Oakbrook: Boarding House

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Slightly inspired from J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter, Charli Kremer is a 16 year old girl, who had lived in an ordinary world. After her father passed, Charli became more sceptical and judgemental about her surroundings. She never wanted to give people the chance they truly deserved. As a consequence for her actions, Charli's mother had sent her away to a Boarding House, where she believes that Charli would become a wonderful young lady someday. Through her journey, Charli gains insights into the mysterious walls of Oakbrook and uncovers the truth about their headmistress- Mrs Briggs, who claims to be the greatest teacher of all time.


Chapter One: The Briggining


Charli Kremer sat on the 666 train perfectly still, her maroon eyes glaring at her speedy surroundings. The very dim lighting of the 666 gave Charli that eerie vibe as she began to embrace herself and snuggle deeper into the stone cold seat. Charli felt a wave of nausea and home sickness surpass and claim her whole body. She felt alone and homesick. The isolated journey she was making was the journey to becoming a better young lady someday. That’s what her mother would always say-at least. Charli glanced at the drops of steaming condensation drip to the bottom of the frame and began to pull the blankets over her body, which was smeared with goose bumps and stood hairs. Slowly and surely, she began to close her eyes and fall into a light sleep for the rest of the journey.

To Charli’s dismay, her rest wasn’t as comfortable as she anticipated. With all the squeaking, moaning and groaning of the 666, Charli was unable to get comfortable. In frustration, she arose from her seat and resumed to watching her surroundings, placing one cupped hand on her face and the other resting on the window pane. Sooner or later, Charli knew that she would have to get off, but the problem was she didn’t intend to. She had planned to hide elsewhere on the train and hoped that it would take her back home.

Nah, who am I kidding? She thought to herself with regret. If I pretend I went to this boarding school, my mom would think that I’d never appreciated her decision.

Charli continued to feel a feeling of resentment, confusion and worry.

Thirty minutes later, the 666 screeched before coming to a stop and many students came out. Charli realised that she wasn’t the only one, conversely, she had decided to avoid meeting others until she had felt safe in her new environment. Her new school. Her new home.

The entrance was guarded by long, thin and ebony black spears at the top. Above, it read:

Oakbrook House Boarding School

“That’s it?” Charli sceptically thought.

All the students swerved rapidly as to face Charli and hear more about her rude comments.

“What? Seriously guys. That’s just it. I mean, no catch phrase or anything. That’s low. So la-“Charli was interrupted by a loud clicking and squeaking sound of leather heal boots approaching her.

Before she could figure out who it was, the students surrounded around her began to part like water and they all began fleeing for their lives.

The tall and thin shadow loomed over Charli with such hatred. As soon as Charli opened her mouth the stranger started speaking first.

“Welcome to Oakbrook House Boarding School.” Sharply introduced the teacher. “I am Ms Briggs, the school principal. I assure you if you do meet any of our students they will further discuss the roles we all play here at this wonderful institution.”

Ms Briggs began to outstretch her arm for a formal handshake.

Charli, whose hands were clammy, profusely dried them by rubbing it against her oversized sweater before giving Ms Briggs a solid and firm handshake.

“Firstly, we will show you to your dormitory and next I shall just remind you that later on in the day we do have a gathering at the Great Hall. As a way of formally introducing our newest members of the community and helping them get to know some of our pupils.” Added Ms Briggs. “Any further questions, Charli?”

Crap, how did she know my name? I barely know this freak! Thought Charli frantically as her heart began to pound like a big bass drum. Banging against her chest like a prisoner wanting to break free from jail.  A bead of thin cold sweat trickled down Charli’s temples as she gulped and swallowed a huge amount of her saliva.

“No, erm, Ma’am.” Trembled Charli nervously as she stroked the top of her head to ensure that her pony tail was securely done.

“Excellent. By all means, shall we proceed?” Evilly replied Ms Briggs as she began to lead the way. One long skinny giraffe leg after the other, Charli and Ms Briggs escalated up the swirled stone stairs. Charli was fascinated by all the awards and historical artefacts that were plastered on to the brick walls. As they got higher and higher, Charli stroked the smooth brass coloured bannister and admired every touch of it.

Charli and Ms Briggs eventually made it to the girl’s dormitory. In the centre of the dorm was a grand stair case that drove upwards toward a set of bedrooms. In each bed room was a king –sized bed surrounded by a blanket of blood red curtains. Charli leapt onto one of the beds and felt the spongy mattress push back against her. Maybe she had underestimated this place.

I think I’m really gonna like it here, you know? Charli quietly thought as she rolled over onto her back. This bed feels like home.

Ms Briggs had just smiled with satisfaction as she sashayed out of the dormitory, leaving Charli alone in the dorm.

The only issue Charli had on her mind was, what she was going to do after relaxing for so long? Was she going to stare at the ceiling for the next twenty four hours, or was she going to unpack and stay upstairs for all eternity?

She was unsure.

After finally deciding to make up her mind, Charli mooched her lazy self-off the quilted bed and began to unzip her volcanic-sized suit case, that began erupting with masses and masses of clothes. Charli sucked in a large satisfying intake of oxygen and exhaled the remains of her breath before arranging her clothes into specific orders.

Shirts. Jeans. Jackets. Socks. Shoes. Jewellery. Bathroom essentials. Hair ties.

Charli began to feel insanely frustrated after folding her what seemed 60th piece of clothing. She planked face first into the silk bed and remained there for at least 30 seconds, before getting up and scanning around. Her dark hair was scattered left and right on her pale complexion. Charli grabbed the nearest hair tie and began securely tying her hair into a low ponytail.

Oh wait! She reminisced. Aren’t I supposed to be in the Great Hall? For the mass gathering? Oh no.

Charli’s heart began to pound in her chest rapidly as she frantically pulled over her sweater a denim jacket and soared down the stairs-barely even touching them.

Charli, who was once feeling so confident about her first day, transformed into an innocent teenage girl, surrounded in blankets of fear.

Submitted: October 15, 2020

© Copyright 2020 Dexter.ous. All rights reserved.

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This is the whole of the first Chapter. I am currently working on the plot line and there are 64 chapters in total both split into equal parts of 32. I am very busy but I will try my best to get a whole new chapter two for you.
God Bless Y'all!

Thu, October 15th, 2020 1:26pm

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