Love's Blade

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

(Temporary cover.) Reina has her eye on an upperclassman named Daichi, and she will make sure that no one else has him. But, someone stands in her way - Kosuke, a friend she has had since middle school. Kosuke also has feelings for Reina, but she won't let him get in her way. As Kosuke is pursuing her, she is pursuing Daichi. Which guy will prevail? And can Reina keep everything under wraps, or will she be exposed?

Table of Contents

No Expression

“Reina, how can you just walk away like that after watching a cat get flattened by a car?” This question was asked by Kosuke, Rei... Read Chapter

Plans and Books

“You never told us what your career path is, Reina!” Moriko chimed. The two girls had sat next to Daichi at lunch, as the staff did n... Read Chapter

A Hobby and A Chat

Mrs. Honda's books were located in the living area, on a recently bought bookcase. Mrs. Honda was an avid reader, and she read a bit of ... Read Chapter

An Outing and A Decision

Reina had slipped out of her house fifteen minutes before seven. She was hoping to encounter Daichi on the way. However, almost as soon a... Read Chapter

Death at Mikaki Hokkaido High School

The security cameras in the school were in the process of being replaced, so that meant that there was no security surveillance at the mo... Read Chapter

Family Intervention

“Would you like to head back to the beach tomorrow evening?” Reina had managed to shake Kosuke off her trail, but the consequence was... Read Chapter

A New Problem

“Listen, you could stab me over and over again and I would never leave you.” Kosuke said. He had his life threatened by Reina on more... Read Chapter

A Challenge

Reina slipped out of her house around six-thirty that night. She had used her bedroom window and was on her bike in an instant. She had s... Read Chapter


UNDER CONSTRUCTION --------------------------------------- Come lunchtime, Reina headed to the space between the back of the scho... Read Chapter

Up In Flames

Come cleaning time, it was time for Reina to put her plan into action. A quick check of the incinerator area revealed no cameras, much to... Read Chapter


Reina's mother did not visit Reina's room that night, and Reina was fine with that. Kosuke headed home shortly after finishing his homewo... Read Chapter

Something Amiss

It was the cat that got Mrs. Honda's attention first. That morning, the cat had left Reina's room and had headed to the kitchen to find s... Read Chapter

A New Chapter

There was a police presence at school while Reina was in class. It was mostly detectives, but it still put more tension in the atmosphere... Read Chapter


It had to have been about fifteen minutes when she heard a knock on the door. Daichi said, “Reina, it's safe now.” Reina was out ... Read Chapter