The edge

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Science Fiction

A young and promising scientist invents a new way to travel through space. However, she soon discovers a hidden mystery, that renders all her work obsolete.


Through a crowded corridor with military personnel, a young scientist, clad in her long lab coat, was running clumsily, and shouting “Clear the way”.

Despite her small frail body, Eleanor was respected; no one dared to make her wait. Everyone stood aside looking at her with amazement; some admiring her beauty, others imagining what other grandiose discovery she had made. She was the star scientist of this underground military base.

She dashed through the General’s office door; he wasn’t alone. It didn’t seem to trouble the General, who immediately adjourned the meeting.

“Eureka!'' she said while gasping for air.

“Catch your breath, will you! I need a full answer.” said the General.

She stood straight, and took a deep breath. “I double checked my calculations, Hyperspace travel is now a reality!”

“Are you sure?”

“It took me sometime to figure out how to stabilize the hyperdrive, and generate the energy shield. I have run countless simulations to find the precise amount of energy needed to enter the wormhole. Needless to say, if it wasn’t for the work of my predecessors on the new generation of nuclear cores, all this wouldn’t be possible.”

“Doctor,” said the General while stroking his beard “don’t ruin the moment, with technicalities. Results, we are looking for results.”

“Well, the difficulty resides in the construction itself, sir. You see, even a single passenger ship is going to be immense, because I simply cannot downsize the engine for the moment. Besides we are going to utilize a good amount of rare resources. She presented a paper to the general and continued “As you can see, the list is long. I hope it won’t be a problem.”

Squinting, the General studied the papier with difficulty. It was clear, he was having trouble reading Eleanor’s messy handwriting, or maybe it’s the complex scientific terms.

“No, it will be ok. As long as you keep up the good work, you will have all you need. Now, how long does it take to build this spacecraft?”

“Providing that we have all the materials, I estimate that 3 years should suffice. Unfortunately, there is a tiny problem” she averted her eyes from the General’s concerned face, and pursed her lips. “The Only way to be sure that the spacecraft can go through hyperspace, is to go through hyperspace.”

“What do you mean? Speak loud and clear Doc!” said the general with a raucous voice, the result of a long military career and probably heavy smoking too. However, his voice wasn’t the only intimidating weapon he had, the General’s fierce looking eyes were probably the reason why she didn’t want to face him. Notwithstanding the pressure, she decided to be brave for once, for she understood the grave importance of her findings.

“Well, we are going to take huge risks. The probability of an explosion occurring just after engine start is pretty high.”

The general frowned his eyebrows, and said “If you are going to gamble, you better be right!”

“We also need a pilot,” she said with a whisper.

“Ah, that isn’t a problem” The general lit his cigar then turned to the window, “I expect a detailed report by the end of the week. You can return to your work now”

Surprised and relieved at the same time, Eleanor stood still silent for a few seconds, and then left the office.

Three years later, the scientist was standing in the middle of the vast operation room, twitching her fingers anxiously. The atmosphere felt heavy and oppressing, only clicking keyboards could be heard, and no one dared to disturb the general focus; After all, there was too much at stake.

Not long after, a group of military and high ranking officials led by the imposing General entered the observation deck. The General stood behind the glass as if to remind everyone that failure isn’t an option; the message was clear. Eleanor took a deep breath, nodded to the general, and put on a headset.

“Aurora, this is Eleanor from the base of operation, do you hear me?”

“Yes” said hesitantly Aurora’s pilot “Am I Aurora? Why don’t you call me by my name?”

“Please, stay professional. We are finishing the last round of verifications. Only thirty minutes to go before launch!”

“Now you listen to me. I’ve been sitting in this weird metal space-box for hours, with no place to stretch. I’m bored. I thought this would be more exciting than that shit-hole I have been rotting in for years. If you expect me to cooperate, start calling me by my name.” said the pilot.

“Ok, Curtis. You’ve been briefed already; however, as you seem agitated, I’m going to remind you of the most important points: You do not need to pilot the space-ship; Aurora is fully automated once we start the operation. You are present as an observer that’s all”

“Oh please, I may be crazy but I ain't no fool.” said he laughingly, “If you need a death row inmate, then there will be some big fireworks. At least that’s what I expect.”

Ignoring the insolent fool, Eleanor went on checking the progress of operations. After a few minutes she turned to the General, who was comfortably seated in his chair, “We are ready to go sir.”

