New York City Hypogeographies

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Strange insects are found in the caverns of NYC. No one knows where they come from. The robots are questioning their place in the world. An unlikely group of friends uncovers a dark secret and must free a little girl's father from prison in order to tell the world. A tale of dead cities and inner cities.

Cover art by Owen Maresh.

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New revision of this chapter based on reader feedback. Thank you to Jake Harrison and Archia for the feedback!
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Many Many Levels Below

BAPTIST PREACHER ROBOT: The veil of reality has been lifted and questions once in the dominion of philosophy are now a matter of mathemat... Read Chapter

Tanisha's Friend

  "No pets." That was the rule for show and tell, but the rainbow-backed beetle wasn't like an ordinary pet. Tanisha was always ... Read Chapter

Ian's Interview

"Recycle my body O-Lord. That I might never die." -Traditional Robot Proverb   Ian sat tense in his be... Read Chapter

Help from Earl

The problem with writing a story one chapter at a time is that often you realize you need to go back and add something. This is the new chapter 4.
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A Spectacular Find

  Most surface dwellers find archeology offensive. Archeologists record, photograph, tabulate, dig, disrupt and worst of all the... Read Chapter

Howard and Ian

Howard could tell by the way that Ian came into their small apartment that the interview hadn't gone well. Ian hadn't sent... Read Chapter

Ms. Madeline

Cleaning a house, cleaning an old house or an apartment, or any well-lived-in space can be dangerous. It's not dust or mold or heavy furn... Read Chapter

The Dollhouse

Park Avenue was one of the first streets in the city to be domed over. The doming of New York was a last ditch effort to hold on to ... Read Chapter

Howard Drives Deep

If Ian thought they needed more money the least that Howard could do was take up his old trucking route.  The hydraulic lif... Read Chapter


I realized that if I made the old version inactive then the comments would no longer be visible. So, instead I've put this rougher draft of chapter 1 at the end.
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