Sound of the Waves

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

Welcome to Phu Quoc's beach, where you can enjoy your holiday and expect a good time, even when unexpected thing can happen to you.

Every night at Phu Quoc always chilled and gusty, it wasn’t an unusual matter on this island. If you was a tourist who stayed near the beach you could always hear the sound of rising tides occurred relentlessly. Those things happened daily night as the normal fact of every seaside city. Especially at full moon was the perfect time for waves showed off their power. Fishermen was the one and only occupation actived at this point and each one of them worked on a solely boat with no support from others. They droved their tiny rafts to the sea, tools on their hands. Ahead of the fishermen was the endless dark following by the fierce tides. They went into the darkness with purely hope to caught some fishes or any kind of creatures that could be sold at seafood market tomorrow. When a job was accomplished, they could smile in relief then returned home, ready for the next morning with more tasks awaiting for them. Life at sea always the tough one for laborers.


A fisherman who worn a ragged pants with no top was returning to the shore. This was his unlucky day, his net emptied of award except for trifle pieces of coral and seaworms. That means no goods trade for tomorrow. He went on the surface of sand with intention to came back home and would return early when he had recovered health and ready for the next sea hunting.

Walking along the coast, he could sense the crests was splashing mightily at his feet. With the rate of waves like this, no question if something far from the sea could be blown toward the land. He imagined at the next morning when people jogging along the shore, they would see seashells, corals, remmants of the mother ocean that she probably needed no more and decided to throwed back to human. Natural sometime be funny that way. The fisherman sighed and felt a bit of uneasy for his poor life at seaside village, yet his self-pity unable to supported his wife and children, who studied on primary school and obviously need amount of cash to paid for their final semesters. He looked far away to the sky line and took a full-view glance of sea night. He observed with tired eyes and noticed that far from his standing few meters there was something that struck on the rocks. Tides had made it here, for whatever it was. He wondered it might be a wild fish or a bag of garbage. If the answer really a trash bag, he would report to the local authority. Goddamn of those snobby tourist! He started stepping near the thing, realized it nor rubbish sack or fish, something terrifying than that. First, he saw a small-sized hand had been rotted by seawater. Then there were other parts of little body in no better condition. All of them so small and so dead. The fisherman shouted in agony, calling for attention of his companions. The fishing time was final over.


Sunset at sea had a rumor the perfect time to got some memorable pictures. Minh Hanh, an young female traveler had that same idea. She came from Ho Chi Minh city with her friends. Three days earlier they had opened a party at cruiser, had fun and went drunk like there won’t tomorrow. Knowing herself not a booze-hound type, Minh Hanh left celebration and got off with a boat. Time went over with a lot of limitless leisuring and killing time activities, those started bored her and Hanh knew she needed the fresh air. That the reason she woke up so briefly to came to the beach with her camera.

The mild breeze of recently morning blended into the vigorous air of beach, which also contained the salty taste of the sea, all of them made a completed picture of Phu Quoc’s island. In additional, the sun was so bright but not too intense, the warmth of sunny made Hanh felt relaxed, made her relished for what was happened to her.  

Shooting object was quite intrigued, however she wanted to took some photos of herself. Hanh noticed excepted her there was no one stayed here. Normally, this place be considered a worthy sightseeing, many people often had arrived to restored their trip’s memories. And then the accident occurred three days ago when a body of a child had been discovered by an ordinary fisherman. A kid had been drowned to dead, no sign of resistance had been found. Well, no one expected a kid could do anything in a situation like that. He had just been killed and be dropped to the deep sea with no cloths on. In the end, the natural had done it’s mission, a child body be forced by the night waves and dragged him to the shore. No fingerprint or proof be traced, the case seemed come to dead end.

Minh Hanh saw a shape of the man far from her few dozen meters. He was wearing a shirt with dark glass on his face, even though she couldn’t look into his eyes directly, Hanh sensed a bleak aura from a stranger. He stepping toward her and opening a casual friendly smile of any Asian guy could make when interacted with women, especially with a beauty like her. This man looked quite handsome, she thought. No, not really, he had an average level of good-looking, but the confidence plus with a dark glass in the sunny day made him look more stunning. His face looked grim and little pale like he was hiding some deep secret that avoided anyone to interfered.

“Do you need my help, lady?” The man said. He took the glass off as a sign of courtesy of the gentleman.

“Really? Oh, thank you.” She said and giving the camera to the strange man. She knew all kind of them, a common flirter with overconfidence of himself. Let’s just play with a guy for moment, she thought. She said in weak voice, adding a slice flavor of feminine “It’s so nice when at least I can find a man in this deserted place.”

