Alliteration Nation: America Not So Poetically Defined

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Poem author's note excerpt: " ... The above poem — not written to be beautiful, but to expose ugly facts of what our nation has become — is an alliteration, social/political protest, piece speaking out against corruption in America's corrupt political system (within both major parties), exhibited as an all too eager willingness to wage war, for any petty excuse, against other nations that always seem to be smaller, weaker, or else, we would never have thought to attack them, which should dictate to those nations that the best defense (militarily), truly, is a strong (military) offense ..."

Alliteration Nation:


America Not So Poetically Defined



In despicably defiled decaying decadent decadence descriptively deplorably dreary,

a society beset bestially beyond brevity of befuddling belittling buffoonish banters,


as rivaling reapers reeking of resplendent repetitively redundant repulsive reprisals,

fight furiously for figuratively focused freakishly fatal fetal frenzies frigidly fraught,


to piously predictable songs of predator politicians puking puss pocket's propaganda,

as Sheeple-People languish within licentious lecherous liar lair's leprous lipid limpidity,


in creating clandestine cretin clause's craftily crocheted cliches of crappy croaking,

to tenuously tutored tunes of taxation's tempestuously trembling torturous torments,


unconcernedly unaware of underlying underwear ubiquitously unhidden ungraciously so,

as surreptitiously surreal scandals scandalize any surmise of sobriety's sovereignty,


in regards queasy queerly quipped quizzical quixotic quandaries queried questioningly,

while vile voraciously vindictive voyeurs view voyages veritably verified as vermin vomit,


earnestly engulfing eerily economic eccentricities erstwhile entertained as errant edibles,

to cough up coffers of coffins in coldly clad caricatures of creepy crooked civil cohort's,


rancid reprobate rowdies raucously reigning as rabid rulers over reasonless retards,

a government of grisly grueling goblins so grotesquely gripping religion's real estate,


precipitously proud to be perfidious protagonists of proprietary pummeling of puny souls,

meticulously xenophobic in pursuing the destruction of all tyrants except those our own,


setting sheep against sheep as hearts bleeding stop their beating in the name of lies,

truth a hybrid concept rather than a reality's recipe of factually untainted truest truth,


lies mixed with truth making syrupy concoctions easily swallowed as euphemism's lore,

blood running red in foreign streets as our ears do not hear the cries of loved ones tears,


self-I-shly rollicking Sheeple-People party foolishly in voracious whimsically blinded glee,

in ignorance to a nefariously nasty nation of necromantic nonproductive nincompoops,


Sheeple-People gladiators of capitalism conquer nations in the name of freedom's liberty,

waging war wantonly upon a world of weariest poverty stricken war torn tinier nations,


no longer a land of the brave and home of the free when our nation is a bully for all to see,

for what shall we do when our nation retires from foreign conquest to turn its eyes upon us

as we are shaken from the depths of our

self-I-n-duced slumber to find us its latest enemy.



The above poem — not written to be beautiful, but to expose ugly facts of what our nation has become — is an alliteration, social/political protest, piece speaking out against corruption in America's corrupt political system (within both major parties), exhibited as an all too eager willingness to wage war, for any petty excuse, against other nations that always seem to be smaller, weaker, or else, we would never have thought to attack them, which should dictate to those nations that the best defense (militarily), truly, is a strong (military) offense.

Yet, when we see such nations heeding the logic of a strong (military) offense by building up its military might, we conveniently use their attempts to arm and defend themselves as handy means to facilitate military action against them, even if it comes to creating false flag attacks and false claims of weapons of mass destruction. And, innocent peoples pay the price for our national pride of reprisal's suppressed denial of our nation's guilt laden preemptive-self-defense-insecurity-complex brought upon ourselves by asserting the certainty of our nation being that first and only nation to ever wield nuclear weapons against another nation …

