The Acacia Cade Emprise Kingdom of God Volume One . ..Pygg

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Final installation of Volume One

Acacia travels to Matewan, West Virginia , the heart of the Hatfield McCoy country where she accidentally stumbles onto the 150 year old pig that actually started the feud

Table of Contents


CHAPTER  ONE MARCH 28  1914   Devil Anse  Hatfield  sat  in  his front  porch  r... Read Chapter

Roane Spencer

CHAPTER  TWO   Roane Spencer  and  Lincoln  Wetzel  had  grown  up  in  Matewan... Read Chapter

Acacia Visits Aunt Fayette

CHAPTER  THREE   Acacia  had  decided  to  visit  Matewan . Aunt  Fayette  had&n... Read Chapter

In Matewan

CHAPTER  FOUR   By the next evening, Acacia  Cade was in Matewan. Her  Aunt  Fayette  had drive... Read Chapter

Hatfield McCoy Days

CHAPTER  FIVE   The Hatfield  McCoy  Days  celebration  was an annual event that drew huge crowds f... Read Chapter

Acacia Meets Roane Spencer

CHAPTER  SIX   Acacia  was taken aback  by Raleigh's suggestion.  "  There's nothing to it , "R... Read Chapter

Acacia at the Shelter

CHAPTER  SEVEN   Raleigh  had taken  her vacation ,  and  Acacia  had assumed  her cousin... Read Chapter

Getting to Know Roane

CHAPTER  EIGHT   Acacia  stared at Roane in surprise .  She'd almost  forgotten  about the embarras... Read Chapter

Clay Doddridge

CHAPTER  NINE   Acacia  didn't immediately  answer the officer's  question. Mentally ,  she  r... Read Chapter

Marion Pendleton

CHAPTER  TEN   Wednesday  was a cold and gray one.  The unusually  warm temperatures for Spring  ha... Read Chapter

The Paw Paw Site

CHAPTER  ELEVEN   Acacia  had  received  a call just before  leaving  the  Pendleton ... Read Chapter


CHAPTER  TWELVE   Acacia  sat still  as the weeks  old bobcat  continued to  feed . How did th... Read Chapter


CHAPTER  THIRTEEN   Aunt Fayette's  house wasn't  more  than  five  minutes  away . ... Read Chapter

Acacia Tells Roane

CHAPTER  FOURTEEN   The day  following  Acacia's  discovery had  become a  flurry of activity ... Read Chapter

Acaviar Tells Roane

CHAPTER  FOURTEEN   The  day following  Acacia's  discovery  had become  a a flurry of activit... Read Chapter

At The Spencer's

CHAPTER  SEVENTEEN Clay  Doddridge  had  been  on  a  traffic  stop  that  had... Read Chapter

Mrs. Spencer's Story


To the Museum

CHAPTER  NINETEEN   Both teens were relieved when they  heard Sheriff  Doddridge's  car in the driveway ... Read Chapter

Marion Pendleton's Surprise Decision

CHAPTER  TWENTY   The following  Saturday  had the  makings  of becoming  a beautiful  da... Read Chapter

At the Bank

CHAPTER  TWENTY  ONE   Stunned  by  what  she  had  just  heard ,  Acacia ... Read Chapter


CHAPTER  TWENTY  TWO   Sheriff  Doddridge  walked into the animal shelter  later that  afterno... Read Chapter

Foster Pups

CHAPTER  TWENTY  THREE    Quickly  Acacia  explained  to both Clay and  Grant how Catch&n... Read Chapter

Lincoln Wetzel

CHAPTER  TWENTY  FOUR   Roane Spencer  had long left the shelter with the foster  pups, and Grant&n... Read Chapter


CHAPTER  TWENTY  FIVE   Once the dust settled , Acacia  Cade  sat in the back of a police cruiser. L... Read Chapter

Sheriff Doddridge's Demise

CHAPTER  TWENTY  SIX   Roane  Spencer  was experiencing  a  nightmare .  The Spencer&... Read Chapter

A Community Stunned

CHAPTER  TWENTY  SEVEN   The announcement  of Clay Doddridge's  murder had left Matewan  stunned. ... Read Chapter

Roane Visits Acacia

CHAPTER  TWENTY  NINE   Roane stopped by  Fayette's  house to see Acacia  that evening .  ... Read Chapter

Lincoln's Confession


Pendleton Residence

CHAPTER  THIRTY  ONE   An informant had already  phoned Preston  Pendleton .  The police were&n... Read Chapter


CHAPTER  THIRTY  TWO   Acacia  had  pulled up to the  Pendleton  residence with the cub  ... Read Chapter


CHAPTER  THIRTY  THREE   Preston  shoved  a  pair  of  handcuffs  at  her .&nbs... Read Chapter

Preston and Acacia

CHAPTER  THIRTY  FOUR   The Cade  girl  recovered  from the shock of seeing Marion Pendleton  ... Read Chapter

The Morgans Visit

CHAPTER  THIRTY FIVE   When Acacia  arrived  back at the Hatfield  residence that  afternoon  ... Read Chapter

At the Paw Paw site again

CHAPTER  THIRTY  SIX   Acacia  grinned at Jayce's request. "  It's not far from here , " she  s... Read Chapter

Roane' Goodbye

CHAPTER  THIRTY  SEVEN   Things had finally settled down since the  funeral of Clay Doddridge . Mrs. Spencer&... Read Chapter


I had been  a  year  to  the  date  since  Acacia  Cade  had  met  Emily  Mor... Read Chapter

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