Remember When

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Remember when I was the only one that gave a damn about you?

But it wasn’t you who broke my heart in two

I did that plenty by myself

All I did was put you on a high shelf


And always tried to be there

Even if you seemed to not care

But there’s a sin I’ll always have to carry

Even when I meet the spirit of the Ferry


I’ll always be jealous

I’ll always be overzealous

You were the pretty one

The girl that every guy but me won

And maybe that’s why I started that fight

And lost my guiding light


Remember when I spent half the night writing paragraphs?

Always having to ditch five and six drafts

Before I wrote one that made you smile

Even if it was for a while


You even used to post them for everyone to see

And hint to those guys that it was a key

That I was perfect in one way

But not enough the next day

Even though I tried my best

I always failed at your test


Remember when I used to tell you how amazing you were?

Even when you weren’t sure

And even at the end

There were words left to send

But because of my sin,

I will never get to see you at the next bend


Remember when…

Submitted: October 18, 2020

© Copyright 2020 Wishful Helianthus. All rights reserved.

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