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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Mon, Sep 14 ,1945. Virginia U.S.


“Brail, Mr.Miller is almost ready why don’t you come have a seat.” I got up and smoothed my coat as I walked into the office I could feel the annoyed, Anxious eyes watching my every move. There had been other reporters and journalists waiting to talk to Miller for over an hour. No wonder they were annoyed. I had only been waiting for about ten minutes.

 I sat down in the old leather chair in front of me was Mr.Miller one of the biggest newspaper publishers. To my right was Carolyn, Miller's assistant. Carolyn was always kind to her clients, and very organized. She was holding a folder to her chest as she jotted down notes in her notepad.

 “Ah there he is Robert Brail, one of my hardest working men.” Miller chuckled as he stood up to shake my hand. “Thanks for seeing me Miller.” I said returning his smile he shook my hand harsh and firmly yet friendly and welcoming. “Miller?” He scoffed  “Come on son no need to be so formal around me call me Lawrence  if ya will.” He said shaking my shoulders lightly. I wrinkled my brow. I've never been much of an extrovert. I have always been quiet, observant and dedicated to my work. Calling my boss by his first name didn’t seem professional to me.

 I took a moment to think I looked up for a moment and I saw Miller looking at me still smiling. Considering that Millers the boss here, and in charge of me… I should probably open up a bit. 

I looked up so our eyes met. “You wanted to see me sir?”

 Carolyn looked up from her notebook she smiled and handed Miller the folder she had kept close to her this whole time. Miller took the folder, opened it then took out a few papers to show me what was inside. “This is the March family, we’re working on a story about the disappearance of their daughter Evelyn. Now I saw your paper that was published  Friday.”

 “Victory, The Germans Surrender But What Happens Now?”

“Yes sir, I wanted  to write about how people were recovering after the war and the effects it was having on communities..”  I replied unsure where this conversation was going.

 “You did well on the report, you stayed true to the facts, and observed many things about the people that many other reporters failed to.”  He smiled again “and the photographer you worked with?”

“William chase, I worked with him on a few projects.” I replied

 “Ah I see, well I want you and Chase to go see the march family. They agreed that they would meet up tomorrow for an interview and some photos. I need to get a good start on this story, I’ll talk to Chase so you don’t have to. Sounds good. Alright close the door on your way out and I’ll talk with you again wednesday.” He handed me the folder Carolyn had given him. I sat there for a minute and wondered what he just dismissed me in such a way. Then I looked at my watch and realized we were far over the time we had planned for this meeting. “Thank you sir, I’ll get started as soon as possible.”

As I left the office I looked in the folder he had given me, as I walked to my desk I slowly read through the few pages in the folder. How strange...Usually when we’re writing about this kind of situation there're many pages about the family but in this case there were only three. Once I got to my desk I took A minutes to gather my thoughts. I personally wasn’t too pleased with the story I was assigned too. There were so many other things I could’ve written about. For Christ's sake there's just been a war; imagine all of the things that still could be written about. But I’ve got to work with what I got I guess.


Tues, Sep 15,1945. 

Once I had gotten to the March family’s house I immediately saw Chase’s car along with him in it. He was fixing his hair in the mirror. I parked alongside him, “Hey there mate.” He said Chase was always very friendly and enthusiastic.  I replied with a simple “Morning” He got out of his car so I did the same. I went to knock on the family's door as he set up his camera.

 I knocked twice on the door and waited for a few minutes. I looked at my watch and it had been three minutes and there was no response. Chase came over to stand by me on the porch, He was very cheerful and exuberant. “Ey, have you knocked yet?” He asked eagerly “Yes” we stood in silence for a few minutes.

 I saw him make a fist and I was horrified that he would make a loud impolite disruption. He did. He pounded on the door and yelled. “Anyone home we’re waiting out here?” I wanted to hit him in the face for being so boorish, and quite stupid. But what really put me in a bad mood was that he used the word “We’re” making it seem like I was in on his foolish act.

Then the door was jerked open. A woman probably in her mid forties stood at the doorway an annoyed, perturb expression was displayed across her face. I hung my head in disbelief  and sighed today isn’t going to be enjoyable. The woman was wearing a long expensive looking black dress, and a black coat over it. She was a necklace with one single pearl on it. I had read in the papers Miller had given me that the march family was very wealthy.

 “You must be Helen March, I’m Robert Brail, I work for the local newspaper.” I said She shook my hand, the look on her face changed from annoyed to blank. “Oh, yes.” She said very quietly and shaken she seemed like she had just seen a ghost. Her eyes became very wide “Come in.” she said her voice was trembling. Chase looked at me concerned for what we were about to walk into.

She had shown us the house without speaking to us she would lead us into a room and merely thrust her hands out. Implying that this was another room of the house.

