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“Turn it up! Turn it up!” exclaimed Nellie.  “This is the restaurant that Willow was telling me about!” Joe lifted his t... Read Chapter

Getting Ready for the Mall

Nellie fetched her purse from the crowded kitchen cabinet and dug out her Samsung Note 10+.  Even in its current condition with the ... Read Chapter


Nellie scooped up her purse and crossed the small space to the door that led to the hallway.  She opened it allowing Joe t... Read Chapter

Do Not Enter

When Joe and Nellie’s bus slowed to a stop a block from their apartment complex, the street and adjacent lot were full of police cars p... Read Chapter


"Nell! I’m so glad you are alright! Joe can be such an idiot.  Hell, he probably knows the guy.  You realize that he hangs ou... Read Chapter

the Bus

Willow and Nell both fell asleep to the television.  Willow on the overstuffed pea-green chair and Nell on the bright orange couch... Read Chapter


  When they reached the stop closest to Snooze on Colorado Blvd, Willow and Nellie deboarded the bus. Willow rubbed her left thi... Read Chapter

After Snooze

The meal at Snooze was delicious per usual.  Willow tipped thirty percent on top of the bill for the Benes and four Spicy Bloodies u... Read Chapter

Sloan Lake

 Nellie and Willow moved into the living area and plopped down on the couch.  It wreaked of beer sweat. “This couch is ... Read Chapter

Almost Ready

It took Willow nearly three hours to tame Nellie’s hair into the style that she wanted. When she was done, Nell could have passed ... Read Chapter

First Limo Experience

“Hurry up!” Nellie urged excitedly. “Shut the hell up, I’m coming.” Answered Joe half shouting, definitely slurring.’’ ... Read Chapter

Morbid Design

Joe stepped in front of Nellie and walked into the restaurant. “Now that’s more like it.” Slurred Joe. Nellie entered and s... Read Chapter

Fava Beans

“Let’s start this again.” Said the large cameraman as he swung the video camera back to his chin.  “Just act natural.” He ... Read Chapter


Their waiter, a young man dressed in a black tux with thick black, longish hair and thick black eyeliner approached the table.  He r... Read Chapter

Joe's Departure

Nellie was relieved to hear that Joe was, “out,” as he had put it.  He had already embarrassed her with his rude treatment of th... Read Chapter

Limo Lot

Joe approached the lot where the limo was parked.  He was just inside Dziady twenty minutes so the driver would not be expecting him... Read Chapter

black volvo

Joe’s eyes were set directly on David as he made his way up the sidewalk towards the group of limo drivers.  How dare he order him... Read Chapter

Red Barszcz

The chubby waiter entered Nellie’s area of Dziady balancing a polished silver tray carrying three small bowls.  He stopped on her ... Read Chapter

The Basement of Horrors

The sous chef in black and the man from the front passenger seat pulled Joe from the back of the Volvo.  They each took a side ... Read Chapter

Band of Brothers

When the sous chef and the man from the front seat reached the top of the stairs, they paused. Joe heard a beep followed by the soun... Read Chapter

The Gun has Left the Building

It wouldn’t be unusual for Nikoli to be hanging out in front of Nellie’s building, so Willow did one last turn in the mirror to confi... Read Chapter

Crusty Polish Bread

Nellie chewed the crusty bit of bread that Chef Sydor placed in her mouth.  The yeasty flavor was divine. Seth watched the pleasure ... Read Chapter

Zero Degrees

Willow dialed Aiden’s number as she stepped off of the curb and onto the RTD bus. She waded between the seats towards the middle and fl... Read Chapter

Plans to move

Willow got off of the bus at Colfax Station and walked down the block toward Zero Degrees.  She passed three homeless men who were w... Read Chapter


“Vould you like to try a Szarlotka, Pani?” The voice of a new waiter interrupted her concentration on the décor. “Sure! W... Read Chapter

Relatives in Denver

The costumed host who had seated Nellie earlier in the evening returned and stopped next to her.  “Might I sit?” He asked p... Read Chapter

Spinach and Cream for the Vegetarians

  “You aren’t afraid of ze ghosts are you, Pani?” the host asked with a wink and a grin squeezing the hand that he still h... Read Chapter

To Capitol Hill

Aiden blinked twice and grinned with one side of his mouth after Willow’s kiss.  “Shall we go?” He asked her as he stood u... Read Chapter

Nellie's Belongings

There was a small group gathered near the main entrance of Joe and Nellie’s building.  Willow scanned through the faces making sur... Read Chapter


There were no windows or electronics to light the basement.  Pitch darkness meant that for anyone to escape, they would have to memo... Read Chapter

Taking It Outside

When all of the patrons had left Dziady, the staff gathered in the dining room around Nellie.  Each carried bundles of flowers or pl... Read Chapter

Candle light

The group made their way into the courtyard each person’s face set in an expression that Nellie found hard to interpret.  Between ... Read Chapter


Willow re-entered Nellie’s bedroom cradling an armful of photo albums. The color and patterns on the covers were deceivingly happy.&nbs... Read Chapter

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