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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

A Goofy special needs dork, Booby Blowie, poorly has no friends he is not in the popular zone like others, but has a profession to perform pranks successfully, he takes his time, day by day getting there upon the right timing, he achieved his population of success, in the end; the town went down poorly and got demolished


Booby Blowie, a goofy special needs dork, who was the laughing stock since high school, shows his bullies a little more than just respect, the success of being a prankster. Booby’s evil twin clone justice, upon the murders of defending his twin against the bullies. The residents hypercritically becomes pranksters, which goes beyond in their hometown. 



Hooters High School, 1981.


Booby Blowie, enrolled at Hooters High School. which thought he would fit in, turns into a natural disaster being the new kid on your first day of school. Booby was trying to fit well in the classroom just until pranks and laughs come across to him because of his name. A bully performed a prank on Booby putting a boob on his own face to mock Booby. Poor Booby feeling humiliated, as the first attempt from the immature bullies he let that go and made his way home, he never wanted to attend to high school ever again. Now that Booby is the laughing stock at school, his doubts are, what if the whole area in hooters, makes him the laughing stock, the idea comes to his mind, “maybe if i can be more humorous.” Booby decides to take step by step, he knows things take time, a lot of patience which hes willing to accept. Booby was walking along and found the Hooters haunted graveyard, he saw a dead possessed Owl, Alive!, then unexpectedly the Owl attacked Booby, down below, *crunch* Ah My Dick! Booby’s Hand tends to chock the possessed owl he responded to Choke-slam the possessed Owl back into the underground grave, ONE LOUD THUMP! as the Owl hit the bottom it was either (U.O.D) unconscious or dead. Booby left the Hooters haunted graveyard in case he didn’t get attacked, Again! A Solution that comes to Booby he is wanting to establish a twin clone of himself, patience of timing Halloween has come along. Halloween has come along in this big wide town of Hooters.


Hooters is my hometown where I was raised, and I am a twenty-one year old virgin, goofy and got no friends. “I’ve never seen a pair of boobies in my entire life.” In the neighborhood I was riding my bike and saw Halloween decorations at the resident’s houses. Booby hallucinates of seeing the ladies big boobies. BOOBIES UPON US! Booby just humiliated himself and continued riding his bike. Because he didn’t end up seeing what he think he saw and the women thought he was a goofy special needs dork who has perverted issues. A bunch of bullies crossed the same path with Booby, chucking bra’s and panties directly at him, he was only minding his own business and trying to escape from them. Scenes of stolen candy, costumes, etc. from the amount of stores, Booby makes his way to Hooters Police Station; all the police officers were women and not a single gentleman in the police force. Booby began to speak fast entering the office “excuse me ma’am, we need to investigate the tragic scenes in our home town.” Booby caught two female officer’s hooking up “I’ll come back another time.” Booby closes the office door. One of the woman police officers, Detective Molly Booty that Booby has caught her kissing another employee was her twin sister. Detective Holly Booty. Booby upon having wet dreams he was setting up his booby trap of electrocuting women residents of having severe orgasms. Two popular sororities, clit or streak. This sorority is a male’s sorority house and obviously they are not virgins, part of their name, shows tapping pussy or running naked. Pussy Cat Tramps, the ladies sorority, are bullies like the man’s sorority, they both tend not to accept anyone else, only who ever is popular like themselves pure discrimination from both sororities. Booby plans with his prank booby traps to kill both sororities and show’s that he doesn’t seem bothered by being the only dork in his hometown. Booby creates a science work, an evil clone of himself. Then evil Booby walks his way on the street’s and he sees a haunted house themed as him. Appearance of his face, has a little doodle with tiny balls, pair of tits around him.


