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She has her eye on an upperclassman, and she will make sure that no one else has him. But, someone stands in her way - a friend she has had since middle school.


Table of Contents

Running Out of Time

SUNDAY NIGHT “Mother, I feel nothing for Kosuke.” “Well you're going to be graduating this semester, and I don't see you lo... Read Chapter


MONDAY AFTERNOON Most Japanese high schools usually had students eat in their classrooms with their teachers, but with a smaller scho... Read Chapter

Cleaning Time

“Has anyone ever told you that you're as beautiful as a butterfly?” Came another cheesy compliment from Akira, who was more intereste... Read Chapter


MONDAY NIGHT Mrs. Honda's books were located in the living area, on a recently bought bookcase. Mrs. Honda was an avid reader, and sh... Read Chapter


Reina had set the book My Crazy Girlfriend aside and went to stand by her window, watching the world go by. Not that she had much of a vi... Read Chapter