Weight of the Heart

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic


11th Century Iran, Alamut Castle.
Diran, a Master Assassin is on a warpath looking for the man who murdered his family. During one of his quests, he rescues a girl named Lusia, unaware that she will become his salvation.

Unfortunately, she is not all as she seems.

After her big secret is revealed, Lusia is forced to go back home where she awaits to fulfill her chosen destiny. After losing her, Diran takes on another quest where he will have to make a choice, between love or vengeance.

Table of Contents

The Eagles Nest (18+)

Coming Home.


Contains Sexual Scenes
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The Belly Dancer

I have no idea what I'm about to walk into, but I do know that I have a desperate urge, to see her face.
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The First Encounter (+18)

The very sight of her makes me weak in my knees...
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The Eagle, Discovered

I open my eyes and see Lorena, sound asleep next to me. A satisfied smile curls her luscious lips. Memories from the night before sl... Read Chapter

A Leap of Faith

Diran takes on a difficult mission. Making amends with Lusia and Lorena.
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The Black Shades.

I touch the ground and drop down to one knee. My fists are clenched into the sand, keeping me steady. Slowly, I rise up and glare at... Read Chapter

The Flame

      I enter my room, accidently slamming the door behind me. Startled, Lusia looks up from the book she... Read Chapter

A New Lesson

A loud clatter awakens me, followed by a silent cuss. Groaning I open my eyes to see Lusia picking my sword up from the ground, an... Read Chapter

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Recent Comments

Ann Sepino

An exciting first chapter, and the concept itself is something I think I could get into. I found a few typos, but nothing big enough to stop me from reading to the end. I enjoyed reading this.

Thu, October 22nd, 2020 12:00am


Thanks so much for the comment. I was in dire need of feedback...

My apologies for the typos but good to know. English is not my first language so I can't guarantee it won't happen again... I have no editor and I haven't written in English for about ten years.

The story itself has about eighteen chapters written in Dutch (it's not finished yet) so I'm working on translating it right now. Chapter two will be up in a few days I hope, in case you want to continue reading it :)

Thanks again!

Thu, October 22nd, 2020 12:19am


A good opening chapter to your story. It flows well, with some nice descriptive pieces, which gives the reader a taste for the surroundings and era in which it is set.

A nice start.

Thu, October 22nd, 2020 1:11pm


Oh wow thank you! I'm happy with that ^_^
I had some trouble in the past of trying to say too much about the surroundings, so good to know that I achieved that.

Thu, October 22nd, 2020 6:58am


This is a really good start - your descriptions are well written and set the scene perfectly. I like that you introduced the character by having him talk to an elderly woman - it showed a different side to him that made his intentions in going to the feast even more shocking and dramatic. The bit about him "nervously" holding his breath showed a different side to his character, too; it added a humanness, which is rarely seen in assassin characters, so it was an interesting contrast. Good job! :)

Fri, October 23rd, 2020 10:16am


Wow thank you for your comment, that makes me happy to read :D

I'm not saying It always works but I usually try to do the opposite of what is expected. Like you say. Most Assassins are being portrayed as stone-cold killers. But Diran is a person who grew up in this environment which makes it a completely normal job like working at a store or being a baker. He's just a friendly, good guy who happens to kill people sometimes :D

Thanks again. It's really motivating to read comments like this :)

Fri, October 23rd, 2020 4:36am

Trixie's world

Great first chapter. It’s well written and has just enough intrigue and excitement to keep me coming back for the next chapter.

Wed, October 28th, 2020 11:56am


Thank you ^_^ That makes me really happy to hear :)

Wed, October 28th, 2020 5:29am


This is an excellent first chapter. I really liked the descriptions of your combat. I also liked that they went back for the girl. Any normal person couldn't resist hearing someone going through what she was.

I could easily follow your story and picture the scenes. You wrote them very well.

Thu, November 12th, 2020 3:44am


Thank's for the nice comment :D

I'm so happy you say you really liked the descriptions of the combat. Action scenes are something I really have to work on to get just right. But I think I'm getting better :) So thanks!

I'm currently working on the third chapter. I have about 18 chapters written (so far) in Dutch and I'm busy translating to reach a bigger audience :)

Thu, November 12th, 2020 6:37am

Sharief Hendricks

What an excellent start to an assassin story Lucinda !

I love the pace, and the characters are just so interesting...Diran is not what he seems at all, I love that.
The action sequences were so thrilling and believable, proper edge of the seat stuff

"I grabbed his armed hand , dive under his arm and twist it" excellently done here, I felt that ...ouch !
Those rapists had it coming !

Well done Lucinda, well done, cant wait for chapter 2....

Thu, November 19th, 2020 12:31pm


Thank you for the comment ^_^

I am SO happy you like the action sequences because that is something that I'm no good at. I have to work really hard to get those just right. So I'm glad that it pays off :D

Chapter two and three are up, chapter four is in progress and I hope to post that one of these days :)



Thu, November 19th, 2020 2:36pm

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