The Politics of Fear

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Our county is irrationally closed down, not out of necessity, but out of fear.

The Politics of Fear

I live in a small city, population 110,000, in Southern California. It is a prosperous city, not rich and not poor. It is well governed and lives within its means. Life here was carefree and uneventful until the pandemic happened. Then fear became a way of life for many people.

Two million Americans might die from the virus, some headline screamed at us. There are not enough hospital beds, respiration equipment, etc. they insisted. The implication was that we should run and hide somewhere, but they did not say where.  People locked themselves in their apartments or homes, terrified of being near a stranger that might infect them. They watched their television sets numbly as their country came to a screaming halt, not knowing that it was not necessary. These are the facts of death from the virus in the United States as reported by the Center of Disease Control on October 14, 2020. In the county where I live the death rate is currently .05%. We are completely closed down.

Total deaths in the United States from the virus: 201,141. The deaths and percentages by age groups are:

0-24444  0.22%;25-341,5690.78%;35-444,087    2.03%

45-5410,7365.34%;55-6425,710  12.78%;65-7443,84021.80%


In a recent study of selected hospitals with high inpatient death rates, 46% of death certificates indicated an underlying cause of death that was inconsistent with CDC's Guidelines for Death Certificate completion. Some estimates say that fifty thousand or more deaths attributed to the corona virus were actually from other causes. Hospitals receive a 20% bonus for corona virus deaths.

The age group from birth to age 34 accounts for only 1 % of the deaths, but they are not allowed to go to school or college. The group from age 35-44 ae only 2% of the deaths, but they are not allowed to go to work.

In the same time period 86,983 people died of flu and pneumonia. In 2019 the leading causes of death were: Heart disease: 647,457; Cancer 599,108; Accidents; 169,936; Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 160,201; Stroke 146,383.

California’s governor invented a new color code system for the state to respond to the Corona virus, a system very few people can understand. It is based on the number of new daily coronavirus cases and the testing positivity rate.



orange= moderate


My county has been in the purple most of the time, these are its main restrictions:

retail indoors 25% capacity

malls indoors 25% capacity, no food courts

place of worship outdoors only

movie outdoor only

restaurants and wineries outdoors only

professional sports, no live audiences

schools closed

Like most of the things he does, it makes no sense. The age group from age 65 and over compromise 79% of the death rate, why are the other 21% restricted? I am 84 years old, and I am not benefitting from it in any way. I will gladly refrain from going to those places if they are afraid of me, but I am not afraid of them.

From the beginning, fear has driven all of the decisions made about responding to the Corona virus, fear that is politically driven, as opposed to the actual facts of the danger. Different people have different fears.  Parents fear for their small children. Adults fear for their loved ones. Many fear for their own lives. Fears is difficult to conquer when you don’t know the true facts. But knowing the facts and believing them makes it possible. I will give you a personal example.

When I was eighteen and a Marine in boot camp we had to throw a live hand grenade. We were ordered to count to five, and then throw it. All of the marines that went before me pulled the pin and threw it immediately, and were not disciplined for it. I knew that we were being judged my how we did this, and I also knew the grenade fuse would not start until I released the clamp on it, so I counted to five. I heard screams, “THROW  IT”. i released the clamp and threw it over the protective wall. Knowing the facts are essential to making decisions about life and death.

I have not let the virus dramatically change my life. I go to my dentist when I can get an appointment (I have diabetes, so this is essential). My doctors appoints are online because their offices have been closed since March. I played pool in the APA until the poolroom was forced to close in March.I have just learned that my regular poolroom is being closed permanently because they cannot pay the rent. There were more than 300 restaurants in my city before the virus. On a Friday night it was difficult to find a parking space in most of them. Now they are all closed, and most will not reopen. Many of them are family owned and it is a financial disaster for them.

My daughter has been a teacher for more than 30 years. She spent more than 100 hours at home adapting to the computer programs she had to learn to teach her classes online. This was before school started. She is frustrated because she cannot give her students the attention they require, and their test scores show that they are not learning properly. Her husband is a minister, and his church has been closed down since March. He holds his services online.

Thousands of business have been forced to close, millions of people have lost their jobs, what for? The death rate (201,141/328 million), is .06% of our population, it is insignificant compared to the normal death rate in this country, which was 0.72% in 2018. The cure is worse than the disease. If the age group from birth to age 64, which accounts for only 21% of the deaths, had been allowed to continue their lives none of the economic disaster would have occurred. We should remember what President Roosevelt told the country after the attack at Pearl harbor, ”We have nothing to fear but fear itself.”





Submitted: October 24, 2020

© Copyright 2020 Tuxie. All rights reserved.

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Back in Black

Biggest fraud ever perpetrated on America

Sat, October 24th, 2020 11:29pm


Thank you for your comment. When enough people realize that it will end.

Sun, October 25th, 2020 10:31am

Queenie Maud

Fear is an appropriate response to a new virus and a growing pandemic. COVID-19 has yet to be completely figured out. If more Americans were willing to take precautions for it, and if we had leadership on both sides of the aisle willing to put American lives first, I doubt it would have been as detrimental as it has been. We cannot allow it to run rampant, and the precautions we do have are in place to protect people from getting sick. I can only hope things change in the next months or year.

Tue, October 27th, 2020 5:41pm


Fear should be based upon the threat. I have no fear of a volcano, because it does not threaten me. 38,800 people died in auto accidents last year, a death rate of .02% Should everyone stop driving a car? People in the lower death rate ranges should be allowed to lead the lives they are comfortable with, they do not substantially threaten anyone.

Tue, October 27th, 2020 11:30am

Queenie Maud

"Based on death certificate data, the percentage of deaths attributed to pneumonia, influenza, or COVID-19 (PIC) for week 42 [October 15, 2020] was 7.6% and, while declining, remains above the epidemic threshold." (

"Overall, an estimated 299,028 excess deaths occurred from late January through October 3, 2020, with 198,081 (66%) excess deaths attributed to COVID-19. The largest percentage increases were seen among adults aged 25–44 years and among Hispanic or Latino persons." (also

Comparing deaths from COVID-19 to automobile accidents or anything else isn't really comparable, and your argument there is diverging from the point: driving an automobile cannot compare to possibly exposing yourself and your network of family/friends to a novel virus.

I only post this as I hope you will continue to do some research and understand that pandemic control measures are not meant to keep you confined but to keep everyone safe. Leaders and politicians have a duty to make sure everyone in society is safe, fed, and whatever, but their priorities lie elsewhere, and it's sad. Stay safe.

Wed, October 28th, 2020 1:26pm


Thank you for your comments. I do not believe that the age group birth to age 34, which accounts for only 1% of the deaths, should be treated the same as the age group 84+, which accounts for more than 34% of the deaths. Same with the age group 35-34 which accounts for only 2% of he deaths.

Wed, October 28th, 2020 1:46pm