Salute To A Freethinker

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To be a true Free Thinker is not, necessarily, to be an Atheist, but to endeavor to be both objective and fully open minded in seeking purest truth above all else, regardless of the pain inflicted upon discovering thought to be truths that are eventually revealed as having been lies all along ...


Salute To A Freethinker

Dedicated to the spirit of Freethinking that resides

in my friend Andre Emmanuel Bendavi ben-YEHU  


What say ye to such wonderfully, powerfully,

ingeniously presented truths, O' thinking men,

to have truth pounded with such voraciously,

predator-like onslaught of utter profundity

into the depths of your time weathered minds?


It is a clear message of warning for those,

with eyes that truly see, ears that truly hear,

or have made self conscious determination

to teach their visual and auditory receptors,

the ability to ascertain reality as it truly is,

rather than as it is presented to the world ...


Yet, I am still but a small child awakened,

wandering upon a glorious path of learning

to discern true light from plights of might,

and true sound from those grinding wheels

of a war's rumbling across the cold ground,

as I struggle in zeal to meticulously retain

— within the treasure chest of my own heart —

all truth that is truly truest of truest truths,

while casting the truth of lies into the fire

of those insidiously evil cruel wicked eyes,

of the Watchers who do see you and me,

in gnashing their teeth in grievous grief

as their plans for us as commonest men

(those lost to their sly subversive control)

have been foiled, yes foiled — once again …!


But then, there are all those other people

ever eager to be turned into fresh fodder,

and so they breathe a long sigh of relief

in knowing that there is an entire world

of people out there willing to be shaped

and molded by their slithering so subtle,

deceptively busy, crafty clammy hands

in playing the Potter of all mortal clay

over all their days in having taken Man

— as the self professed thinking machine,

(fixated in infatuation of himself in thinking

he has a brain with which he is thinking) —

turning him into a meek mindless creature

of ever endless dreams and schemes of lies

that do not fly by night — but do rule by day …


As the masses of the world — One Society

— one Sheeple-People1 person at a time,

are indoctrinated in being aptly converted

and anesthetized, to the point of numbness,

to accept a common reality of what is truth,

that has been cleverly thought up for them,

dressed up in prettily prepared packages,

as reality of conclusions thought their own,

to be embraced and chosen for themselves …


This reality, via the evolved cognitive powers

of their own unthinking minds gone fallow

in grazing upon truth that is a spoof of lies

before their eyes to tickle their eager ears

with Media tales and reports of new fears,

as they become deception fed, futile feeding,

bleeding and ever dying, for all their crying,

Sheeple-People who do sacrifice themselves

upon golden alters of their own ignorance

as mindlessly docile sheep for the slaughter

to the Man-gods feasting upon their fodder,

as that One Society of Great Master Potters

who do rule this world within flags unfurled …!


When all the smoke clears in wiping of tears,

with the world a slave to its misconceptions,

only a scant few shall survive, mind intact,

to remember those painful lessons learned

along the path of rebirth of mental freedom,

gazing back in time to men of great wisdom,

giving testimony as a salute to Free Thinkers2 ...



1 Sheeple People — A word and term I find myself favoring in my attempt to communicate the all too factual reality that people tend to allow themselves—even seem to want—to be led, watered, and fed, much like sheep, trusting others with decisions and truths regarding their lives, their futures, their welfare, and their safety, rather then shouldering up such responsibilities themselves as individuals, in finding and enjoying the comfort of numbers. The word sheeple was first coined by actress and Wall Street Journal writer, Barbara Anderson, in 1984.

2 Free Thinker — To borrow a short paragraph definition from my article, The Road To All Too Soon, a Free Thinker is: “... any person who is willing to accept and explore the possibility that everything they were ever taught to believe as an established truth may not actually be true—and that honestly, selflessly, and diligently in search of that which is true, rather than choosing to cling, blindly, to accepted and commonly held truths.”


(Written December 4th, 2015)

Written By Marvin Thomas Cox-Flynn

Copyright © 2015 Marvin Thomas Cox

DBA: Marvin Thomas Cox-Flynn

All Rights Reserved

Submitted: October 23, 2020

© Copyright 2020 Marvin Thomas Cox-Flynn. All rights reserved.

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