You want me to 



You ask for the truth to the one thing I’ve been lying about. Because you 

refuse to let me forget and hold back.


The Truth I won’t admit has gotten me through everything, but

something in this moment stops here. It makes me fall short

And yet I still want to lie. I’ve never been afraid to die, but I’ve been

afraid to leave this world because of a broken heart.


Submitted: October 13, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Deon Durr. All rights reserved.

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