Ping Pong Stravaganza

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

A younge boy is told the tragic story of what happened in his families past.


Come here my boy, let me tell you a story.  Once when I was just a young boy, I had a sister. She was eight years older than me. She was six-teen and I was seven. Most people say that older siblings can be a pain, but my sister was none of the sort. Her name was Bailey Harper.”

“But Grandpa, you said she was your sister”

“Yes, she was my sister,”

“Then why don’t you both have the same last name, cause isn’t yours Laiden,”

“Well let me tell you the rest of the story than you’ll understand,”


“So as I was saying. One day me and Bailey were playing in the basement of our parents two story house. We had a brand new Ping Pong table set up that Bailey and I would play on every day any chance we got. Now let me tell you that our parents were not there on that day.”

“Why not gramps?”

“They were both at work,”

“What were their jobs?”

“My mother was a chef at what me and my sister would call the finest restaurant in all of Cape May, New Jersey,”

“And what about your dad?”

“Well my father was a mechanic at Dusty’s Tires workshop. He would fix and build all types of cars and tractors,”

“Thats cool, did you ever get to watch him build cars?”

“Yes, but shall we get back to the story or would you rather go to bed?”

“I want’a hear the story,” 

“Okay. Bailey and I were having a great day, we had gone to the beach, played Ping Pong, and even took our dog Barrel on a walk. After Bailey beat me three times at the game I respectfully declined another game and calmly walked up the stairs. While I was looking out the window at our beachfront view sitting on our coach in the living room I could have sworn that I saw a man standing behind a bush in front of our front door only feet away from the window I was at, but when I looked again there was no one there. “

“ It would be days till I saw that man again. I had told my sister what I saw but all she said was ‘There are plenty of creeps in the world, if we get all worked up over one, how are we supposed to make it through life.’ “

“How do you remember all of that?”

“I have the brain of an elephant oh young one,”

“What does that even mean?”

“You can ask your mother that one, now let me continue. On the third day after seeing that man our parents were once again gone. I don’t know how Bailey felt but I know for a fact that I didn’t mind them being gone all the time.”

“Why didn’t you mind?”

“Because I was only seven, all I cared about was field trips and candy,’


“ It would be many days till…”

“Grandpa you already said that,”

“Oh, right, where were we. This third day would be remembered by me as the worst day of my life. Bailey had called one of her friends on our 1978 family home phone to invite her over. Finally the front porch door bell rang and Bailey had gone and checked it. I stayed in the basement hitting the ping pong ball at the wall with the racket. I will never know what happened on the second floor of the house at the front door, but I will never forget the horrifying shriek that I presume came from my sister. I spent the next few minutes in silence curled up in a ball,”

“Grandpa, what happened to Bailey?”

“You are a curious boy that asks a lot of curious questions. I remember it like it was yesterday. The basement door went slamming open and my sister's dying body came slowly crawling down, each time she stretched out an arm and spreaded her fingers to reach for the next step, her pools of blood flooded the floor, it sent a gagging feeling up my throat and a chill down my spine. The man had shot her and cut her till she could barely move, he let her live not to be nice but to watch her suffer in her final moments. I watched her take her final breaths.”

“How did the man not see you?”

I was hidden behind the box shaped Ping Pong table. I was saved by the very game that my sister and I loved. I sat there for what felt like three days, watching, waiting, and listening to be sure that the man was gone. The day had come when our parents came home. I don’t know why since after all this precaution I took, as soon as I heard that front door opened I ran up the basement stairs and saw my parents jumped into their arms. Their confused faces looking down at me.”

“The day came, the day of Bailey's funeral. I couldn’t stop the tears from going down my cheeks. Don’t worry child, because need to see that this has a happy ending, for if Bailey never died I would have never met Your grandma.”

 “How did you meet grandma?”

“Well when I turned eight years old I was sent to therapy for traumatic experiences. She had witnessed her mother's death, so we just kind of bonded over it,”

“How did her mom die? Did grandma ever tell you?”

“Ya, she told me once a long time ago,”

“Can you tell me about it?”

“Yes, I can tell you if you promise to go to bed after this,”

“I will,”
“Okay. Her mom’s name was Ruthie, Ruthie Lockings. She was a pretty common woman, which means she was like everyone else. She would always prefer to stand in instead of stand out. She was smart and funny, but one day she was at home and her daughter (your grandma) was sitting on the couch watching an old show called the Dating Game, when out of nowhere a man in black clothes and a yellow mask broke down the door and shot her mother right in the head. He was so busy he didn’t seem to notice the little girl on the couch. Your grandma would say it like ‘He came and gone so fast it was as if no one was even there’.”

“So grandma didn’t get hurt?”

“No she wasn’t even looked at. Now you need to go to bed. I’ll tell you the story of what happened to your mom tomorrow night,”

“Okay, good night!”


“Good night to you too,”


Submitted: October 15, 2020

© Copyright 2020 Taylor5. All rights reserved.

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