The Dog

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Where'd the dog come from. Why cant I find it. My foot hurts. Must find the dog. Please help me.

The Dog
BARK! My eyes opened. Bark, bark. Why is there barking. Bark, bark, bark… Silence, at last.
I got myself out of bed. Put on my slippers, and went to my kitchen for coffee. As the pot filled, I went outside to find the source of the barking. Nothing. I walked around the house. Still nothing. It must’ve run away.
Back inside, my coffee was done. I poured some into my mug. Black, just the way I liked it. WHOOSH! My kitchen window blew open, hitting me with an icy breeze. Weird, there was no wind at all earlier. I tried to shut it, but the wind grew stronger. I pushed with all my might, when, it stopped. The window slammed shut and I flew forward dropping my coffee mug on the floor. 
OUCH! My foot burned from the spilt coffee, and the shattered remains of the mug were on the floor. I reached for a towel to clean up the mess. BARK! There it was again. That dog, I quickly ran out my front door. Silence. Was somebody messing with me?
Finally, the mess was cleaned. The glass from the mug thrown away, and the coffee soaked up. I needed a new towel. I could feel my leg start to sting with pain. Right, my foot. It needed first aid. It was a third-degree burn. Stupid coffee. I walked to the bathroom and opened the mirror cabinet above my sink. Empty, strange, I hadn’t used any of my first aid in a while and last I checked it was stocked full. It was a necessity when you lived near a forest in the middle of nowhere. If I hurt myself, I couldn’t quite drive to the hospital and it would take 911 forever to get here.
A noise, what was it? I left the bathroom, still limping, searching for where the noise was coming from. The front door. Scratch, scratch, scratch. That dog, it was back. As I limped to the door, the closer I got the louder the scratching was. As if the dog was trying to dig through the door. I’ll get it this time.
I swung the door open, thinking I'd hear the dog get hit by the door. Nothing, except my first aid supplies sitting on my porch. The dog can’t have gone far, I limped off the porch looked around. NOTHING! No movement, no sound, no barking, no dog. How could it have run away so quickly. I turned back to see the scratch marks on the door. This was a big dog.
Good, my foot is feeling better now that it’s bandaged. Still limping, but it’s fine. I’ll have to skip work today. RING! My phone, who was calling me at seven in the morning.
“Hello.” Gosh, I sound really tired.
“Hey, its Cindy, your neighbor. Well I guess kind of neighbor. I live a mile down the road.” Her voice was…squeaky to say the least.
“Yeah, yeah. I know you, what’s up.” Just leave me alone, I have my own problems to deal with.
“I was just baking and ran out of flour; do you have any I could borrow?” It was like Minnie Mouse talking to me.
“Yeah, I do. Do you just want to drive over and get it?” This is what she bothered me for.
“Actually, my car is broken. Could you bring it?” Was it possible to punch someone over the phone?
“Yeah.” Don’t sound pissed. “I can drive over and bring you flour.” Have mercy on my soul.
“You’re a doll. Thank you.” Click. It was over.
Wait, how much flour did she need? I’ll just bring the whole bag. I limped to my car, bag of flour in hand. I dropped in the passenger seat, buckled my seatbelt, and started the engine. My right foot burnt, have to use my left foot. Before I could change gear, I heard it. BARK! I’m outside now so I have to be able to find it. 
Driving through my driveway, BARK! It’s over by the trees. BARK! I have to find the dog. BARK! A little further. CRASH!
I woke up, not in my car, but in the woods. The last thing I remember was being in the car and following the bark. What was that? Something in the bushes was moving. I had to get out of there and get home. But which way was home? I stood up, or should I say tried to stand up. Burnt foot. I crawled over to a tree and used that to help me up. If only I could climb, then I could see my house. But no, burnt foot. Stupid coffee. 
BARK! That dog. I turned around. Nothing. BARK! Maybe if I follow the barks, it’ll lead me to, well, lead me out of here. I didn’t care where, I needed help. My foot was getting worse, I probably needed a doctor.
I stumbled through the forest, trying to follow the barks. Trying to find my way out. BARK! Keep going. BARK! I think I can see daylight. BARK! I’m so close. THUNK! Not again.
