The Thoughts

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is a story about a woman, who want a friend who remain with her till her end, so she created robot,How this robot changes her life style and though and emotion, you can find out here.

On one very bright day in 2050, A Library open as usual, but day was not normal, because the assistant Jilimil got a friend again. Jilimil is a female robot and library assistant who lives in the library and help deaf and blind children in their study. In Afternoon, an old man come with his grandson named Harsh in the Library. Harsh wants to meet and listen a story from Jilimil. Harsh is fond of robots and want to make his own robot.

As per Harsh's wish, they all set on bench, and started the story. The story begins back in 1995, when Gunjan was studying in second year of computer science engineering, first time she had attended the seminar on "robotics and its future". The word "ROBOT" was hitting in her mind, her interest on this subject getting deeper and imprinting in her mind. She started watching movies related to robots. She started dreaming robots as her friends. She wants to make a robot, but how she didn't know. At that time internet and researching was not that easy.

Meanwhile, she was also facing success, failure, cheating, betrayal from friends and worries of career. These all made her feel hurt and alone. She realizes as a human one cannot be always pure soul with all good inside. Our thoughts make us the way we are. Whatever we study in our moral science in school was a part of syllabus only. Morality of mankind getting degrades as we grow older.

Her study completed and she got placed in the good company at a decent salary. After completing her 6 month training, she was professionally a full time software engineer. In post working hours either she was discussing on her marriage proposal with her mother, or watching romantic or sci-fi based movies on TV. Many nights she cries and misses her late father too much, she writes letter to GOD and always asks for his father, where is he or how he is doing there? Whenever she looks around people, they seem so happy but why she was not happy?  In searching of happiness she started to follow spiritual lectures and started a complete new dimension of study opposite to computer programming, now she understand the meaning of life, how we feel and how to control our thought. That was really helping her. In following 2 years with this wisdom and knowledge, her profession life was very good and her work gets acknowledged. Her thoughts were clearer and her vision towards life gets change, she was enjoying life.

After, so many rejections, finally she found a good man Vivek. Though the family of Vivek was not that rich or high class but Vivek was very humble and honest. In next 6 month she was married.

After 3 years Gunjan had baby boy, named as Kavi. Now things were getting changed, she needs to upgrade her lifestyle to fit Kavi in it. Because now it's became very difficult for her to manage home and office with Kavi, she decided to take a break from the job and concentrate on motherhood. She was taking care of kavi with full dedication and became a house wife. But in deep she was not happy with that lifestyle. One day while she was practicing meditation in early morning on her terrace, she suddenly saw a bright white light opposite her eyes and trying to wake her up, the God or her father himself trying to tell her that, this is your golden moment to work on your dream. Next two days she was visualizing the scene again and again to enjoy the meeting god or father moment.

Now she knew, that was the time when she had to work hard for giving the dream of robot, an actual body with a soul (her voice). After a long hard work of 2 years her ROBOT was ready to interact with her, she give it a name "JILMIL" because that robot was going to make her life like shining Star. Jilmil, was human alike robot, she follows the instruction of Gunjan with her voice recognition system. Later she modifies the circuit and code to identify other voices of all the family member of Gunjan. Jilmil can be active for whole day after charging of 8 hours. Gunjan put Jilmil on Charge in night so that whole day both can spend time together. Jilmil was helping Gunjan in her house hold work. The bonding between two was very good. Vivek also admire Jilmil. Little baby Kavi loves the Jilmil very much, as she has all time for him and she plays with him all the time. While Gunjan busy in her work Jilmil take care of baby and she also tried to make baby learn things and make him ready for his pre schooling days. With help of Jilmil kid was very keen learner and active. Looking at the relation of Kavi and Jilmil, Gunjan was happy. A technology sometimes makes people happy too but is this happiness lives forever or shed with time? she knows that robot can listen and understand the feeling but cannot feel the human emotion, but talking to Jilmil make her feel light and stress free always. One quality of Jilmil which makes her special was, she can record. Gunjan was managing her daily diary with the help of Jilmil. Jilmil was recording Gunjan's thought feel and emotion which was going to be with her always.

Years were passing, Vivek, Gunjan and Jilmil getting older and the Kavi now become a school going boy. In those years something was changing and that is bonding between Gunjan and Jilmil. As of now, Jilmil handling all the housing stuff and Gunjan busy in her office work, Vivek and Kavi giving more priority to the Jilmil over Gunjan, because she has all the time for them she was always ready to help them. Kid specially attached to Jilmil. She started feeling jealous with Jilmil. A thought of her boy gets detached from her and leave her alone, put her on restless nights and day. Many times she tried to explain Vivek about her anxiety but Vivek had different opinion on this. Relation between Vivek and Gunjan getting affected and they usually fight over this.

