On The Clock

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

Marvin is assigned to do 88 jobs in the Carousel at the last minute. He has an hour to get it done. Can he do it?

It was 4:30 pm. Marvin Winston was having a peaceful day at work. He was doing lab picking. Lab picking was one of the least nerve-wracking tasks at his workplace. All he had to do was pick up a task on his scanner gun, see how many boxes he would need, go around the different isles, pick up the glasses that his scanner gun demanded, put them in his boxes, and take them near this place called the Carousel.


Marvin was working on a lab pick. He was listening to his Soundcloud music while roaming each isle getting the items. The company NewVision wants its employees to have one ear open just in case there's an announcement everyone needs to hear. But, Marvin has been working for them long enough to where he feels he can get away with having both pieces of his headphones in his ear. That's one of the great perks of working with them. You can listen to music! It helps Marvin and his co-workers with making their shift go by faster. 


As Marvin was heading to isle 43, he saw his close friend Mikey coming towards him. ''What's good Mike? Not much just heading to isle 10. Hey, do you like boxing?''. Marvin couldn't think of a quick reply to Mikey's question. Marvin hasn't watched boxing since the Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight. That was years ago. Marvin finally thought of his answer. ''Oh yeah, I do. I watch it here and there. Oh okay! Great! You wanna come back tomorrow and watch some boxing with me? Sure man! Sounds good. Cool then. I'll catch you later. Alrighty later.''


Mikey went his way and let Marvin continue his lab picking. Marvin went into isle 43. As he went in and begin picking in that lane, he felt someone coming behind him. It was from Sharon. Sharon was one of the leads at the front desk. ''Uh oh, what do they need now?'' Marvin thought. ''Marvin, hey can you head to the Carousel? We need you to go to Zone 5 and get these jobs scan in asap.  Sure Sharon''. Marvin's mood died inside immediately. He was having a good workday until now.


Marvin got his lab picking job and took it to the front in the resume section. That place was where lab pickings that weren't done yet would be. Marvin headed towards the infamous Carousel. The Carousel was this congested area that had six zones with six workers working in those zones. There were 88 slots in each zone. The goal is to scan what's in the boxes (that a worker needs) into the slots.


Sometimes, all 88 slots wouldn't be used because of how many tickets are available for each workload. Marvin looked to see if there were boxes in his zone. He didn't see any. So, he headed to the ticket area to grab some tickets. Marvin was hoping he would get a small bunch, so he wouldn't have to work hard on this load.


''Please don't let it be 88, please don't let it be 88''. Marvin grabbed what looked like a big set of tickets. He was furious inside. ''Crap! It's 80 freaking 8 tickets!''. Marvin was trying hard to hide his disappointment and disgust that he felt. After grabbing his tickets, he scans the first ticket to see what boxes he needed for this group of orders.


The boxes had long numbers that begin with a lot of 0's. The last three numbers were the ones that were important. They helped the workers find their boxes faster. Marvin saw 695, 696, and 697 on his scanner. He proceeded to find those boxes on the racks near the carousel. He found 696 first, it felt really light. There were only 4 items in that box. He put that box on his cart he was using to take to his zone.


After one minute, he found 697. He felt how heavy it was compared to 696. The box had a lot of glasses and cases. 696 was on the cart. Now he just needed 695. ''Where could it be? I should have seen it by now''. Marvin looked back and forth for 695. His head was starting to play tricks on him. Sharon walked towards Marvin and ask ''What number are you looking for? 695''.


Sharon started looking for that box. Marvin finally found it! It was on the second rack in the middle spots. ''Thanks, Sharon, somehow you helped me find 695 faster''. Sharon laughed. ''You're welcome, I'm glad I was able to be of service. Sharon walked back to her desk. 695 had the little medicine boxes for the glasses. It was a lot of them walking to be put into the Carousel.


Marvin headed to his zone now with the items he needed to complete his task. The time was 4:55 pm now. He needed to get started right away so he could get that bunch done before 6:00 pm. Luckily, the white cases that he needed set were already in place in each spot. He just needed to put the ticket into each case before scanning them in.


Putting the tickets in took five to seven minutes. By the time Marvin got to the last case, his left arm had gotten a workout. Now it was time to scan the tickets in. Marvin set his gun into ticket scanning mode. He begins scanning each ticket as he heard that scan noise. Beep beep beep beep. Ramos, the worker in Zone 4 kept going in and out of the carousel. It was started to frustate Marvin.


Marvin wanted to kick Ramos into outer space so he could concentrate better. Nevertheless, Marvin tried to make it work. He was done scanning his tickets in. It was 5:09 pm on his gun. Time to put all the stuff in the three boxes into his zone now. He started with 696 first since it had the least items. He scanned the four items into their slots. Done! Now 695 was next.


Marvin was not looking forward to scanning a million little boxes, but it needed to be done. He started on one side of the box. At first, the task seemed daunting, but as Marvin got into a rhythm, he felt like scanning those items into the Carousel wasn't so bad at all. The box was almost empty. He kept looking at the time on his scanner gun. 5:20...5:25...5:27. Marvin finished it! He was done with 695.


He had only 697 to do. It was 5:30 now. He had thirty minutes to complete his task. Marvin started with big glasses cases. Those cases made the box look fuller than it was. He scans each case as his life depended on it. There was space that started to show itself in 697. Marvin was so happy! He was close to finishing the entire task. He kept scanning each item. And then, one item didn't scan.


Marvin tried scanning it again. Still no luck, he had to go to the main desk for help. He told Sharon his dilemma he had. ''Sharon I tried scanning this item, but it would take. Okay, let's see here'' She typed on her computer as fast as she could. Marvin was worried. The clock was ticking. He started to feel the pressure that he wouldn't finish on time. It was 5:45 pm.


Sharon found the area Marvin needed to go to get a new case. ''Okay, if you go to isle 4115, you should find it. Okay, thank you, Sharon, no problem''. Marvin ran walk to 4115. He found what he needed and headed back to his zone. He scanned the new case, it worked! Marvin was back on track. He had seven items to go. It was 5:50 pm. Marvin scan as quickly as possible, putting each item into their place.


He finally finished his task. It was 5:54 pm. Marvin wrote the number he completed on the board near the main desk. 88. ''Whew, what a relief. See Ethan, I knew Marvin could do it. He's one of the best. No doubt about it Sharon. Okay, Marvin, you can head back to lab picking''. Marvin was touched by Sharon's words, he was also glad to be heading back to a less pressure task too. 



Submitted: October 20, 2020

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Yay got it all done good work Marvin.

Tue, October 20th, 2020 8:23am


Haha, Marvin thanks you :)

Tue, October 20th, 2020 12:09pm

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