We are all the same

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We are all the same


It is when I close my eyes at night—when I see

the place I came from.

Like a vision it comes to visit my dreams.

Another country embraced my body

but my soul is still there

with my mother.

On another piece of land, across the ocean.

A better life.

That’s what all who leave their homes want.

A better life!

But you see me as different

We don’t share the same language

and you are afraid.

We don’t have the same beliefs,

and you pull back

Our bodies learn to adapt,

to heat, to cold, to any time difference.

We find a way to cope.

Human nature.

We only want a better life!

We hope to find open arms,

others who will accept us

as we are all the same.

Two hands, two legs

But you are afraid!

Of my color,

of my religion,

Of me!

But in the end,

we are all the same!


Submitted: October 18, 2020

© Copyright 2020 Nitsa610. All rights reserved.

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