“Aurora, ten seconds to go—brace”

“It’s vibrating already, here we go. Blow me to dust” shouted Curtis.

“We have confirmation.  Aurora disappeared from earth’s orbit! Awaiting confirmation of arrival” said the triumphal Eleanor.

A few minutes later, “Holy shit that was amazing. It was shaking all over. Then there was this giant blinding explosion in front of the spaceship, and before I knew it, everything went back to normal.” The operation room went crazy with people cheering up “OH, wait this is even better! I see Mars. It’s huge. It’s beautiful.”

“Would you look at this guy? He is in front of Mars and all he can say is ‘It’s beautiful’” said she.

As the room returned to its original calm, Eleanor sneaked a peek at the observation deck to assess the situation. The whole group was unexpectedly calm—not the slightest hint of joy.

“Aurora, brace. Return sequence starting in ten minutes” said she.

“I guess I don’t have enough time to pick a souvenir, huh.”

“And— we have confirmation; Aurora is back to the Moon’s orbit! The operation is officially a success” as she announced to the surrounding people, she checked the observers, again no reaction still.

“Aurora. Congratulations!  You are now the first man to reach Mars. You will be soon contacted by the moon base for further instructions. We will be awaiting your debriefing.”

The heavy atmosphere that had overtaken the room, now dissipated. The scientific team was celebrating this milestone in human history. However, the General had already left the observation deck, as if nothing extraordinary happened.

Several days passed since the Hyperspace jump, Eleanor was reading Curtis’s debriefing, as she remembered the General’s odd reaction that day. She thought the, usually stern, General must have reasons to act that way; needless to say she didn’t have the courage to enquire into the events. The report didn’t have much to add except a temporary blindness that occurred after the second trip; it probably had to do with the sudden expansion of the energy field. While thinking of ways to solve the problem, the General came to her office. The cryptic man was now smiling for the first time in several years.

“Hello professor, I have good news: As of today we have the full support of the government to continue the operations. Congratulations for your hard work! I hope you will continue on the same route” said the General while eying Eleanor, who was lost in her thoughts.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Yes, thank you. This is absolutely delightful, sir. Thanks to you, this project went from a mere idea to reality.”

“Well let’s not dwell on the praise. We need to discuss the matter of what comes next.”

“Exploring the rest of the galaxy, obviously! I… I don’t understand. I’m not trying to boast or anything, but this is one of the most important achievements in history.” Eleanor was at a loss of words when she saw how calm he was. She couldn’t comprehend, how can someone not be excited about space exploration. She couldn’t pass up this opportunity.

“This immensely vast space, in constant expansion, glowing with all its stars, filled with potentially inhabitable planets, has driven humanity throughout the ages to invent new ways to reach the skies. Humanity built higher and higher structure in hopes of reaching the clouds, and maybe the mystery beyond them. Were it for religion or curiosity, it never stopped at any moment. Colonizing the moon was just the first step and now it is time for what is beyond it; for the hyperspace technology has much more to offer than simply fast travel. Just imagine what is awaiting us in the other solar systems?” said she fervently hoping for a miracle.

“I admire your passion Doctor; however humanity grows one step at a time. The council has only authorized us to establish a colony on Mars.”

“Why? What do we need for another colony on a dead planet? We offer them the means to go anywhere in the universe, and that’s what they are aiming for! I can’t believe it, I refuse…” Noticing the General frowning, she lowered her chin. “I’m terribly sorry sir”

“I hope you understand the gravity of your words. We all follow orders; the same goes for you.”

“Sir, I understand and I know that I’m bound by a contract. But, I’m sure, I can convince you”

“You have ten minutes”

“Thank you, sir. I understand that my opinion may have sounded childish; however it is based on scientific data. We have observed the space for so many years now. And, as our technology became more advanced, we discovered several potentially interesting planets. The likes of X-302 showed a possible presence of abundant amounts of water, others like Ma-52 may probably contain the same rare elements we used to build the hyperdrive engine.”

“All I’m hearing is: possible and probable. We need facts. Colonizing Mars is a fact.”

“But, why Mars? We are beyond Mars now. We can go anywhere. Why aim for a planet that we have already studied for years? There are other Earth-like planets in the universe. The probability of encountering a life form goes from null to one hundred percent. Water, rare minerals, a new Earth… anything is possible now.”

 “Listen, you don’t know what could be awaiting us after Mars,” said the general with a deep sigh.

