OMG, Socialism!

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One viewpoint from the center, and I am unanimous in my thinking.

"OMG, Socialism!!!" Is the battle-cry of the Right-Wing Republicans, in these United States.

As far as the Left Wing Democrats, they now call it, "Being Progressive," because they don't like the negative stigma that is associated with the word, Socialist.

As I see it, if your Progressive agenda is to further a Socialist form of government, then you are still a Socialist, no matter what you call yourself. Even Bernie Sanders avoids the word, now days.

As far as the, (OMG, Socialism!!! We have to save America!), people are concerned, let me point out something interesting.

All the while that they moan and grown about the socialist way of life, they embrace it and even welcome it into their lives. Case in point. Of the top ten States in the Union, Six of those States received the most Welfare per capita, per 100,000 people.


Here are the 6 of 10 states with the most welfare recipients, per capita, and how they voted in the 2016 Presidential election:


Louisiana (17,293 per 100k) --- Republican - 2016

West Virginia (17,155 per 100k) --- Republican - 2016

Mississippi (14,743 per 100k) --- Republican - 2016

Oklahoma (14,678 per 100k) --- Republican - 2016

Alabama (14,674 per 100k) --- Republican - 2016

Pennsylvania (13,613 per 100k) --- Republican - 2016


Here are the 6 states with the most welfare recipients, compared to all other states in total numbers, and how they voted in the 2016 Presidential election:

Florida (2,779,400) --- Republican - 2016

Pennsylvania (1,741,489) --- Republican - 2016

Ohio (1,378,556) --- Republican - 2016

Georgia (1,348,973) --- Republican - 2016

Michigan (1,167,928) --- Republican - 2016

Tennessee (891,135) --- Republican - 2016


I'm not sure what to say about this, it seem odd to me that someone who hates socialism and is willing to vote against it at every turn, is still willing to take handouts from the system of government that they hate. Isn't that like biting the hand that feeds you, and still expecting to get fed?

But I digress.

Let's look at the Private Sector, the Republican Standard Barer to salvation from Socialism.

Take for instance, Utilities. You pay a bill every so often and that pays for the Amount of Gas, Electricity, or Water that you received. Right?


In that bill, somewhere, is a general cost of delivery. The cost that is needed for the entire system to keep running, we'll call it a Set-up and Delivery Fee. If Jack uses twice as much, (?), as Jill does, then he should pay twice as much in Delivery Fees, but he doesn't. He pays the same in most cases. The Delivery Fee stays the same for residents, and then they pay a usage fee on top of that.

Let's look at Trash Pick-up. Jack fills all of his 3 trash-receptacles every week, but Jill has fewer people in her household, and she has a much smaller lawn, so she only fills her lawn trash-receptacles once a month and it is taken away once a month.

She fills her recycle receptacle every other week, so she only puts it out every-other week.

So you see, Jill gets far less service for her monthly cost, and that is how capitalistic socialism works.

Everyone pays a set amount into a group system, and like welfare, some benefit more than others, but everyone does benefit according to their needs.

Even Private Sector Insurance Companies do the same things, but in many different ways.

The fact is, your Capitalistic Business World is filled with Socialism, just as your government has their social programs.

So let's get off our high-horse and try to find some middle ground that works for everyone.

As long as one side doesn't want to admit that Social Security was the right thing to do, then and now. And the other side doesn't want to admit that Socialized Medicine should be adopted in baby steps, not an All or Nothing agenda. Then this stubborn bickering will continue and the one who said, "Divide first, then concur," will be right.

We will be overcome!



D. Thurmond / JEF


Submitted: October 20, 2020

© Copyright 2020 D. Thurmond aka JEF. All rights reserved.

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88 fingers

How about stop giving corporate welfare to companies. Isn't that "socialism"?

Wed, October 21st, 2020 1:15pm


You may be right, and there are pros and cons to the idea. Take, for instance, Farm subsidies. They are handout by the government. but many Corporate Farming Co-ops say that they wouldn't plant the crops that the country needs without the financial help; and the truth is, that in some cases, this benefits people as well as the corporation.
On the other hand, “If you are a normal person who makes a wage, your tax compliance is 99 percent. If you are a rich person, who can afford the lawyers, and who earns dividend income, and real estate income, and runs a proprietorship, and/or are incorporated, your compliance rate could be as low as 45 percent,” citing IRS tax gap estimates. Restoring and enforcing tax compliance efforts could generate $1 trillion over a decade. But we need a government that is willing to bring the hammer down on those that Game the System. And in my lifetime I have seen neither side get serious about doing that.

Wed, October 21st, 2020 2:33pm

Melos Jaha

Imagine thinking that education isnt a basic human right.

Wed, October 21st, 2020 6:23pm


In this day and age I would have to agree, knowledge is not only a right, but necessary for all societies. But in the grand scheme of things, hasn't it brought us to our own eventual mass-destruction?

Wed, October 21st, 2020 2:05pm

Peter Piper

Hi JEF, just read your piece on socialism as it applies to the upcoming U.S election. I can tell you that the USA is not alone; every country is blighted or blessed with a similar choice. All democratic nations have people who live like republicans but think like democrats and vice versa! It’s a function of liberal 21st century education and social media input. Most folk don’t even consider political agendas as “right or left” in the way you suggest. What matters to a significant majority of voters is the personality of each candidate. In some ways it’s a sad fact that the electorate does not vote for socialism or what we would call conservatism they vote for people! From a bystanders view point next week you will be given the choice between an old, Irish Catholic American with all the baggage that antecedents implies and a self styled megalomaniac. I think the American people deserve better but they are not likely to see any change in the near future. I follow your politics’ with great interest and wish you well whatever way you vote. Best regards Peter GBA

Thu, October 29th, 2020 10:41am


Some of your points are well taken, and true in my eyes. --- Many voters in the US believed that John Kennedy won the presidency due to his good looks, pretty wife, and adorable children. After all, voting for a Catholic in those days was taboo to most protestants and evangelicals, especially through the mid-western Bible Belt. But it is also true that many voters vote according to whatever their Party wanted; the obvious push-back by party voters came with the Reagan election, 1980-1988. Then again with the Trump election due to unhappy Midwestern factory workers that had lost their jobs caused by manufacturing leaving the USA, bound for Asia. Unfortunately, both Political parties failed to see that the Middle-class, the working class, needed to be heard. Instead, they got higher taxes and wars that took their children away. I was told that The United Kingdom had suffered the same thing years earlier. Being a Tool & Die Maker, I was fortunate to meet and work with many types of machinists and engineers from all areas of the UK; many came to California to work in the 1980's and 1990's. And I have to say that most that spoke of politics did not much care for Margaret Thatcher and Railway Privatization, nor did they like the way their socialized medical system treated the rich and poor differently. --- I was born into a poor family, so we were all Democrats, then over the years I drifted towards being a moderate Republican, and voted for Reagan. But when George W. Bush was elected, I became an independent, middle of the road, kind of guy. Compromise when you can, or a middle of the road third party is my thinking.

Thu, October 29th, 2020 1:41pm

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