Big Bank Robbery

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Car Chase

Big Bank Robbery

A Story by Lea Sheryn


A high speed chase scene


Big Bank Robbery 

By Lea Sheryn


Flinging open the back door of the Cadillac Escalade idling at the curb, Rufus Alexander flung two heavy duffle bags onto the seat.Slamming the door shut, he hastily yanked open the passenger front and propelled himself inside.“Go! Go! Go!” he screamed at the driver as he pounded his fists on the dashboard.Unmindful of oncoming traffic, his companion pulled away from the curb amid an angry blare of horns from offended motorists. 


“How much did you get?” the driver, Murphy O’Clanahan, asked once they were a safe distance from the bank. 


“Everything,” Ruf responded as he quickly looked over his shoulder to see if they were pursued.No flashing lights or sirens appeared in the rear window.“The bank manager just about wet his pants emptying the safe.Shaking like a leaf, he was.Shoulda been there, Murph.”Big brays of laughter filled the SUV as Rufus described the robbery. 


“No one to drive the getaway vehicle, lug head,” Murph responded as he jagged the Escalade into the next lane to avoid a slower Toyota Corella.They weren’t speeding, at least not yet.As long as the cops weren’t in pursuit, there was no reason to call attention to themselves by exceeding the speed limit.“You can take the gorilla mask off now, Ruf.It might be an improvement on your ugly mug, but I know what you look like.I can take it.”With a quick motion of the arm, he roughly yanked the disguise from his companion’s head and flung it over his shoulder.


“Hey!We got away with it!” Ruf exclaimed, propping his hands behind his head. 


“No dye packs or GPSs in those bags?You made sure to tell them you’d blow their heads off if they tried anything stupid, right?” 


“Yeah, yeah,” Rufus replied, “I made it clear with this.”Opening his jacket, he revealed the Daniel Defense DDM4 Assault Rifle he used to pull off the bank robbery.“I had it pointed at that pretty little teller’s head the whole time.If the manager had tried anything, BAM!”Brays of laughter filled the vehicle again. 


“Looks like we’re free and clear, Ruf,” Murph stated as he and his companion exchanged grins.“We’re a couple of smart moth…” 


Before the last statement was out of the driver’s mouth, the blare of sirens filled the space behind them.Three patrol cars appeared in hot pursuit.Taking on speed, the Escalade plowed through oncoming traffic, barely missing a school bus that had just put on it’s yellow yield lights.The tracking police cars plowed along behind them.Rolling down the window, Rufus Alexander positioned himself with the assault rifle to begin firing. 

“Not with that, you fool!” Murph exclaimed, grabbing his companion by the collar, and yanking him back into his seat.“You can’t one hand that thing out a car window!Use the pistol.”Popping opened the glove box while steering one handed, he grabbed a Brugger & Thomet 45ACP PCC Pistol and dropped it into Ruf’s lap. 


“Cool!” Rufus exclaimed, as he examined the new weapon.“Where’d you…?”


“Don’t ask questions, you idiot!Use it!” 


“Yeeeaah.”The air in the SUV stood still while Ruf continued to study his assault pistol.“Oh, right, yeah.”Positioning himself in the open window, he pulled the trigger and sprayed the approaching patrol cars with ammo.


“No one said you were a genius,” Murph muttered under his breath as he pressed further on the accelerator.The approach to the interstate was just up ahead.He would have to cross three lanes of traffic to make it but what the hell.If it threw the fuzz of their track, all the better.The rest of the early morning commuters would have to deal with it.


With a quick jerk of the wheel, the black Caddy swung across the three lanes of black top and sped up the approach to the highway.Another angry percussion of horns sounded their frustration at the crazy move.The force of acceleration slammed Rufus backwards onto his seat.“What are you doing?!” he screamed.“I coulda had one of ‘em if you hadn’t done that!”


“And miss the ramp?Are you kidding?”Murph’s grin showed three missing teeth amongst a set of jagged decay.“We lost them, right?” 


“Yeah,” his partner in crime exclaimed before taking a quick look over his shoulder.“Guess again, Murph.We lost one but picked up two more.”There were now two patrol cars and two SUVs in pursuit, lights flashing and sirens wailing. 


“BLACK ESCALADE: PULL OVER TO THE SIDE OF THE ROAD AND COME TO A COMPLETE STOP!” a voice blared out from the direction of the following police vehicles.“PULL OVER NOW!” 


“As if…” Rufus muttered as he squeezed off another round of ammo.The loud explosion of glass shattering told the three-time felon that he had hit his mark.The black and white veered to the right and slammed into a concrete barrier.An eruption of flames filled the space the police vehicle had once occupied. 


“YOU JUST ADDED MURDER TO YOUR CHARGES,” the loudspeaker announced. 


Crazed laughter filled the interior of the Cadillac.Rufus couldn’t control himself; he didn’t care.The addition of “cop killer” to his long rap sheet was a plus, not a minus, to his accounting.He had endured prison three previous times and had gained acclaim from his outlaw buddies when he was released.What more could he ask?He was going to be a big man in the crime world; people were going to say his name with awe in their voices?"maybe even write songs about him.The Ballad of Rufus Alexander sounded good to him just about now. 


