That Oklahoma Run

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Song Lyrics  |  House: Booksie Classic

song lyric about the land rush in Oklahoma


That Oklahoma Run


They gathered up in Arkansas

In eighteen eighty-nine,

And on the Texas border

They were waiting on the line,

For the bugle man to start 'em

In the noon-day sun,

To claim their promised land

In that Oklahoma run.


Then they all did that Oklahoma run,

With a mighty cloud of dust, it had begun,

When that dust had cleared the air,

There wasn't anybody there,

They were all doing that Oklahoma run.


Some climbed into the Santa Fe

And filled the crowded cars,

With dreams about their futures

And the smoke of their cigars,

They came jumpin' out the windows

As the train slowed down,

To run and drive their stakes

In that Oklahoma ground.


Yes, they all did that Oklahoma run,

As they claimed their quarter sections one by one,

Most had started fair and square,

But some were already there,

In that wild and crazy Oklahoma run.


They staked their claims and held their ground

Throughout the afternoon,

Then looked around in wonder

With the rising of the moon,

Where just prairie dogs and coyotes

Had walked on that ground,

Ten thousand evening fires

Showed the makin's of a town.


Yes, they all did that Oklahoma run,

With the passing of a day, the deal was done,

There were boomers everywhere,

Not a spot of land to spare,

When they finished with that Oklahoma Run.


p.s. In case you are a member of a Bluegrass, Folk, or Western group (or know someone who is) and might be interested in co-writing, please let me know -

Submitted: October 22, 2020

© Copyright 2020 Dennis L. Goodwin. All rights reserved.

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