“Danger, Mars won’t be welcoming either” said Eleanor while gazing at the absent-minded general. “General. Sir”

“Listen, I think you did a great service for your country. You deserve respect. If you still wish to dispute the council’s decision; I will see that you have a meeting. Maybe you will be able to convince them.”

The discussion with the general left her a bitter taste, as if some dreadful truth was kept secret. And what could that be? Eleanor lived in this top secret military base for so long; she didn’t have any idea of what was happening on the surface, the consequence of working for a paranoid state. What if humanity was on the verge of starting a nuclear war? That could explain the sudden need of a colony on Mars. Isn’t it too desperate? Leaving earth to live in a harsh environment?

Several days after, she was authorized to hold a video-conference meeting with the Council. The military base had a large conference room at its upper levels. It was equipped with hologram technology to avoid any unnecessary movement of personnel to the surface. She was sitting alone in the middle of the room, in front of a large desk, waiting anxiously for the conference to start. Then the room went dim lit, and three people appeared behind the desk. Surprisingly, their faces were hidden.

“The council is ready to begin this session” said a manly solemn voice.

“Yes. I mean I’m Eleanor, I’m grateful that you granted me this chance to discuss the space-travel project. If I may, I have made a list of other potentially important planets…”

“It has come to our attention that you do not wish to proceed with the colonization of Mars. Doctor Eleanor, your orders are clear. Establishing a base of operation on that planet is top priority!” interrupted an old lady.

“I understand, and I’m sorry for insisting. But, I think it is important to consider other options. I don’t think that anyone wishes to invest many resources and years on a project that isn’t necessary anymore.” replied the scientist.

“It is up to the Council to decide what is necessary,” said a young lady.

“I don’t understand. Hyperspace has more to offer than just the closest planet. Do you not wish to take advantage of all the resources we could find on other planets?”

As no one answered she continued “I do not wish to participate in this project! People sacrificed so much to get us to this point; it is up to us to aim higher. We should honor their efforts. We must not sit on our pedestal, content with the little effort we dare to deliver.”

“You are bound by a contract, do not forget that” said the man.

“Yes, I’m bound by a contract. I may have to work for you for several years, but nothing obliges me to deliver any results. I’m the only one who understands this technology. Try if you will but you will never succeed without my help” said she with a surprise. For the first time, Eleanor found the courage to speak and fight for her principles.

The Room felt silent for a few minutes, as the council members started mumbling. Eleanor began to grow doubts; she thought to herself “oh, I hope I didn’t overdo it… no, no. this is the right thing to do”.

“What if we told you that we are following the recommendations of Professor Wayne” interrupted the old lady.

“Professor Wayne, my mentor. Is he still alive? No one let me visit him when they said he lost his mind.”

“He is sane and alive. He has been working on the moon base for several years now.”

This was shocking news for Eleanor. She always thought her mentor died. Back in the old days, her mentor, who was considered a genius, directed the first moon missions. It was thanks to him that humanity was able to establish a moon base. However, after his second mission, there were several rumors about the declining of his mental state, others even about his death. She couldn’t contact him or his family. And, soon enough as she followed his footstep, she found herself living in a secret military base, several meters under earth, completely disconnected from the surface.

“We have decided to change your clearance status; you are now authorized to access to the full moon mission reports”

“But, I already read all the reports about It.” said Eleanor.

“We are aware. The documents you read were redacted. We understand the importance of your work and appreciate your concerns; therefore, we have decided to grant you access to the original documents” said the manly solemn voice.

The person in the middle made some hand movements, and a holographic document appeared in front of Eleanor’s eyes. As she swapped between the pages, she noticed a new paragraph stating the reasons for the failure of the mission. It said that the spacecraft, which was going at high velocity, exploded mid-distance to the moon. Moments before the explosion, the spacecraft decelerated considerably to a stop. There were no reports of malfunction or human error.

“I don’t understand. Why has this information been redacted?” said she tilting her head to the side.

“At first, we feared losing the public support so we staged it as sabotage. But, after the second attempt, your mentor developed an outrageous theory. He said that a magnetic field was preventing any attempt to get further from Earth’s orbit.”

“Because of his theory, he lost the support of the scientific community. And, we had to take him off the project, after all the second attempt was a success. However; we found out that any attempt to go beyond the moon resulted in the destruction of the spacecraft, which led us to assign Professor Wayne to the moon base. ” said the old woman.

