The Demon I've Become (Work In Progress)

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

My current work in progress: The Demon I've Become. Any feedback appreciated, thanks for taking the time to read it through.

Table of Contents

Anya: Hangovers and Harm

  Anya Calhorn woke with a start, as a throbbing pain stabbed her skull. She had been to ‘The Ultimate Party of the Centuryâ... Read Chapter

Soren: A Blood Shower

Soren had spent the day fishing with his dad. He always took him to the nearby lake, every Saturday without fail, and they spent the day ... Read Chapter

Anya: A and E

  Anya walked into the room with trembling hands and doubts swamping her. Why would her mother lie to her, and if it hadn't been... Read Chapter

Shada: Failed

The room fell silent as she walked in, her high heels hit the floor with such pressure, it was clear just by the sound of her shoes who w... Read Chapter

Anya: Desperation

Anya lay on the sofa with a head full of questions. She could hear her mother clattering around in the kitchen, so at least she knew her ... Read Chapter

Shada: The Runaway Child

"What do you mean the child is gone?" The words were like acid in the air, burning everyone they touched. "She was supposed to have h... Read Chapter

Anya: The Cruelness Of Men

She ran. Anya wasn't entirely sure where she was going, just knew she was running. Just before she left, her mother told her to 'Just run... Read Chapter

Yulia: Smashed And Shattered

Yulia Calhorn was busy packing her bag when they came knocking. They pounded on the door as she tried to cram as many baby photos of Anya... Read Chapter

Anya: A Weeping Forest

After she'd left Lottie's house, she realized that she had no idea where to go next. She had been so determined to leave the comfort of h... Read Chapter

Anya: The Food Theif

Anya sat on the cold, unforgiving steel bench chewing raisins. She had managed to snatch an hours sleep, before a harsh wind slapped her ... Read Chapter

Soren: The Taste Of Hope

The girl was chasing him. He had tried be as quiet, as careful as he could, but he needed the food so desperately, it took all he had not... Read Chapter

Anya: The So-Called Criminal

Anya was busy preparing  breakfast for Soren when he woke up. She had found herself awake earlier than dawn itself, but had decided ... Read Chapter

Anya: Direction

As the pair made there way down the quieter side of the city, Anya began to wonder whether they had gone the wrong way. Anya didn't reall... Read Chapter

Soren: A Woman And Her Children

He emerged from the tree long after the woman had gone, he wasn't taking any chances.  "See! All we had to do was ask!" She tugg... Read Chapter