Evil Booby enter’s the haunted house, “you want to make fun of me, I’ll show you something bullies.” Evil Booby, takes off his clothes, takes a shit in a spot where the kitchen is, and the possessed Owl covered with Bee’s the same resemblance from the Hooters haunted graveyard, the Owl that attacked the other booby at the Hooters haunted graveyard now suddenly the possessed Owl attacked evil Booby biting and hanging off his crotch. “Ahhhhhhhh, my crotch” fire slips out of his hand and burns down the haunted house, he exits the house running pure naked back to his twin. Good Booby had a baseball bat, whacked! Upon the Owl *whimpers* and ran away. Are you alright? Booby asked his twin, the response of answering like a smart ass, “yeah take a bite to the crotch, see how much pain you receive, fucking hell man, I just bashed the Owl for you,” evil booby regrets what he said. “You’re right sorry bro.” Both Booby’s play a prank game at each resident’s house called “ PISS KNOCKING HALLOWEEN” every Halloween night, they tend to piss on their front porch, including their Halloween decorations each house they knocked, the owners of their houses saw the piss on the front porch including their Halloween decorations. “YOU FUCKING FILTHY PIGS” THEY SHOUTED! Dozens of cops got called to the resident’s home for the prank disturbances at the front of their houses. Dozens of the women Hooters police officers, tend to find it more hysterically sexual, and funny instead of investigating the pranks which isn’t a major problem. The hysterical laughs from the officers continues, and left the residents homes. The home owners who’s houses got pranked went back inside slammed their doors making the biggest ruckus, BANG! Speaking of the Halloween pissing pranks not only the residents homes in hooters, it has now suddenly become beyond every location in hooters, both Boobies successes with their funny and disgusting filthy pranks became more frequent and went viral worldwide. A social media uploaded on the internet #Filthy-Halloween , a channel from both Booby’s, a new uploaded contents of a channel that joined the social media #Twin-booties from both detectives of Hooters police department (H.P.D) Molly and Holly Booty. The twins may be cops even though they act like strippers in their video contents; their humongous chunky arses are FAKE, it reminds them of Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj together, partying at an orgy. “Nah thanks”, Booby thought to himself, I would rather be at the Superheroes Strip-joint, Harley Quinn rubbing her tits in my face ‘n’ riding her ass in doggy-style position. Booby believes his sexual fantasies, “Dream big Booby, dream big” #SorryJokerIamTappingYourBitch. Since the twelve senior citizens who passed from the aged care, on this Halloween night, the nurses took the elderly people to watch a peaceful movie at the theater which got glitched up instead showing the Hooters prank on the screens. The naked mile run caused twelve residents of theirs to have heart attacks and caused lots of shocks again. #SorryJokerIamTappingYourBitch occurs to shocked another twelve of the senior citizens of the aged care, the disturbances of the mix colors, white, blue and red sperm, their deaths caused them chocking on their popcorn. The glitch which couldn’t be fixed, and the theater got sued with the deaths of the residents.


Secretly in Hooters everything was shown on the internet, security cameras etc; the evidences of the Halloween pranks, the murders of people in sorority houses, as of yet they do not know of Booby’s clone twin which evil Booby was responsible. Both Booby’s have a variety of changes in their behaviors, there’s a time and place when both of them decide to go beyond and way over the top. Hypercritical of the residents thinking and saying one thing but didn’t take them long to copy and do similar pranks like what both Booby’s have done. Both Booby’s have said “ we have normal brains,we do understand, you people are confused can’t even stick to one thing, you people change like your on escalators or something.” Booby decided to stand up for himself perfectly which makes common sense for him to say to the residents who have no common senses whatsoever, “Look up Jokes in the dictionary it was established throughout the years of the 1900’s, fair enough! Whatever your choices are, not my problem some of you’s who won’t get far in life.” Booby has shown the residents, the ignorant side of them, “ASSHOLES.” Hypercritically it didn’t take them long, to have second thoughts. Each resident became a hypocrite wanting to do Halloween pranks, the same as Booby. Hooters residents who had second thoughts on the humor jokes, whether doesn’t matter the rating of it hilarious, disgusting etc; “we would be boring human beings if we didn’t know how to have fun.” The pranks that are about to commit in Hooters, will it be an ongoing occurrence, even ongoing occurrences, the population of the town and pranksters, could lead the victims of the pranks with awkwardness and humiliations.

The Booby Halloween Stories, the meaning of the title Booby means the huge amount of things of pranks, booby traps, including adult erotic occurrences. Basically a lot of people know Halloween which is an occasion to dress up scary, trick or treating you perform a trick, the treat is the candy and other terms for treat could mean your falling for a prank, if something is troubling, you’re playing with fire. As for the stories meaning good and bad depends on what it is, also stories can mean their creative ways on writing, typing, posting (W.T.P) Booby and the residents of Hooters are creative in their own ways.