“What you are saying is insane! A strange phenomenon that appeared mid-distance to the moon, then disappeared, and appeared again after it? ….”said she with a shaky voice. “Not to forget that we didn’t encounter it when we jumped through hyperspace to Mars”

“Yes, Professor Wayne encouraged us to attempt the hyperspace jump to Mars. He thought this new method of travel could go through ‘the barrier’, as he likes to call it. And, it was true. At Least that is what we thought at first. In the days that followed the voyage to Mars, Professor Wayne informed us of the disappearance of the barrier next to the moon”

“What?” cried Eleanor. “I’m sorry, but this is unprecedented. I need to talk to Professor Wayne”

“We understand; however, the mission to Mars must proceed. It is important that we do not lose the public support” insisted the man.

“Yes” said Eleanor with a terse, quiet voice. “If I may, I have already prepared the construction schemas for an eventual spaceship. The construction will take several years, even more than the spacecraft we have now, consequently I would like to request the possibility to study this phenomenon with my mentor.”

Once again the Council members started mumbling. However, this time Eleanor was absorbed in her thoughts; she didn’t mind the silence.

“We have decided that you are going to transfer to the moon base. You will manage the construction of the new spaceship, and assist Professor Wayne in his research.”

“Thank you, I will not disappoint you”

A month later, Eleanor was orbiting around the Moon, preparing to land. She was nervous, but ecstatic. The idea of working on the moon base, and most of all, meeting her mentor once again made her happy. Tears of sadness and joy flowed along her face, as she embraced him. He was more than a mentor. He was a father figure, raised her after her parents died, taught her all he knew, and made her the scientist she is today. She didn’t have to say anything; she only had to stand beside him once again.

“Professor, I would like to know everything about this barrier.”

“Follow me, Elly. I will show you to your room first” said he with a calm voice.

As they walked and talked about old times, sound reverberated through the long futuristic corridors, passing through vault-like doors, turning left and right, chambers like domes. She felt light, lighter than ever. She didn’t know if it was joy or the moon’s weak gravity. Like in a dream, once again she was walking besides this white haired man.

“Here, this is your room. I prepared a desk and a chalkboard, just as you like it.” He said with a knowing smile.

“Thank you. Can we talk now, please? I just can’t wait anymore. I need to know”

“Yes, take a seat, you must be tired. But first, I must tell you. I’m proud of you. You have achieved more than I ever hoped.” He stopped for a moment, and looked away to hold back tears of joy. ”Now, concerning my work at this station, I have been studying this strange phenomenon. As you already know, the first occurrence happened mid-distance to the moon, then it disappeared, and we don’t know why. I thought of a magnetic field generated by the sun; however, we never encountered any problem all these years travelling back and forth to the moon. When we discovered another barrier several kilometers after the moon, I started to run some tests. For years, we have been throwing all we had against it. At first it was mostly scientific. We used probes to determine the nature of it. Unfortunately, we gained no data. It seemed like it isn’t a magnetic field, or any sort of energy field. So, we started to use different types of projectile, each with a different velocity, but speed didn’t matter. They’re all floating in space now. Then, the military took over. In no time it became a war zone …. Nothing was conclusive.” said he with a sigh.

“So, this barrier is neither a magnetic nor an energy field like the one I used for my spaceship. It is transparent as we can observe the space through it. But, we cannot go through it. So, how did my ship reach Mars?”

“I don’t know. When I heard about your work, I insisted that we give it a try, thinking that hyperspace could ignore this phenomenon. However, soon enough we found that it disappeared, thanks to Curtis. Oh don’t look at me that way; you did the same didn’t you? That criminal is close to getting a pardon.” said the professor laughingly.

“Sorry, I just can’t get used to it, even If I don’t like him that much. Well at least, he is gaining something out of it. So, please continue.”

“Yes. Surprisingly the barrier disappeared.”

“Do you think it has something to do with the hyperspace?”

“I can’t say for sure.”

“Where is it now? I mean the barrier.”

“I have no idea. At least, we have your ship, and poor Curtis.”

“I guess we have no choice, but look for it.”

“Rest for now; tomorrow we will begin our work.”

The room was no different from the one she had in the military base, except for the porthole. Basically the lunar base was set in a crater; there wasn’t much to see, except a dusty surface, although being on Earth’s satellite is pretty exciting.

