My Love Story

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

A true life story of love, passion, pain, denial and acceptance. We were made to love and show love. If we all do that diligently, the world would be a better place.



At first, I was all alone in the dark, depressed, stressed out with a heart of stone, emotions filled with sadness, the soul ice cold. I Could not touch anyone because they freeze from the sadness that flows out of my soul. I was Literally a walking time bomb with no detonator but bound to explode at a point. I did not know how it was bound to happen, A knife to the heart? A blade to the wrist? A gun in the mouth? I Could not figure out which, but a way out was my wish. Until that very night, I heard a couple of knocks on the door, and I opened on the 4th attempt into a new light, a new world, a new life.

I still cannot believe how a single action done in a minute could change a lot in someone’s life. Just opening the door and my sadness was done for. I saw an angel not in the skies but right there standing on the floor, right at my door. I cannot begin to describe the beauty of this angel, she is very pretty, but I only knew she was beautiful after talking all night with her, getting to know her. We shared so much happiness just by talking and from her beautiful smile and our resonating laughter’s, it felt mutual. I fell so deeply into love, I could not control it, I fell for her heart, for her soul and her very existence. If I could give my heart and life for anyone it must be her, that was my thought. During our 4 years relationship we were on and off, but we thrived together because of the love.

But In the last 4 weeks of our journey we fought more than we ever did before, it was chaos. Love suddenly turned to pain, no gain, just tears like rain and each drop of tear tore my heart even more, leaving me vulnerable and with the fear of a future without her. I promised never to leave her and each time she left I did grieve, not cry but grieve just like I lost someone and it hurt so much more, because I didn’t just loose one, I actually lost two people. I lost the love of my life and myself at once. It tore me apart, I got so depressed and dangerously suicidal once again because I could not picture a life without her in it. I did not want another I just needed her with me. I do not know what she did to me, but I loved her more than I loved myself. Please do not get me wrong love is a beautiful thing, the feeling, the euphoria, the excitement to be with that person is amazing but you suddenly become stuck in a maze when it is all gone.


In a brief analogy I would explain love like this; when you fall in love cupids arrow strikes your heart and you feel the rush of love filled with excitement, anticipation, being overwhelmed for the new journey ahead with the person but you don’t feel the pain of the arrow striking your heart because of the rush of happiness. But when it is all goes with the person, you suddenly realize the pain the arrow is causing for you to be in love with the person(him or her) that has gone and it hurts so much when you try taking this arrow out, some do it very easily though because they are used to pain while some others find it so difficult and painful that it sometimes leads to their destruction and sometimes death. Also, when the arrow is out it leaves a hole that needs to be filled and wounds always take time to heal.

Just be aware love is beautiful but in the wrong case it can be a poisonous venom that kills you slowly just like most addictions. Never fear love instead embrace it with all your heart because that’s what makes us human, but be cautious with it so you don’t get your heart torn into so many pieces that it leaves you super puzzled on how to piece it back together. If I could do it all over again honestly, I would open the door on the 1st knock not the 4th and happily fall in love all over again, because even with the pain and the flaws she was worth it.

Rowly_S 11/12/19


Submitted: October 24, 2020

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Ann Sepino

This is so beautiful. In general, every paragraph feels like poetic prose. And the message of the story is summarized very well at the end. I like it!

Sun, October 25th, 2020 2:04am


Awww Thank you so much, I really appreciate it.

Sun, October 25th, 2020 3:48am

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