In addition, whether or not Corporations are allegedly required by law to show a profit (according to Cornell Law School, currently, not is the case2), the fact remains that large Corporations and Special Interest Groups lobby Congress annually seeking after changes in the law and policies that, intentional or not, result in war for profitvirtually pulling the puppet strings of our Government's foreign policies as The American War Machine that, by its very nature as a machine of war, maneuvers and manipulates for position of advantage to invade and conquer weaker nations in order to plunder the defeated nation's natural resources, restructure the defeated nation's system of governance, and rebuild the defeated nation's economy and infrastructure in such a manner of masked deception of appearance of liberating and aiding the defeated nation that, henceforth, expressly, serves the best interests of the United States of America.

Our nation was established with three branches of government, but, in my humble opinion, the powerful influence that large Corporations wield over our nation's Congress theoretically suggests that these Corporations have, somehow, gained an unacknowledged position of power and control as an often ignored but effectively operative fourth branch of our government that is, clearly, setting a trend, paving the way, and leading our nation into war after warand our nation's, eventual and certain, demise and destruction.

I support our nation's Declaration of Independence and Constitution, as well as Real Capitalism and True Free Enterprise. However, any economic system or ideology (Capitalism, Socialism, Communism, etc.) set upon a people, in all practicality, unrestrained, & unbridled by specifically designed protective forethought's guidelines to prevent injustices & inequities against the very people such concepts are claimed to benefit — (such businesses as exampled by Walmart and Amazon with the financial clout to purchase in mass quantities, in obliterating smaller businesses [the near total extinction's disappearance of America's backbone of Mom & Pop small businesses] unable to compete with the right of might's purchasing power of Big Businesses run by even bigger Corporations)is, in all reality, a plague upon the people of any nation — decked out and dressed up in the wolf in sheep's clothing of a feigned deception of Freedom's blessings and Liberty pie lies.

A sad fact of our common reality? Waging war is big business in America without regard to loss of human life, most especially loss of innocent human lives in those tinier nations we invade for Almighty Corporate Soft Fascism (dressed up as) Capitalism gain. I am a patriot who loves America. But, I do not love what Corporate lobbyists and Corporate designed loopholes, loopholes that serve to circumvent and effectually nullify the very laws thought to have been designed to protect we the people, are doing to the little man people of this nation …

Please do rest assured, I am not a Socialist, nor a Communist, per se, though I do recognize some worthy attributes and merits of each of these ideologies. Yet, it is my personal opinion that, Real Capitalism via Free Enterprise (not Corporation's Controlled Soft Fascism disguised as Capitalism) is the best ideological economic system the world has to offer, historically to date, in my humbly highly opinionated opinion. But, Capitalism, like Socialism or Communism, clearly possesses flaws, flaws taken advantage of by those who seek to profit at the little man's expense (a deplorable but ever present and unpreventable exhibition of human nature that bubbles to the surface of the very best intentions of any given ideology, cause, or economic system due to the fact that humanity is inherently flawed with no immediate fix in sight) — and to this minute the corporate bastards are doing so. However, haste does, indeed, make waste, and throwing the baby out with the bathwater is equivalent to cutting off one's nose to spite one's face. My point? Ditching a flawed Capitalism will not negate our own flawed humanity. Socialism and Communism are not the answer to all of America's problems. Why so? Because, history attests that Socialism and Communism possess more (at least every bit as many) flaws to be exploited by our inherent flawed human nature than does Real Capitalism and True Free Enterprise. So, what, exactly, is the answer?