 “Where am I.” Things hazily came back into view. How did I go from having my morning coffee to having a burnt food and a bump the size of a softball on my head? I looked around. Rustling in the bushes. “Hello.” I was so weak. “Please help me.” Blackness.
 “Doll, are you okay?” Who was speaking. “Hello, sweetie. You alive?” Her face came into view. “Well there ya are dear. I was worried sick about you. You’ve been asleep for a whole day!”
A whole day!? How badly was I hurt. I looked down at my foot. It was yellow from the burn, it must be leaking. I touched my head. Ouch, yep still there. 
“Oh I wouldn’t touch that if I were you dear, that thing is about the size of the softball. I’m surprised you’re still alive for now.” I was surprised too. After all I’ve been through, all I wanted was the sweet release of death.
“Here let me get you another icepack for your head.” She walked away into the kitchen. I looked around. The house looked very old, like it had been built a hundred years ago. It also smelled old, like my grandma’s perfume. 
“Alrighty, here’s your ice.” I took the ice and set it on my head. The pain eased a little. “So how long you been living round these parts.”
“About a month. I came here for the seclusion. Didn’t really like the big city.” I actually had to get away from my abusive mom. Go somewhere she wouldn’t follow.
“Oh that’s nice, well I’m glad you’re okay dear. I’ll let you rest now, do you need anything else?” She smiled at me, I felt as though she were hiding something, no, she’s just my sweet neighbor. She brought me in and helped me. Did she have a dog?
“You don’t by chance have a dog? Do you? Or maybe know someone who owns one around here.” Please say yes, then I can forget this whole charade.
“Well, what makes you say that dear?” More smiling, almost looking forced.
“I’ve just been hearing barking around my house, and there were scratches on my door, I just thought someone’s dog might’ve gotten lose.”
“You’re just imagining things, nothing to worry about. Now rest you’re pretty little head, here’s some water, drink up, you’ll heal faster.” I took the water and gulped down half the glass. My vision was getting hazy again, I need a doctor.
“Cindy, call 9…1…o.” Darkness.
BARK! I opened my eyes. BARK! Why is there barking. Bark, bark, bark…Silence. Back to sleep. BARK!
Fine I’ll get up, I sat up on my bed. I feel like something’s wrong. It’s probably because I haven’t had my coffee.
Stand up, why aren’t my legs moving. Stand up, my arms won’t go either. STAND UP! I opened my eyes, except, I wasn’t in my bed. I was strapped to a chair in the pitch black.
BARK! The dog it’s nearby. Where am I? BARK! A chain, the dog’s in the room with me. BARK! “Hello, is anybody there.” A door creaks open. I feel a cloth against my face. Fuzzy…Can’t…think…help…m…e…
SMACK! I open my eyes, the lights blinding. I see a figure standing in front of me. My face stinging from the hit. My eyes watering. I look down at my wrists, they’re red. I look down at my feet. I can’t My neck is strapped to the chair too.
“Who are you?” I can barely talk.
“It’s me Cindy. Don’t you recognize me?” Condescending, her voice isn’t squeaky. It’s velvety.
“Why would you do this.” My voice cracked, I just wanted to go home.
“Take a wild guess… No? Well it was your mother who hired me. When she found out you were moving out she hired me to make sure you paid. So I killed the old tenants of your house, made sure the price was cheap. And bribed the agent to assure you got the house.” Of course my mother is the source of this. “Of course I had to figure out how to lure you here, injured of course, so I did my usual stuff. And well here you are.”
“Usual stuff?” What was the usual stuff; no person could do that. What happened to me was almost paranormal.
“You ever hear of making a deal with the devil?” Oh no.
She walked over to the cage nearby, and unlocked the gate. “Cerberus, it’s time for dinner.”
As tears came to my eye, I looked forward. There it was. The dog.

Submitted: October 16, 2020

© Copyright 2021 rylieprice2654. All rights reserved.

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Mark A George

Great story, Rylie. Enjoyed the horror building as it went along. I knew that neighbor lady was up to no good.

Sat, October 17th, 2020 2:19am


Thank you so much. I'm glad that you liked it. :)

Sat, October 17th, 2020 5:38am

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