Your Suit.

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

this is a personal story/poem about putting up an emotional wall towards not only people but the world, it's a work in progress but let me know what you think.

Your suit

Do you remember looking at everyone in the world? 

Looking over at them through your glass suit.

This suit of armour that you made for yourself.

With just a small hope that it would protect what was inside.

That it would protect you.

This suit not only protects you from the reality of the world 

But it blocks it out as well, this suit that you have been wearing your entire life.

This suit which always fails you and breaks in the end

and yet you make another one and hope it can protect you. 

Even though you’ve seen it break time and time again 

this suit that you trust to protect your mind from getting ripped into pieces

by yourself and the world and yet it always seems to fail you.

And yet everytime something bad happens, everytime you look down on yourself in pity

You can feel the sharp words that come out of not on;y yours, but your friends

Family, and society's mouths.

These painful things that they say whether they know it or not shoot through the air

these words shoot through the air in a matter of seconds and harden like sharp blades.

And you can these harsh blades wallop off your suit. 

And in the few seconds you try to ignore the sound…...the feeling 

Of once again being attacked by those you’re supposed to trust in,

the second you open your eyes you can tell that balde has not only chipped your suit

It had also cracked it. Yet as you helplessly wait in your suit made of fragile glass 

You know that no one else is going to notice, no one else will care. 

And if they had known what they had done to your precious suit the very suit that you rely on to survive the suit that you’re so dependent on that you keep remaking them one they shatter over and over……..all because of them, they wouldn’t care. They wouldn’t understand not like you do because that’s your suit so when it shatters for the 100th time you’re going to be the only one who gets hurt by it.

And every time it shatters those extra fragments of glass that shattered eventually will get stuck in your heart...and mind.

Those tiny fragments of pain that will just sit there in your soul as a painful reminder of what they did to you and your suit without caring about you in any way.

And yet we’re still human and we can’t help how we feel because in some situations we truly are helpless, so… we build another suit, hide the pain from the shattered glass, and force a smile on our face.

Hoping that maybe one day someone will come along and help pick out the pieces of shattered glass in our hearts.

But until then…… we wait.


Submitted: October 18, 2020

© Copyright 2021 V.I.R.G.O.. All rights reserved.

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