Silver Mountains

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

Stepping out of your comfort zone has never been so hard yet so easy. For Kiara though, it always has. Between friends and future relationships crumbling before her feet and moving to a new town all together. Gossip and rumors taking place and the whistling of the silver mountains as they sing her a lullaby begging travel.
---//TW// topics of abuse, suic*de, s*xual assault+++ come up in this story---This story has been rated M for mature by the author---

Table of Contents

He missed me

Kiara rushed through the school halls, trying to make it to her next class before the bell rang as well as trying not to get caught break... Read Chapter

She dragged on

"By the way. This is Kiara"  The words echoed in Kiara's head as she left the cafe for home. Not much happened. Kiara was never ... Read Chapter

it all crashed

//TW// topics of underage drinking, s*exual assult
Read Chapter

It all crashed pt.2

//TW// topics of s*exual assult   Dizzy and defenseless, Kiara would've rather stayed home and argued with her mother. Z... Read Chapter

She helped me

Maddie spoke to Kiara as though she were an old friend, even more so after Kiara told her about having been drunk and violated. Maddie sw... Read Chapter

She let me

"So Kia- I can call you that right?" Maddie started. Kiara finished off her donut and nodded. "Sure, whatever." Kiara said. Afte... Read Chapter

They kicked me

"Jeez you have some nerve!" The voice of Trina echoed through.  "W-what. . ?" Kiara was stunned, why had Trina called her and in... Read Chapter

I left them

Maddie finished up what was left in Kiara's closet while Kiara wrapped up anything she found fragile or important. Still crying, Kiara fi... Read Chapter

What won't change

Kiara was thrilled at her way of "fixing" things. With the memory of her petty revenge on her "friends" for hurting her and throwing brok... Read Chapter

She didn't know

"Yeah I'm still here." Mark replied.  Kiara nodded to Maddie and put her phone on speaker.  "Yes, so as I was saying, a... Read Chapter

What doesn't hurt

"No? I don't think so. . I was so quick in heading out I-"  "Maybe we should keep it between us."  Maddie interrupted. "Wha... Read Chapter

When they begged

Kiara walked into school as though she were royalty. Proud of what she had done, and everyone seemed to be at her feet begging her not to... Read Chapter

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