The next day, she was escorted to the operation room. It was surprisingly small, just enough equipment for two; after all, the professor’s work was classified.

“Hello professor, what’s going on?”

“I was talking to Curtis; he is already in the spacecraft ready to go. Here take this headset.”

“Oh hello there, see I’m still breathing huh. I hope you missed me. Maybe I will have a chance to get a glimpse of that pretty face of yours.”

“Yeah… yeah. How about you focus on the mission?”

“Aye, aye Captain. Ready to go, Over.” said Curtis while making the sound of a walkie-talkie.

“Some people never change”

“He likes to joke before adventure. He’s a bit nervous I guess.” said the professor.” Ok Curtis, we are going to precede carefully, one coordinate at a time. Don’t forget the delay of communication.”

“Ladies and gentleman, we are about to jump to Jupiter. Please remain calm and fasten your seatbelts. In three… two… one.”

The room was silent; the tension was building up. Eleanor was troubled by the idea of finding the barrier once more. Yet, looking at her mentor calmed her down. For some reason, he was serene. Maybe, after all these years, he got used to it.

“Guys, what’s going on? You sent me to nowhere! Wait there something glowing around the ship.  The spacecraft is vibrating. It’s a bit scary”

“I think that’s the ship’s energy field reacting to something.”

“Oh God! What if the spaceship is actually in contact with the barrier? Curtis. Reverse thrust” said the professor.

“In the meantime I will try to figure out where he is,” said Eleanor.

“For a second, I missed my old Cell. Can you even imagine that? The spacecraft is stable now. I would like to add that I’m starting to hate the delay. Everything is dark out here. I’m pretty sure we could squeeze someone else in the cockpit. You know to keep me company. Wait, I think I saw something, an asteroid? ”

“If the data we received is correct, then yes he should be somewhere around the asteroid belt.”

“Then, this must be it. This is where the barrier is now.”

“I don’t understand. Why did he drop out of hyperspace? Only gravitational force can disrupt hyperspace. ”

“No. I have studied it for years now, and I can say for sure that it doesn’t have any gravitational pull.”

“But what is it then? Nothing can go past it from our side; yet, it is not formed by any known matter or energy. What about lasers and radio frequencies? After all, Curtis said he saw a meteor. Can we conclude that the sunshine goes through?”

“I suppose. I will make sure that we have the needed equipment installed”

The next day, they sent Curtis to the same location with the upgraded spacecraft.

“Ok. Curtis. As you can see, I’ve changed the coordinates so now you will appear a couple meters behind the barrier. I want you to aim the laser at any meteor.” said Eleanor.

“Yes, it is activated now ——. Are you sure this thing works? I don’t see anything.”

“Don’t worry about it; you can’t see light in space, only its reflection. Focus on the instruments.”

“I’ve got nothing.”

“Are you sure? Now, the radio.”


“Does the barrier absorb the electromagnetic energy?”

“I will recheck the data. I think you should probably visit the construction site.”

Eleanor was hesitant to leave the room, but the insistent professor got the best of her. The council’s orders were clear; the spaceship had to be ready in 5 years. She couldn’t continue on ignoring her duty, even though there was nothing exciting about the spaceship anymore. After all space isn’t as vast as it used to be.

After walking for several meters, she found out that she doesn’t know how to get to the construction site. The base’s size was impressively huge. It was organized in several zones; each had its specific use.   She decided it was best to go back and ask the professor. To her surprise, she caught him talking about a probe deployment. She didn’t know anything about the probe. What did they need it for?

When the professor noticed her, he said, “Oh Elly you are back. You forgot something?”

“I’m lost. I don’t know how to get to the construction site.” She felt silent for a moment. “What was that about the professor?”

“Oh. It’s nothing really, just some preparations for the future colony as requested by the Council. Go to section B, there you will find the guards who will escort you to the construction site.”

For several weeks, Eleanor assisted the professor in his experiments, but the enigmatic barrier stood before the asteroid belt forever immutable. No instrument could prove its existence, no force could push it any further, and nothing could go through it. It was an unsolvable mystery, yet she came back each day, earlier than before, hoping for that eureka moment.

Eleanor was sitting in the operation room, head on the table, waiting for the professor to arrive. The construction of the spaceship was still going, and they still had no answer for this strange barrier. Soon the professor came in, and slowly he took his head set. He didn’t look well either.

