Come What May ...

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Come What May ….



Live, Love, Laugh, so they say.

Are you expected to do this each day?

Don’t be afraid to profess.

Life can be happy; it can be sad; but overall it’s a little of both, I am sure.

I say it’s all about how much you can endure.



My life began with a pointed head, I am told.

An ugly baby, she would said; why so cold.

Useless, I suppose.

Little days I remember were good;

I always felt so misunderstood.


Teen Years

A time to grow; A time to explore; a time to find yourself.

I spent those years collecting dust, upon a shelf.


I struggled to grow; I yearned to mature; I did what I could.

I somehow managed and withstood.



I took the first one; I had no clue where to begin;

I wanted love; I wanted freedom; this was more than a whirlwind.

Now oppressed.

He was never home, he always complained, until the day he left.

All alone, no where to turn, kids are too young, felt like death.



Torn apart, I went through life without my parents, for the most part;

She made sure my sister and brother took their depart.

Never addressed

My husband ripped my heart out and cheated;

He up and left me defeated;

Again depressed,

I had no friends at the time, and unsure what to do.

I decided to find ME and therefore, began to pursue.


Beautiful kids

My only glory; my only success.

They make me smile, no matter the stress.

So very Blessed,

They are fully grown now; about to fly away.

I do not look forward to that day.


I decided I wanted to be joyful; I was done being sad.

I chased down the shadows that often made me mad.


I focused on me and all the things I liked.

I followed my heart until it all felt right.



No matter what life throws your way.

Remember to thank God, every day.

Love, Peace, and Song will fill your heart, is what I say


Live for you; which means put yourself first.

This is what will happen if you really keep that thirst.

Never give up on you; for you deserve the very best.

Like me, you can do it; don’t accept anything lest.



-Kim Henninger



Submitted: October 20, 2020

© Copyright 2020 kimberly henninger. All rights reserved.

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