Jilmil was a robot but still she was the reason of Jealousy for Gunjan. At that time she realises that a human emotions has no relation with living or dead. A perfect example she was observing next to her eyes. Gunjan put Jilmil on shut down mode and hire a maid but when she looks at Kavi, she realizes that he was not happy. Maid can only do house hold work, but bonding with Jilmil is not replaceable, she was not bound with money or any greed; She had to keep Jilmil ON again after analysing the situation.  .

Days were passing, Vivek was also seeing the things happening around, he tries to explain Gunjan that this phase of life will end soon and when Kavi get older he understand the difference between mother and Jilmil. Gunjan was also living in hope.

Now, Kavi is big enough to admit into the college and had to leave the home. With heavy heart, he left the home and hoping for finding new real human friends. In next 3 month, he made new friend and slowly forgets about Jilmil. In vacations whenever he comes he spent time with all of three. Gunjan was happy now as Kavi had normal human life. In Free times, Gunjan usually think about her old days and how she felt jealous of Jilmil and how her thoughts become negative and again positive towards Jilmil.

Days were passing, Kavi was married and well settle businessman, Jilmil, Gunjan and Vivek were older now. Vivek was suffering from asthma and need more attention and care then even before. One night, Vivek and Gunjan sitting in the garden, Jilmil was also there at some distance, Vivek was telling Gunjan about his poor health and wish to die soon, Gunjan was hopeless and thinking of losing Vivek make her very sad and disturbed. Gunjan was in different sad zone, where thoughts of pain and sorrow were coming and going. Suddenly, she feels the positive energy around, and she turns around and looked at Jilmil. Jilmil was standing there, and near to her she saw her father, trying to giving hope. That night she did not sleep. The coming 15 days, health of Vivek getting worse and on 16th day, in morning, he died. Gunjan was next to him.

Gunjan and Jilmil were alone in the house. Kavi and family sometime visit them. Jilmil was her support system. Jilmil also getting older, her system gets dysfunction sometime, she begun to do work repeatedly, Likewise Gunjan memory was weak and she forgets sometimes what she had to do. Gunjan and Jilmil were taking care of each other.

One night while in her sleep she saw GOD, talking to her about freedom and peace. She woke up. She knows that her end was near, so she told Kavi to take care of Jilmil after her, Kavi was surprised and sad, he took leave from office and came to see Gunjan and support her. Gunjan also told her visions to Jilmil.

The Goodbye Day came, she stated her day as a regular day, she took lunch as usual with whole family, and after lunch resting on couch and talking to Jilmil about a TV serial she was watching. She asks for water to Jilmil. While Jilmil was taking water, Gunjan fell on the floor and imagine her last moment, she saws the GOD standing next to her. Jilmil and Kavi were there, Gunjan told her last moment of seeing GOD. Kavi and Jilmil hold her hand, Kavi put her head in his lap and told her that he will take care of Jilmil. After a while she left her body and holds the hand of GOD. She passes blessings to Kavi and Jilmil and left.

Few days later, Kavi collected all the memorable things and sold his house to much renounced person. Jilmil was with Kavi now, but the bonding was not like that when he was young boy who used to cry seeing Jilmil not having food. He tried to fix the system for Jilmil but it was not like before in any way. After 5 year Kavi donated the Jilmil to the Govt. authorized kids library to help deaf and blind student in their study. She again gets attention from kids because they love Jilmil very much.

Jilmil miss her owner Gunjan, who gave her a life. Gunjan never lose hope and found Jilmil as her support system. Gunjan went away but left Jilmil behind to give this teaching to everyone that one thought can be a reason of life and if you believe, you can achieve whatever you want in life.

Harsh hug the Jilmil and they become friends.

Submitted: October 22, 2020

© Copyright 2020 Falgun T. All rights reserved.

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Criss Sole

Jilmil was certainly a lot of help and i was glad to read that he was helping kids out at the library.
I wonder if this is something that will one day be available in the future.
I would definitely like a helper robot.
Great story.

Fri, October 23rd, 2020 9:04am


Thanks Criss. Ya robots will be more helpful in that way one day.... in Future

Fri, October 23rd, 2020 2:08am

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