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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

I wrote this for the HPLFF micro fiction contest. I have this grand story in my head. But being a bit dyslexic, it takes a bit for me to bring it to paper. Here we go......

Jan 24th, 2020


This area is unseasonable warm for being in winter, even for Louisiana, South of Nawlins. Not uncommon to see some weird stuff round here the rest of the year, but that pales in comparison to what is happening here soon. The signs were right. The stars should be in the right space if you could see them in the perpetual fog. But in my gut, today is the day our yearly battle continues.

I step onto the battlefield. The Battle of Nawlins took place here over 200 years ago. The true history was never lost to my family. Not a battle of good versus evil, but that of our very existence here in Nawlins. Because they want to return, badly.

Today, the battle continues. I start to recite an ancient spell taught to me as a lullaby by my grandmother. Walking forward, the strange words flow freely as I chant. The world shakes and rumbles beneath me. I spy the old cemetery as I continue. The fog is noticeably darker than normal. This isn’t going as planned. Fuck.

I feel the air get colder and something touches my leg as I finish the words to open the portal just enough to pass through and close it again. Dreamingly, I can see them, it, The End as it is known, march forth. I brace myself, knowing full well what is next to happen.

Sound pierces the sky. I fight intense pain as they search my mind for ways to stop me. I have no limit to my self-loathing or sarcasm. “Heh. Nice try assholes. My ex already proved I don’t have any fucking brains”

I get hit from behind as I begin the closing incantation. I stagger as I turn around, still speaking and notice her.  She is beautiful, seductive. The perfect woman….  and not real.

Drawing my blade, resembles a simple kitchen knife at first glance, I continue to chant. So close to their end. They know this. Her form changes. Eyes… eyes everywhere on the image I found once beautiful. I move forward cautiously, ready to strike. But my arrogance allowed them to get behind me.  Before I could finish the last syllables, they strike together. As their appendages touched my body, a blinding flame shoots up and burns them up in an unholy pyre.

I finish the last words and the earth rumbles again. I watch as the fog disappear as I take a deep breath and collapse. As I lay on the ground, tired and needing a burger, a tentacle shoots up from my chest.
The pain is immense as I scream. This is bad. Very bad.I focus on cutting the tentacle away with my knife. The screams are immense. Not just mine. Alone.

Here I am momentarily lay dying, but I will heal again. I have sealed the portal for another phase, and, of course, something got out.  I know I will heal but, whatever it was that escaped, 2020 isn’t ready for it.

Submitted: October 22, 2020

© Copyright 2020 Cajun. All rights reserved.

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Criss Sole

Quite a chilling end.
Wonder what kind of monster/ creature ended up escaping.
Hope you add more, this was a promising start.

Mon, October 26th, 2020 6:47pm

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