Murphy O’Clanahan had other thoughts.He, too, had a rap sheet a mile long but mostly for petty crimes.On one stint in the pen, he had endured solitary for a month after being caught up in a prison riot he had nothing to do with.At the time, the Warden had something against him: probably his big mouth.The eruption of violence had been an excuse to teach Murph a lesson.Solitary Confinement had seemed an endless torture.He had promised himself he would never repeat the experience.And now this…Why in the world had he gotten himself caught up in another scheme with Rufus?He knew the dude was insane! 


“We’re in for it now, you idiot,” Murph complained as he focused his eyes dead ahead. 


“Go! Go! Go!” Rufus announced as he pounded on the dashboard again.The crazy look in his eyes was worrying. 


Dead silence prevailed in the SUV as it bolted down the interstate.Sensible commuters pulled to the side of the road to avoid confrontation or worse: the destruction of their vehicles or loss of life.All they wanted was a peaceful drive into work?"not to get caught up in a police chase.Others attempted to continue on their way despite the constant instructions from the law enforcement bullhorn demanding they find a place on the shoulder or leave the highway at the first available exit. 


“Where are we meeting up with Velma?” Ruf finally asked as his eyes began to focus on reality again. 


“Off the 8th street exit,” Murphy responded in a detached voice.The more the action heated up, the more he wished he had stayed in bed.From here on out, although he was stuck in the situation, he wanted nothing to do with it.If the cops caught up with them?"if they didn’t make it out of this mess alive?"he was fried; he knew it. 


“Velma,” Rufus Alexander muttered, propping his hands behind his head.Velma Madachek was the brains of the operation.One rough customer, the tall blonde Russian immigrant was well connected with the Russian mob.She could drop a man for the slightest offence with a quick shot to the head and never blink.Even within the underground, everyone knew only an idiot would get involved in one of her schemes and expect to survive.Alexander and O’Clanahan were just the right kind of idiots.Neither of them realized they would come to the same end whether the cops caught up to them or Velma decided not to allow them to become witnesses against her. 


All Ruf and Murph knew was Velma was waiting for them in a box truck off the 8th street exit.They were to pull the SUV up the ramp and into the back of the U-Haul.Once the sliding door slammed shut and they began to move, all they had to do was wait in the Caddy.At their destination, they would be given their share of the loot and sent on their way with promises to leave town and never disclose their part in the robbery.


Swinging the wheel hard to the right, the Escalade plummeted down the 8th street exit ramp at full speed.Tipping dangerously on the curve, Rufus could have sworn the driver’s side wheels had left the pavement.It wouldn’t have taken much for the vehicle to leave the road.Behind them, lights continued to flash and sirens wail.The cops were still in hot pursuit. 


A few quick maneuvers down a couple side streets brought the SUV back to 8th street.The trailing cop cars were gone.Slamming their palms together in congratulations, the two partners in crime smirked their widest tooth decayed grins.Another turn down a blind alley and the U-Haul was in sight.Up the ramp they went; the door slid closed behind them then the truck began to move.Fist bumps this time.SUCCESS! 


In their haste to rush into the U-Haul, Alexander and O’Clanahan missed the sprawled bodies of Velma Madachek and her two black-clad thuggish bodyguards near the back-alley dumpsters.


The U-Haul rolled along the streets, turning to the right then to the left and right again in a confusion of maneuvers meant to muddle the two criminals hunkered down in the Caddy.When it finally pulled to a stop and the backdoor was yanked opened, Rufus and Murphy flung their doors opened and leapt from the SUV.Big grins plastered across their ugly mugs, they expected to find Velma Madachek waiting to congratulate them.Instead, a semi-circle of uniformed police officers pointing their weapons greeted them.The huge grins quickly disappearing, the two bank robbers raised their hands above their heads in a gesture of surrender. 


FAILED in big red letters flashed across the screen three times moments before the gaming device Maxwell Granville had been using shattered it.“What did you do that for?” his little sister Piper demanded as she set her own device aside and turned on her brother with anger in her eyes. 


“You cheated,” Max exclaimed, his temper flaring.“You always cheat.” 


“How do you cheat on a video game?” Piper questioned, her brows coming together in a question mark.


“I don’t know,” Max wailed, “but you do it every time.I’m never going to play Big Bank Robbery with you ever again.”Jumping to his feet, he gave his sister the hardest kick in the knee he could muster before fleeing from the room. 


“That’ll save dad from buying yet another TV,” Piper muttered as she stood up and, favoring the leg left uninjured by her brother, strode off to play with her Easy Bake Oven.

Submitted: October 25, 2020

© Copyright 2020 Lea Sheryn. All rights reserved.

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Exciting and fun
Although there are a few grammatical issues

Sun, October 25th, 2020 8:49pm

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