Why did I ever fall in love with you part 2

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic

He's fought and won against Lui Shirosagi, Phi and Hyde, and even the former world champion Valt Aoi and his best friend Shu Kurenai! But can he fight against his feelings?

Fubuki and I were heading back to the living room. When we got there, Cap'n was playing Beyblade with Rantaro Kiyama, His older brother

" Yo! Imma beat you Big Bro" Ranjiro laughed

" Rocktavor CRAAAAAASSSSSHHHHHH" Rantaro shouted 



" AWWWWWWW MAAAAAAAAN!!!" Ranjiro cried

" AW YEAH I WON" Rantaro cheered

Rantaro made us popcorn and told us to play truth or dare. 

“ Okay Aiger truth or dare” Cap’n asked me

“ Uhh truth” I said after thinking about every sleepover disaster that has ever happened.

“ Okay is it  true that I’m gonna battle Valt Aoi before you” Cap’n slyly said

“ You’ll be lucky if you battle him at all” Fubuki laughed

“ So basically no” I said laughing

“ Y'all so mean” Ranjiro pouted.

“ Cap’n truth or dare” I said

“ Dare” Cap’n laughed 

“ I dare you to sweep the floor with your hair” I laughed 

“ NOOOOOOOOOO!” Cap’n cried
“ BHAAAAAHAAHAAAHAAAAA” Fubuki Laughed in tears.
“Come On why is everyone targeting me” he complained  as he was being a human broom

“ Okay Fubuki truth or dare Fubuki” Cap’n asked Fubuki

“ UHHHHHHHHH DARE!” Fubuki said

Ranjiro Slyly smiled 

“ You have to tell your crush that you love them right now” Ranjiro


Submitted: October 21, 2020

© Copyright 2020 aiger akabane. All rights reserved.

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