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“Hey Rei, wake up!” Came Kosuke's voice.

Reina looked over to see Kosuke standing over her futon, and grinning down at her. Reina stretched, yawned, and rubbed her eyes before she sat up. Kosuke asked, “How many boyfriends do you have now?”

“I'm grounded. I can't go and break up with anyone.” Reina replied.

“That's cool, I can go in your place.” Kosuke said, still as laid back as ever. It was good to see him back to his old mellow self.

“If you know where they live, be my guest. Akira lives across the street at the house with the broken appliances. I doubt he'll believe you, but you're my only option right now.” Reina said.

“Alright, and what about Masaru?” Kosuke asked.

“I don't know. I think he lives on the eastern side of town, but that is only a guess.” Reina replied.

“We'll worry about him later. How about Daichi? How did last night's date go?” Kosuke inquired.

Reina's memory became clear, and she remembered how her mother interrupted their date last night. She said, “It was fine until my mother showed up. I don't know if he is still interested in me after that. I will see what he thinks of me on Monday.”

Kosuke still seemed displeased, however. “So you're only eliminating one guy out of the three? That doesn't seem to be enough, but whatever, right?”

“I would eliminate Masaru as well if I knew where he lived. That would only leave Daichi.” Reina responded.

“... And myself! Well, it's better than it was.” Kosuke said, at first sounding cheerful before he shifted to a more neutral tone. “Anyway, I'll go tell Akira that you're no longer interested in him.” With that, Kosuke left the room, and Reina got up to start her day.


The cat grew on her father quickly, as the man had taken time away from his work to hold and pet the cat as he watched television. The cat seemed to return the sentiment, as it seemed quite comfortable with Mr. Honda. It was like the two were meant to be together. Mrs. Honda was sitting with her husband on the sofa, having buried her nose in a book. Reina had come out of her room just for a change in scenery, and she asked, “May I go outside?”

As expected, her father offered no response, but her mother shot a look at her. She closed the book she was reading and she set it aside. “You may not leave the yard. I will be watching.” Mrs. Honda got up and retrieved the disciplinary stick from within the kitchen, and Reina headed on out the front door. She swapped her indoor slippers for outdoor shoes, and decided to stand around outside the front of the house, in front of the white 5-door hatchback car.

Reina looked up at the sky, noticing how it was a partly cloudy day. She would cloud gaze for a bit before her mother decided that she needed to come inside. Reina felt eyes upon her, and she noticed her mother staring her down from the front porch, the stick ready. However, what she wasn't expecting was a tackle onto the ground. She wrestled her assailant off herself, and heard Akira shouting, “You really are superficial, huh?!” Once she got the boy off her, Reina got to her feet with a fistful of dirt ready, and she threw it in the boy's eyes. He screamed and covered his eyes, turning away from her. Kosuke ran onto the scene, and Mrs. Honda was charging at Akira with the stick in hand.

Kosuke grabbed Reina's arm and pulled her away from the boy, before pushing her behind himself. Mrs. Honda was already beating the boy with the stick, and he was hollering in pain. She finally stopped attacking him, and the boy stumbled towards the road before stopping. He was crying now, but presumably to get the dirt out of his eyes. Of course, Mrs. Honda was harsh with her discipline as well. Mrs. Honda said, “Who could possibly conduct themselves in such a way? I know young children do!”

“I-I'm sorry, ma'am, b-but I'm wondering how anyone could bring themselves to be so superficial.” Akira meekly stated. A woman had come to investigate the scene, and she bared a resemblance to Akira. She must have been his mother.

The newcomer said, bowing, “I apologize for my son's conduct, Mrs. Honda. He takes rejection very hard, but unfortunately this makes him rather juvenile at times. He is also quite fast, and I am unable to keep up with him.” So it was Mrs. Shinoda, who was indeed Akira's mother.

“Perhaps more discipline could benefit him. He will graduate soon. However, I still accept your apology.” Mrs. Honda suggested, and the Shinodas left the property. Mrs. Honda sighed then turned to Reina and Kosuke, who were still in their spots from before. She was weary, but despite this she seemed pleased at the sight, and she told Reina, “See? Kosuke is more than a perfect match for you.”

That statement didn't sit well with Reina, who had half the mind to just bike far away from there and not return home for a while. But she didn't want to be further inconvenienced by another grounding, so she just left for the house and secluded herself in her room. She picked up Life in the Eyes of a Non-Wolf, and continued to read.

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