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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

She has her eye on an upperclassman, and she will make sure that no one else has him. But, someone stands in her way - a friend she has had since middle school.

Table of Contents

Running Out of Time

SUNDAY NIGHT “Mother, I feel nothing for Kosuke.” “Well you're going to be graduating this semester, and I don't see you lo... Read Chapter


MONDAY AFTERNOON Most Japanese high schools usually had students eat in their classrooms with their teachers, but with a smaller scho... Read Chapter

Cleaning Time

“Has anyone ever told you that you're as beautiful as a butterfly?” Came another cheesy compliment from Akira, who was more intereste... Read Chapter


MONDAY NIGHT Mrs. Honda's books were located in the living area, on a recently bought bookcase. Mrs. Honda was an avid reader, and sh... Read Chapter


Reina had set the book My Crazy Girlfriend aside and went to stand by her window, watching the world go by. Not that she had much of a vi... Read Chapter


TUESDAY NIGHT Masaru arrived on time, as the two had parted ways briefly once they left the school. He came to pick her up like he sa... Read Chapter

A Favor

WEDNESDAY MORNING “Listen Reina, it's not that I doubt your ability to survive on your own, but I just don't want you to get hurt!... Read Chapter

Tragedy at Hokkaido Mikaki High School

WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON Reina had taken advantage of Kosuke's bladder after class, as the boy had to hurry to the nearest boys' restroom ... Read Chapter

Heightened Security

WEDNESDAY NIGHT Reina was back to reading My Crazy Girlfriend in her spare time. On the other side of her futon was the book Life In ... Read Chapter

Thin The Herd

“Would you still like to head to the beach tomorrow evening?” Reina asked Daichi. Reina had managed to shake Kosuke off her trail, bu... Read Chapter

Family Intervention

Kosuke dropped in unexpectedly that night. Reina was reading My Crazy Girlfriend when the black-haired boy entered her room. He... Read Chapter

A New Problem

FRIDAY MORNING “Listen, you could stab me over and over again and I would never leave you.” Kosuke said. He had his life threaten... Read Chapter

Saturday Plans

Reina was going through the halls with Kosuke at her side after school. Both were carrying trash bags, and Reina was trying to figure out... Read Chapter

A Sandy Date

FRIDAY NIGHT Reina had slipped out of her house fifteen minutes before the time they were to meet. She was hoping to encounter Daichi... Read Chapter

"Perfect Match"

SATURDAY MORNING “Hey Rei, wake up!” Came Kosuke's voice. Reina looked over to see Kosuke standing over her futon, and grinni... Read Chapter


SATURDAY AFTERNOON Reina had slipped some sleeping pills into her parents' drinks during lunch, as she volunteered to be the one to c... Read Chapter

Something Off

SATURDAY NIGHT Reina had been plotting ways to remove Sayuri. Sure, she did a very small thing earlier, but that was it – just a re... Read Chapter


MONDAY MORNING – WEEK 2 Reina saw Sayuri and Daichi by the big tree in the front yard when she arrived that morning. She had left K... Read Chapter

A New Friend

MONDAY NIGHT – WEEK 2 When Reina arrived home, she got to downloading the ClickClout app. She set her account up, but that was as f... Read Chapter

The Set Up

TUESDAY AFTERNOON – WEEK 2 “I finally finished Life in the Eyes of a Non-Wolf.” Reina said to Daichi over lunch. The two had so... Read Chapter

Deaths Near The Lighthouse

Thanks to the darkness, the rain, and the distraction of the light in the lighthouse, Reina and Kasumi didn't see Sachiko's body immediat... Read Chapter


WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON – WEEK 2 Reina stared at Kasumi's tray next to her. Reina still had the poisonous substance she had stolen from... Read Chapter


Masaru and Akira were still gone come cleaning time, but Daichi was back. When Reina saw him in his classroom, she said, “I'm glad to s... Read Chapter

The Truth

The two teenagers had dodged the police as they headed to the neighborhood shrine. Once inside, Kosuke said, “This shrine is irrelevant... Read Chapter


FRIDAY MORNING – WEEK 2 Reina had to return to her house that morning to gather her schoolbag and other belongings. Fortunately, Mr... Read Chapter

Fragile Like Glass

Akira's renovated house had remained unlocked, which Reina found to be a bit odd, but perhaps nothing valuable was in there. That or, lik... Read Chapter

An End

SUNDAY MORNING – WEEK 3 Daichi didn't sleep easy that night, but Reina did. To her, none of what they had witnessed today was conce... Read Chapter