Halloween Misgivings

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

A little rhyme, here, a little story, there, and up pops spooky!

There is a place in the woods where not everything is as it seems, it's made up of misgivings and mysterious dreams. And there in the midst is a Stone House so grim that no-one dare enter, least they be tore limb from limb.

Some say it's a house, others say it's a tomb, but one thing they agree on, it's a vessel for doom. So everyone stays out, and what is in stays within, except for Halloween. --- Let the party begin!




In the uppermost chamber of the dreaded Stone House, there is a big feather bed.

Seated on the bed, with her back against an overly stuffed pillow, sits a child of about seven. She has the pillow pushed back against the headboard and a quilted comforter pulled up to her chin.

As she shivers in the night she clings to her stuffed bear which is pressed against her one cheek.


"Lilith, come play with us!" was the beckoning call from beneath her bed.

"NO! Go away and don't bother me, or I'll, --- or I'll (?). --- Oh just leave!" Lilith replied.

The voice returned with another plea, saying, "The party has already begun and the graves are all open. Won't you come play with us?"

"NO! --- Now go away and don't bother me, you freak!" Lilith screamed as she buried her face in the quilt.

The voice persisted, "But the children are out and about. Don't you want to see their funny looking outfits?

I'll even scare some for you so they will run and scream. Wouldn't you like that? Wouldn't you, my sweet Lilith?"

"I don't want any of that," Lilith snapped, "I'm depressed and I'm not in the mood for child's games!"

A chuckle was heard from under the bead, then a demonic looking creature rose from the floor, it had horns upon it's blood-red head and a lizard-lee tail swishing from one side to the other.

Then it looked at the child and asked, "Well, what if I chop off a few heads and disembowel some of the older ones, would that lighten your mood, Mistress?"

Lilith tore the head from her teddy and pulled the stuffing from it's belly, then asked, "You mean Like that?!?"

Then she jumped up on her cloven hooves, waved her tentacled arms around, and then growled at the beast, "If you do it just like that, well, I guess that would make me feel better."



JE Falcon



Submitted: October 17, 2020

© Copyright 2020 JE Falcon. All rights reserved.

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