In my humble opinion, Capitalism needs rearming to the teeth with armament capable of staving off the insidious nefariousness of the Corporate (Soft Fascism) times in which we live. In fact, Capitalism has serious need of a Face-lift, and a Makeover in order to effectively achieve a concerted
True Free Enterprise paradigm shift towards the little man's interest that, I believe, was the true intent of our Constitution which has been circumvented by those sly, clever, wolves among humanity who, regardless of their claimed ideological or economic system beliefs, seek to overly benefit financially from the available and accessible loopholes and weaknesses in a damn good economic system that is long overdue for some practical functionality service work and repair in order to restore Real Capitalism to the original intent operation of True Free Enterprise, along with the implementation of a planned maintenance program to keep Real Capitalism operating in — a fully programmed by the we the people mode of assuring True Free Enterprising opportunities are equitably and equally afforded for one and all, big or small — tip top shape, and meticulously guarded by a regularly updated high tech form of Real Capitalism's True Free Enterprise (metaphorically speaking) antivirus and malware protection to deny access of control to those who would seek to run our nation via lobbying our government for laws and policies that empower them and fluck the little man and all he stands and works for in attempting to live and raise a family in The United States of America.

For The Record: We do not need a revolution (Socialist or Communist incited). What we need is a resurrection — (a return to our Declaration of Independence roots, with this return making indisputably clear that all men truly were created equal regardless of culture, nationality, religion, or complexion) — of the very values our nation was believed to have begun with, and this time around we must seal and block all the too damn many loopholes (as per the metaphorical analogy in the paragraph above) that cunningly sly bastards have created (many of them working covertly and subtly within our own government regardless of party affiliation), to their own ill gotten gain, and have readily accessed in order to make themselves ever stinking richer, and the average Joe working stiff, in America, ever poorer with the term Middle Class fast becoming a meaningless term headed for the La Brea Tar Pits of hell's extinction.

Is it feasible to consider breeding Capitalism with those desirable elements of Socialism or Communism? Possibly. After all, we Americans do like our Social Security, but we also value every opportunity to advance ourselves financially in doing what we can to live out the American Dream. Perhaps, one day a sensible, workable, and equitable hybrid of these three ideologies will be devised and implemented, but if so such a hybrid ideology, as a triune prototype of economic system for America, for the world, for all humanity, must possess built in safeguards that take into account our flawed human nature, something which today's versions of Capitalism, Socialism, and Communism do not do.

Lastly, in closing, it may well appear that I have overlooked the proper spelling of a few words within this poem, but a Google search will reveal that these words do exist within the English language, though seldom used. In addition, if it should appear that I have overlooked a typo in spelling out selfishly and self induced, please know that this is not a typo, but an intentional, purposed, stretching out of these words (self-I-shly and self-I-n-duced) in attempting to use these Marvin Thomas Cox-Flynn created terminologies as descriptive messengers of what has become an American society that is all about me, me, me and I, and what I want, having become all that matters in my little world of I want, therefore I demand, and therefore I shall have what I want, when, and where, I want it. Thus, my use of the descriptive terms self-I-shly and self-I-n-duced are not typos, so please do rest easy ...

Thank you for reading — Marvin Thomas Cox-Flynn




(Written March 27th, 2014—Last line added April 2nd, 2016)

Written By Marvin Thomas Cox-Flynn

Copyright © 2014 Marvin Thomas Cox

DBA: Marvin Thomas Cox-Flynn

All Rights Reserved



1 Sheeple-People—A word and term I find myself favoring in my attempt to communicate the all too factual reality that people tend to allow themselves—even seem to want—to be led, watered, and fed, much like sheep, trusting others with decisions and truths regarding their lives, their futures, their welfare, and their safety, rather then shouldering up such responsibilities themselves as individuals, in finding and enjoying the comfort of numbers. The word sheeple was first coined by actress and Wall Street Journal writer, Barbara Anderson, in 1984.

2 Common Misunderstandings About Corporations —

3  Little Man — Allan Jackson: Little Man:

Submitted: October 22, 2020

© Copyright 2020 Marvin Thomas Cox-Flynn. All rights reserved.

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LE. Berry

A most complex concept to express a poetry Marvin...nicely written.

Thu, October 22nd, 2020 7:50pm


Thank you ... The hardest thing to portray in our society is pure and truthful honesty while retaining love for the nation of your birth ...


Thu, October 22nd, 2020 2:43pm