The newest Caretaker, takes place, since the former caretaker died mysteriously. the pranks from inappropriate now to funny in a way even disturbing occurrences. It is gaining more residents to come to the town of Beevers temporarily and permanently. The final farewell of the two Russian nuns and the twin booby’s that leaded them to their deaths, Beevers became poor, and the town was demolished. 


Booby’s evil twin killed the people in the sorority houses, after that good and evil Booby compete with each other in a Halloween naked mile. “Race Begins” Booby vs Booby. White bits of sperms on their faces, both wearing a red banana strap-on, the final prank that leaded while running the Halloween naked mile they passed by the aged care still running which had young staff that knew Booby “RUN BOOBY RUN!” One elderly woman’s reaction, “Disgusting,” twelve senior citizen men and women collapsed dead. The run had to be stopped, when they approached a no way road, dead end. The running wasted their own breath and energy, they both fell, and looked dead lying on the ground, while still being knocked out, unexpectedly two beavers, out of no-where got killed from some hooters residents the harshest prank of super-gluing the two beaver’s onto both Booby’s crotches.


The next day both Booby’s woke up and found their harshest prank on the internet had gone viral, billions of views, hash-tags of #WHAT-DO-YOU-CALL-BEES-ON-BEAVERS-WITH-HAIRY -CROTCHES. Answer reveals… BEEVERS. The term of Beaver is only the one, Beavers is more than one, and the spelling of Beevers, is when numerous Bees surrounding the beavers covers the humans genitals area. The previous caretaker who owns HOOTERS HAUNTED GRAVEYARD, [H.H.G] has unexpectedly died. There is a new caretaker that has been approved and changed the hometown name to BEEVERS the logo sign with the identical twin Booby’s and their genitals covered in BEES AND BEAVERS, #BEEVERS.



[B.H.G] BEEVERS HAUNTED GRAVEYARD. Since the mysterious death of the former caretaker, a new caretaker takes in charge and changing the hometown and its logo to BEEVERS, and the logo is part of the humorous joke both genders male and female are covered with bee’s and beavers combined as the spelling of the name, its legacy of the humors, may cause the pranks intentionally emotional because some occurrences shockingly killed the senior citizens of the aged-care. More residents come to the town temporarily and permanent. The more population that has came down to Beevers created their social profile and channel of the Beevers social media for postings of their pranks, each resident’s gained more views and subscribers to be professionals as Halloween Pranksters. The former caretaker and the newest caretaker are nameless, unknown anonymous, their characteristics were always unknown, secretive which others know deep down if they are hiding something.residents got it wrong because they are diagnosed with the same disorder called (B.P.D) Borderline-personality-disorder. Beevers social media platform rises the audiences and promoted their blogs, vlogs, etc; with more populations that got them famous and popular will that still be on-going, fifty-fifty, maybe maybe.


Halloween Coronavirus Naked Mile:

The residents possessed into angry mobs, holding dildos set on fire. During this Halloween night being locked up with the Corona-virus Lock down, instead of isolating, their thinking about themselves, throwing their dildos with the fires and dead bats at residents houses. Disturbed behaviors of the hooters residents children, adults including senior citizens, are joined together competing in the event presents the Corona Halloween Naked Mile. The host starts the race with a dick dildo gun in his hand 1, 2, 3 explosion of sperms rises bang! The laughter of the competitors, while running in the race. The Competitors were still running, running and running. The energies of the residents still ran the Corona Halloween naked mile but both Booby’s stop and made an approach to the church.


The Nuns of the church the bullies *ripping the Nuns uniform* sickness feelings, from both Booby’s. The nuns are Russian and considered as elderly women, the humiliation that went beyond the bullies wanted both Booby’s the dorks, together with the two nun’s that the bullies officially stated them #UGLY #FUGLY, the two Booby’s copped the superglue to their faces landing them into the Nun’s two boobs, and fanny. Both Booby’s and the Russian Nuns didn’t get enough time for hospital treatment leading them straight to death. The funeral that took place, with a open coffin, that lead everyone to leave the funeral. Vomiting blood and sperm. Beevers social media is not popular anymore, including their hometown, level of poorly the emotional farewell, that left Beevers demolished. 

Submitted: October 18, 2020

© Copyright 2020 MATTYTORCHIA. All rights reserved.

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