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Chapter 24
A live message chat on Friendly book, between Liverpool and Devon
He wants me to put you in contact with him, Mina posted to Karen.
Really, replied Karen.
I said, I would see what you would say, said Mina.
Tell him yes of course, replied Karen quickly.
Hold on now, he does not know I have been chatting to you about him, so you are going to have to pretend you have no idea who he is, said Mina.
Of course, replied Karen.
You may want to act a bit pissed off that I have been discussing your private life with him aswell, then posted Mina.
But I am not, replied Karen.
I know, but you are going to have to act like you are, or this will all look like a set up, said Mina.
I should be able to manage it, replied Karen.
Well, if he really is Harry, one false move, and he will block us both said Mina.
I am aware of that, replied Karen.
So I have told him I will get in contact with you, and see if you will talk to him about your search for your child, and if you agree I will give him your email, so he can contact you, Ok, said Mina.
Yes that's fine, replied Karen.
Look, I know how much you want him to be Harry, but remember, it’s most likely he’s not, so don’t go telling him too much about yourself, said Mina.
So it’s OK for you to chat with him about me, and talk for hours but I can not then replied Karen, angrily.
Now look here, I only got this involved with him, for you, posted back Mina.
Yes I know, sorry, replied Karen.
So you need to keep a cool head, and not give the game away, said Mina.
I won’t, replied Karen.
Now I have not told him your name, or that you are also a slush puppies fan, because remember this all started because I posted that video to you on the fan group, and if he works that out, then he will work out what we are up to, said Mina.
Maybe take the video down now from the fan page, so he can’t look me up, then posted Karen.
But if he does go on the fan site he will notice me and you post to each other quite a lot, he will work it out, we can not take the chance at this moment, said Mina.
Ok, so what am I going to call myself, replied Karen.
Shit I don’t know, maybe Kathy , said Mina.
Ok he will know me as Kathy, replied Karen.
And thank god your email, does not have your full name on it or you would have had to set up a new one, the said Mina.
I could set up a new one, replied Karen.
No need, I will post your email to him, and you will be known at Kathy, is that Ok, said Mina.
Yes that is fine, replied Karen.
Good, well I said I would let him know tomorrow, as we still need to play it cool and not look desperate, said Mina.
Yes I agree, replied Karen.
Well I am going to head off to bed, I will message him in the morning and let me know if, or when he gets in contact with you, posted Mina.
Of course, and thanks again for doing this for me, replied Karen
You still need to be on your guard, and not be too hopeful, Barry is in fact Harry, then said Mina.
Yes I know, I need to just see how things pan out, replied Karen.
Sleep well my friend, then posted Mina, before signing out of her Friendly book account, before shutting down her laptop.
The next day, in Dublin, Ireland
What you doing getting up this early for Harry, asked Noah, as he watched him get out of bed and go over to retrieve his dressing gown, that was hanging up on the bedroom door.
I am waiting on an important email, replied Harry putting on his dressing gown and pulling the cord tight around himself.
About what, asked Noah.
It’s to do with me finding my birth mother, replied Harry, not wanting to say too much.
Well go check your emails then come back to bed, said Noah, giving him a wink.
Yeah I will, replied Harry giving him a wink back, before leaving his bedroom, to head down stairs.
Devon, England
Well that's that, said Mina pressing send message to Barry Kray.
She better let me know what he says Mina then said to herself.
Liverpool, England
I hope she has sent my email to him already, said Karen to herself.
Maybe I will see if she is on Friendly book, Karen then said, as she signed into her account.
Dublin, Ireland
Signing into his secret Friendly book account, Harry saw Mina had left him a message.
The message read...
Hi Barry, I spoke with my friend her name is Kathy by the way, and she said it was Ok for you to contact her about her journey in looking for her adopted son, her email address is favouritefriend@mailhot.comcom, I hope you can both help each other out, chat soon from Mina.
Harry was thankful her friend had agreed talk to him about her experience of trying to track down her long lost son.
But seeing this was all new to him, he was a bit worried about what to ask her.
Harry was paying professionals good money to hopefully find his birth mother, but it would be a slow process, and too much time had been wasted already.
Hopefully she could help him, or put him in the right direction of finding his birth mother.
He would be polite, explain himself, but not tell her who he really was.
Well I should strike while the iron is hot, said Harry to himself, as he began to write his first email to Kathy.
Dear Kathy .....

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