“Hi, I’m sorry for being late. I had trouble waking up” he looked to the side for a moment, as if lost in his thoughts; “I heard that the construction of the spaceship is making the news. Some are even talking about colonizing other planets. Fools, they have no idea.”

“I’m sure we will find an explanation. Let's keep on trying. I hear Curtis is having a good time. Isn’t that right Curtis?”

“I exchanged my old damp cell for a Tin box. That is a fact. But I have got to say it is exciting. ”

“Let’s proceed, you know the drill” interrupted the professor.

Few minutes later, Curtis shouted “Guys, guys. I think I have got something. The instruments are detecting several objects. I’m thinking, asteroids maybe.”

For a moment, no one noticed. The news was abrupt, “Did the barrier expand again?” said Eleanor.

“Impossible! Curtis. Please, try the coordinates of Jupiter again.”

The professor started mumbling some nonsense, shaking his head, and tapping the table. The scene was shocking. Eleanor was looking at him desperately; wishing she had the words to calm him down. His reputation amongst the scientific community was destroyed. He had been living in isolation for years, racking his brain over some impossible task. Yet, there is still no answer.

“The shield is glowing again. I don’t see any planets around. I don’t think I’ve reached my destination. Although I think I went past the asteroid belt. I’m going to back up. I don’t wanna die.”

“Let’s think about it for a minute. Obviously, it expanded again. Something is strange about the barrier. Curtis was able to see the asteroids when the barrier was located before the belt right? We know that we can’t see something unless there is a reflection of light. So logically, the sunlight goes through and obviously goes back through. However, we have tested laser beams and radios of different frequencies with no results. How is this even possible? We shouldn’t have been able to see the asteroids, same for all the planets of our system. How were we even able to observe space all these years?” 

“We must be missing something.” mumbled the professor.

“So many questions: Why is the earth its center? How does it expand? The first time we encountered this phenomenon; the shuttle arrived at a full stop, but then exploded. I suppose it exploded because of prolonged contact; even though we have no idea how it damaged the shuttle. Then, the barrier disappeared, and reappeared some distance after the moon. Same thing happened. Third time, it expanded again. Each time, we tried something different. I don’t see any common factor, other than our drive to go beyond It.” said Eleanor.

She turned to the professor hoping for an answer. But he wasn’t even looking back. Then, suddenly, “The professor said earlier that the spaceship construction is making the big news. What if that’s the missing piece of the puzzle” answered Curtis.

The professor pounded his fist against the table and stood up so quickly his feet almost lifted from the ground, “What utter nonsense is this? This isn’t the circus. We are talking science here.”

“Professor, please don’t berate him. He didn’t know better. The reality is we are stuck. There is nothing more we can do.”

“I know what we have to do. Curtis bring me a sample from the asteroids”

“Why do we need a sample?” questioned Eleanor.

“You will know soon enough.”

Eleanor spent several hours staring off at nothing in the operation room, waiting for her mentor to come back. She didn’t know what to expect. She didn’t know what to do. Then, Professor Wayne entered the room, documents in his hand. He closed the door, shut down the computers, and sat next to her.

“I haven’t been honest with you. There is more to this story. These documents are of the utmost secrecy. Once you read them, there is no coming back. I can’t help but see you as my daughter, for that reason I’m always trying to protect you. However, you have proven yourself an amazing scientist. You deserve to know the truth. I don’t care if the Council doesn’t agree. I want you to know.” said the professor as he passed the documents to her.

All the documents stated Radioactive Age-dating. Several samples from Earth, moon, asteroids, and even Mars have been analyzed. All the results said: No decay except Earth’s samples. Eleanor’s eyes went wide as she understood the meaning of these results. She turns to the professor, shivering, hoping that all of this is a bad joke, but the professor’s face was emotionless.

“Please, tell me this is a joke. It’s impossible. I can’t believe it.”

“I’m sorry. This is the truth. This is the reason why the Council wanted to get to Mars. This is the reason why no one was ever authorized to study meteorites, why no one can take a sample from the moon, and why I sent a probe to Mars. All that exists beyond Earth is new, as if it never existed before. All that we observe through the barrier is an illusion.”

“It can’t be. What are we going to do?” cried Eleanor.

 “Listen to me. Don’t lose your faith in science, even if it fails to answer, for it is our only light in the darkness. Live and learn that is how we survive.”


Submitted: October 20, 2020

© Copyright 2020 DunkelSpin. All rights reserved.

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