crazy love( a roc royal love story)

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this story is about roc royal falling in love with his true love, he loves her so much and will do anything for her. roc royal aka santo august who is now 23 years old and the rest of the mb boys if u don't know what mb stands for it is mindless behavior they are a boy band.

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this is my first story so comment and tell me what u think
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after concert

roc royal and other boys are going to meet the girls that bought the vip tickets to meet them, each of the girls has a crush on the MB boys. in the story u will find out who likes who and if roc
will find his Mrs,right or is he mistaken??????
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roc royal loving

recap- is Dakota the one for roc royal? does angel like prince? who does ray and prod? and will they ask them out?  Prince-... Read Chapter

roc royal loving pt.2

Roc-you don't like to  be teased do you? ME-No roc Just give it to me baby? Roc-really??? you want me  Me-yess! *st... Read Chapter

gettin to know You

next day July 19  the boys were to tired to leave after all that happened so they spent the night at the girls house and walter ... Read Chapter

meet and greet

the boys were at the meet and greet signin their fans albums and talk to them Fan#1-hey my name is Dakota  Roc-*looks up fro... Read Chapter

first dates

The Next Morning since Dakota and Roc wento to bed first they were the first ones up well dakota was roc on the other hand..... ... Read Chapter

how are things???

 who called Roc and why did he decline it so fast, what was Dakota wearing under that rob that she wouldn't let roc see. what did th... Read Chapter

how are things?? pt. 2

Dakota-im glad you do bae Roc-i feel like your the only girl in the room when im around you Dakota- you make me feel like i can d... Read Chapter


recap-Roc and Dakota are in the hospital, the other went home to chill for the tour the next day  Hospital--- Roc- *wakes up... Read Chapter

Party preparations

It is now August 22 and tomorrow is dakota's 19th birthday she is super excited to be turning 19 years old, and sending with Mindless beh... Read Chapter

birthday girl

the ages of the boys are different, Roc turned 19 in July when they were on tour and Princeton is 18 still he will be turning 19 in April and Ray and Prod or still 17 Ray doesn't turn till the next
year and prod doesn't change till December.
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after party pt.1

its is now the day after Dakota's 19th birthday, the all crashed as soon as they got home Roc and Dakota came home first but Dakota was a... Read Chapter

after party Pt. 2

Recap-Roc went to the kitchen and told Dakota to go upstairs and so she went upstair and sat on the bed and waited for Roc to come back u... Read Chapter

the bet (starring Roc Royal)

it was the next morning Dakota and Roc were a sleep and Angel and Prince stayed the night at their house they didn't head back since Ange... Read Chapter

the talk

it is the next day and they are all still asleep, Ray Woke up early and went out to the mall to meet up with Jacob Latimore to hang out w... Read Chapter

old friends come back/ doctor visit

the next morning it is now september 1st and they are all sleeping since they stayed up all night up until midnight the conversation betw... Read Chapter

meeting Roc Royal's parents

it has been a week since Dakota has talkin to Claire about coming over so hang out with them at her house, and she keeps saying she has t... Read Chapter

high school friends come to visit

Roc-baby you had fun talking to my parents? Dakota-yea i like them alot they are so sweet Roc-they like you too  Dakota-... Read Chapter

wedding plans

Dakota woke up the next morning super tired and Roc was laying on the other side sound asleep.  Dakota-baby can you get up? ... Read Chapter

Baby shower

Roc Wake up to get everything ready for the baby shower they were planing today, he let Dakota sleep since she is dealing with the pregna... Read Chapter

wedding day/honey moon

i know i skipped the Bachelor party and bachelorette party but i was only planning on making 23 chapters so i skipped those too.
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happy ever after

this is the last chapter of this story that i am going to write for this but i will have a sequel with each MB members and their girls and what happened to them and Roc and Dakota i will have them,
in a story too, for more please like and comment.
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