Chinese Virus

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If it were not for the Chinese virus, the EU may have stayed that way. Perhaps even the troubles in the US would have never been a problem. So much has been done to the world by the Chinese virus that it's the modern equivalent of appropriation with out war. Just think if Hitler had the virus at his disposal. Germany would be so wealthy and powerful without ever bombing. Just waltz right in, like the Chinese are doing. In billions they are making, while countries are faultering. Without China, the EU would collapse. You don't need to take over a country, when the country relys so much. Politicians can do your dirty work, if needed.

Democrats sew distrust
In denying it's a Chinese virus

In the Corona vaccine race
While lying to your face

Italy - China accord anew
France and Germany too

Brexit EU deal backing
For their money is lacking

A cash cow a plenty
All just before 2020

Blaming Chinese tourists
When it was economists

Blaming social gatherings
When it was techs returning

Blaming Trump for not acting
When impeachment was distracting

Blaming lack of planning
When starting fires, they were fanning

Disapprove of everything Trump
Makes you all look like a donkey's rump

Perhaps you need an Ass-hat
Acting out more than the spoiled brat

With actors and tech in your pocket
The contrived take off like a rocket

With Trump it is easy to see his lies
With Democrats you must read between lines

Stacking the deck above your eyes
China mastered Russian lies

Chinese virus infected all mentally
China well paid to taint our democracy

Submitted: October 23, 2020

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