(131) Footprints in the Sand

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Journal 48
A Collection of New Alliterative Verse
by ArchDuke Kenneth Khanh Du

“My reflection upon the current climate which send heat waves simmering throughout time.”

New Alliterative Verse has five set parameters defined by me:
1. A couplet line poem with 20 lines or less
2. Each line contained no more than eight syllables
3. Each line has alliteration of either consonant or vowel
4. The alliteration must be tied to the next line (hence couplet)
5. Rhymed or unrhymed

Alliterative Verse as a form was adopted by me from the skalds of Norway. Skalds were the Viking's poet-musicians and their poetic form began somewhere in the 9th Century. The original form(s) with many however remain unstructured and often confusing /or ambiguous.

(131)  Footprints in the Sand

Where was God?  (I’d call out to him!)

When I was crucified!  I sobbed.

I was left gasping for cold air

In an inverted cross! To bare…

God said to me it’s not my fault.

My son Jesus was crucified

On the cross and I could not save

Him! How can I save you in bed?

Where were you then God 

When friends & relatives framed me

For their sexual misconducts?

When students gang up on me?

When all the world turned against me? 

My son.  You had summit mountains!

All those mountains without a scratch! 

Century rides!  Marathons!  Poems.

You prayed.  Your heart did not fail you! 

When your life is in danger, I

Will be there to shield m’anger! 

Let’s work it out along the shore.

10/23/20 by ArchDuke Kenneth Khanh Du

Submitted: October 24, 2020

© Copyright 2020 Archduke. All rights reserved.

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