Dream Squad

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Sports  |  House: Booksie Classic

A group of young talented players gets discovered by a young inexperienced coach who was previously sacked as an assistant coach, he is given a chance by a one time big club who lives on past glory but is now broke and close to extinction. Read along as they navigate their way through obstacles to take them from the 3rd tier back to their previous glory...

Table of Contents


Lancashire athletic players sluggishly walked into the locker room with player’s down hearted after a 3-0 trashing from Royton Rovers i... Read Chapter

Chapter 1

The crowd yelled and chanted as Kyle Webb stood with the ball. Lancashire went head to head with fifth tier team Malmesbury he had return... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

All the way at East Midland the 43-year-old chairman of Retford albion Sheridan Layne rubbed his hand through his slightly white and slig... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

Anthony Asare Retford player soon to be no more was on his way for contract talks with Ashford, the dark muscular male who had a cornrow ... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

Xavier!!! "Xavier!!!" Xavier Chika Udoh!!! Hearing his name "I am coming mum!" Xavier heard his name for the 3rd time as he rushed down t... Read Chapter

Chapter 5

Kyle Webb had been spending all day and night since he got his weird dream trying to figure out if the people he saw in his dreams where ... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

Kyle was prepared for his first day of training. He was back at the rusty Retford training ground for the second time. The old ground was... Read Chapter

Chapter 7

It was game day Kyle's long awaited debut as a manager, this could either be a dream day for him or turn out to be a nightmare in a blink... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

After a bad start to his reign at the club and an initially bad game as first time manager, Sitting down in the dressing room around 7pm ... Read Chapter

Chapter 9

Paula's night had been rough, if she had slept at all, She layed in her large bed in her bedroom splayed over the matress, too weak to ge... Read Chapter

Chapter 10

Unwin had just finished the best training match if his life, in fact he had just finished the best match of his life, he got so much supp... Read Chapter

Chapter 11

It was the big day...Ahead of the last fixture that would decide if Retford stayed in the third tier or got relegated to the fourth tier.... Read Chapter

Chapter 12

After their final fixture in the league, the season had come to an end with Daventry finishing top of the league followed directly by Shr... Read Chapter

Chapter 13

Karen Brooks stood out side the hospital her husband Bradley Brooks was in for his injury. He had just gotten involved in a heavy knock w... Read Chapter


Local 3rd division player Bradley Brooks, gets offered an assistant coaching job at his boyhood club Retford. But after finding his wife in Bed with another man, he finds it very hard to do his
Read Chapter

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