To the Men that I Loved

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We all have men or boys I like to call them that comes in to are life and change something about us.
So I wanted to write this to all the "men" that I have loved /like in my life at least the ones I can remember.
Each line start with the letter of each guy name so I hope you enjoy.

To the men that I loved

Just so you know your mother was right I wasn’t right for you. She wanted a fair skin girl and that’s the truth. Thank you for being not the one. For You and I live in two different worlds.

Justifying your words makes me laugh at times but forgiving you has come by easier then tying my shoe.I’m grateful that I move away from you.I have written stories and poems dedicated to you.To a love that could never occur in this lovely world.

Nothing at all can change how sorry I am to you.My insecurities got in the way of me loving you and little did I know that it really hurt you.

Some people say secret of admirer are the best. For me you were the best of my heart. I wanted to tell you how much I desire you but everyone knew expect you.Thank you for being the sweet crush that I could ask for and always making me smile in my old days.

No one knew I actually like you. It’s funny because you walk me to class. But all I wanted to call you my boo.Our friendship was as sweet as honey and deeper than the sea.Over all I’m grateful that you have found a girlfriend that was not me.

Hope you know that I still care for you. Even though you and I could never be together and that is why I distance myself for you.

Did you know that I hated our class together. I hated the fact that we can’t be together. I had the hardest time sitting next beside you. The hardest time trying to focus because of you.

Don’t hesitate to text me back. Nor hesitate to add me on Instagram.I really did care for you as much we feud. I truly respect you that’s the truth.

Was it hard to approach me for in your mind I was someone completely above thy. But it’s funny because now we laugh and we chatter.

Jamming with you was extremelycute.Until you met your boo who started changing you. You were my friend someone I cared for a phone call away but now the distance has made me crawl away.

Jewels and bags are what I think of when it comes down you. For you told me you will give me anything and that’s the truth. But my faith and my love for the Lord I serve is what I can not lose.

Joyride are always what we used to do.But time and time has shown me the true you.But you and I  will never see eye to eye.

Most people would hate you for what occurred between you and I. But I ,my friend see your pain and the struggle that I cannot deny.I do miss you at times to time.So thank you for the struggles between you and I.

Does everyone think you’re amazing.Your weirdness seems to be a form off flirtation. But overall I can say I’m happy that you said Hey.

Eventually you’ll be erased from my phone and your text will not impact my mind but since eventually is not far from being soon I hope you know that I thought you were cool.

Submitted: October 25, 2020

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To the Man that I Loved

I love your idea and your poem was fun to read.

The only suggestions I have for you are grammatical. For examples: You may want to change your title to: "To the "Men" that I loved (since there was more than one).
And, in your 2nd little ditty, I would like to suggest that you change "forgiving you has come by easier then tie" to forgiving you has come easier than tying my shoe.

Overall, I love your poem to each of your loves! Write on!

Sun, October 25th, 2020 1:55pm


Thanks for your suggestions.

Sun, October 25th, 2020 10:15pm

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