 I looked at Chase, he seemed as confused and as worried as me. Then Helen led us back outside and shut the door, so we waited...Helen came back outside with her whole family. Her husband, Son, her sister, and brother. They all stood in a straight line, there was complete silence as chase fiddled with his camera. 

I studied the family. They were strange. They all dressed very fancily, but the husband, Albert March, was wearing a very formal suit. Yet the bottom of his pants and the rim of his shoes were covered in dirt and mud. He stepped forward breaking the line.

 “We’ll only take one photo.” he said, breaking the silence. “Alright, then.” Chase replied.  I stood behind Chase as he prepared to take the photo. “Alright everyone look over here.” he announced, they all turned towards him. As he counted down from three I noticed something about Helen. She looked down for a moment and saw her husband's shoes. Her eyes got wide, she looked panicked and horrified. 

Once Chase had taken the photo I asked if I could talk to Albert for a private interview about their daughter. He just said “No.” Shocked, I asked every other family member And they all had different ways of dismissing the idea. Then Helen simply said “Good day now.” 

And everyone went back inside. 

Walking back to the cars Chase turned to me and said “Well I got a few pictures of the house.” I stopped walking for a moment and so did he. “When?” I asked “Well when we were given a tour of course.” I guess I was so distracted by Helen I didn't notice Chase taking photos of the rooms of the house. 

“We won’t be able to publish those anyways, we don’t have permission.” I said we continued walking “yes, but we can add them to their folder. 

How are you going to write about that anyways we got absolutely nothing out of it?” Chase Asked “I’m not sure.” I replied. Chase chuckled “Good luck with that.” Once we got to the cars I was about to get in Chase tapped my shoulder. “Hey, let me know if you need help trying to write something about the family and Evelyn. I’ll always be here to help plus sometimes people aren’t always what they seem.” He said to me. 

“Aren’t always what they seem?” I asked, he just looked at me and shrugged “I don’t know sometimes people are just weird.” he said as he got into his car. I got in mine and drove back to the office. 

 Thurs, sep 17, 1945.

It was late evening now And I was trying to come up with something to write about. The checkup  meeting earlier with Miller didn’t go so well in the end he just said “Ah, you’ll come up with something.” 

But I might not be able to. I’m working with Little to no information at all. I received Chase’s photos. They were strange but you couldn’t blame him for it. 

Fri, sep 18, 1945.

Me and Chase decided to go and see if we could talk to Helen again. I decided to drive us both to the March family’s house. The paper was due Saturday so we’re trying to scrap up as much information and details as we could. Chase brought his camera again in case something interesting happens.

Right when we pulled up to the house there were multiple police cars outside the front of the house.  We got out of the car “Maybe they found Evelyn.” Chase said I just looked at him and we headed to the front porch. 

The door to the house ws wide open of course Chase being Chase he just walked straight inside the house. But this time I found myself following him inside. I guess I was eager to know what was happening.

There were multiple policemen inside the house.

 One was sitting at the table with Helen asking her questions and three were looking around the house. Chase saw the sheriff and went over to talk to him while I was watching everything going on. “Morning sir, William chase, I work at the local newspaper. Me and my partner were working on a story about Evelyn march.” 

I heard chase say to the officer I didn’t even care that he called us “Partners.” Because I was so shocked when I noticed that Helen was in handcuffs. Another officer walked in with Albert Who was also handcuffed. I could still hear Chase and the officer talking. They brought all of the family members in the room.

 Then almost a dozen more policemen came into the room. I was so shocked and confused I just stood there with my mouth open. Chase came and stood by me. I guess the police officer had given him permission to take photos. I heard the familiar camera noise as he began to take photos.

I decided to walk around and see what was happening, I saw outside there were some officers and a few Med care people standing outside of Helen's gardening room.


 I walked over there to see what they were looking at. Chase followed me. There was a body that they covered up. And next to it there was a large hole in the ground where they had dug it up. Chase hurried back inside and I did as well. Then we heard it one of the officers had announced “Albert and Helen March you are under arrest for the murder of Evenlyn March.” 

Chase took a few more photos before we headed back. We just sat in silence as we drove back to the office. And I had some interesting news for Miller about the story. A lot of the information and details were kept private until they were proven.




Sat, Sep 19. 1945.

Yesterday evening I had a meeting with Chase and Miller. We talked about what happened and Miller looked into the story more. And got some information from the policemen. 

Chase and I got permission to write a new story by Wednesday about the March family using some of the photos he took. 

Later that evening Chase came to my desk and dropped off some more papers. I looked up at him and said “I guess you were right, people aren’t always what they seem to be.” he smiled and said “I guess so.” and walked back to his desk.


Wed, sep 23, 1945. Local News. 

"March Family Under Arest For Murder of Daughter Evelyn March."


Submitted: October 19, 2020

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