“My thousand gratitude, lady. Can I ask your name, please?” He said.

“My name’s Minh Hanh, Dao Thi Minh Hanh.”

“Do you want to know mine?” He said, giggling with her.

“I have to know?” She asked. He wanted to play? Lets him.

The man smiled broadly, not lost a single fiber of determination. He took a camera from Hanh, examined it pretty close. It startled her for a degree, he came here to flirted with her, not her camcorder.

“You done yet? Or you want to know where and when I bough it?” She said in contemptuous.

“Forgive me for my mistake.” He said and smiling. The stranger put the camera forward Hanh, he stepping back for few steps, reconsidering the perfect angle “Shall we continue?”

Hanh changed her position several times, for each of her pose was two to three shots. The man showed himself a dedicated worker with no sign of distraction. He really got fond with her, or maybe just done it for his satisfaction of photography?

“All is yours, beauty.” He said and giving back the device. She didn’t mind to checked them, instead she got more curiosity with the man himself.

“Tell me, what the reason for a man like you come to this beautiful place with no woman, all by yourself?”

“Nothing special, my ex-girlfrend and I used to came here as annual.”

“Ex? What happened to her?”

“She and I had a fight with each other. She said she didn’t ever want to see my face again, so I made her wish came true.” He said.

“Then why you keep coming here? To recollect good old memories?”

“I’m not kind of romantic like that. I just love to observing and shooting the remarkable views. And I don’t mind if I can printing you.” He said and chuckling.

“I used to have an ex too.” She said.

“Your boyfriend and you had a fight?”

“Actually he was my husband. We had married 2 years before divorce.”

“I’m so sorry for that, he has to be someone important to you.”

“No, in fact he was a dickhead, so I said goodbye to him forever.”

“I see. Did you have a kid with him?” He asked. She seemed to unhear of what he spoke, looking far away with a careless manner. He continued “I means you have to be careful, my mother always say children are fragile creatures. You have to watching them attentively if don’t want any bad thing happen to them.”

“What do you mean?” Hanh asked, now he had her attention again

“You know what I’m pointing at. I said you should take care of your son. Sea is beautiful yet dangerous place. You don’t want them to be drown, do you?”

“Listen! I don’t know what you are talking about. You start to become nonsense, understand?” She said in anger, her voice gone deeper and rough gasp showed up on her face “And I thought you’re a decent guy.” Hanh took her camera to a small bag laying on the waist and started to walking away.

“But of course a lot better than your husband, right?”

“What do you say?” She said and turning back quickly.

“Let’s drop that topic right now and then, ok?” He said “I have a thing to confess with you, in case you want to go away, there is one more reason for me to come here. I think you know about the murder have happened 3 days ago?”

She replied none. The man kept going “The body of decreased have been found right here, right on the shore, be discovered by an ordinary fisherman. You can see why people avoid to come here. Then one day, I mean this day, a beautiful woman for no particular reason at all have decided to see this spot.” He said and grinning “Do it startle you, lady? And all of those things make me remember the fine words that one of my friends, who accidentally a police inspector have said. Do you know what he said?” He asked.

“Do I have to know?” She said in despite.

“My friend said……..” He said, ignoring her “….every murderer have tendency to come back to the zone where he/she have committed a crime. I don’t know it so called instinct or to recollect the memory when he/she took a victim’s life.”

“For what I understand now, you are implying I’m a killer? What’s your proof?” She said, her jaw clenching with high pressure, made impression of capable to crushed anything put beneath it.

“Use your own imagination, lady. And proof, you say? Why don’t you point your ears toward the sea, where you can hear the crying of the dead and the sound of the wave, it may answer you.” He said, bowing his head lightly and leading out of the seaside, abandoning everything behind him, abandoning the fantastic sightseeing which full of sea and sky, abandoning the haunting currents which he sure could hear something alike the sirens hidden inside them. And foremost, he abandoning a woman who was screaming and cursing behind him. All of that things he had done.


Tides kept coming and coming after another without stopped, it got more and more aggressive as the night came replaced for the day. As usual, fishermen went to worked with the boats beside them. Together they went to darkness of the sea without knowing what would come for them. Yet they hoped this time, might be, something would park on the nets. Ocean is the spacious world, where the waves been ordered to brough goods from distance sea for the mankind. Sometimes there were tunas, shrimps, crabs,….. Or the pieces of woods that belong to the wrecked ship. Other times there was something originated from civilization, something organic and was much alive before and now the life was faded forever to the dark blue sea.

The End

Submitted: October 23, 2020

© Copyright 2020 Jack Rafferty. All rights reserved.

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